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Hearst Virtual Marketplace

Check out our virtual marketplace to find businesses that are open in Hearst. Shop local and support your community!

Visit some of Hearst's restaurants that are currently offering take-out, delivery, curbside pickup or patio dining, and retail shops. Want to be included? Please email to update or provide new information.

It's so important to support the local economy as Ontario starts to reopen. We love our family-owned retailers and restaurants and we're proud to shop local! It's pretty easy to do with so many incredible places to shop here. With that in mind, check out all the places that are open for business in Hearst. 

Restaurants & FOOD

Restaurants are currently offering delivery or curbside pickup, and as of June 12th, outdoor dining. You can even order alcohol to go with your meal! Here’s a list of restaurants that are currently open in some capacity.

Brian Your Independent Grocer


Your one-stop-shop-supermarket. Shoppers at Your Independent Grocer love the outstanding produce, bakery, deli, meat and seafood on offer. Find everything you need right here. 
Tel: (705) 362-1168  Email:

Dépanneur Bourdages


A grocery store that provides esstential products such as produce, meat, dairy, baked goods, and other products.
Tel: (705) 362-8925  Email:

241 Pizza Bowling Billiards Bar & Grill


241 Pizza Bowling Billiards Bar & Grill is a match made in heaven. This fully licensed pizza-plus-recreation spot is the perfect place for any celebration. Stop in for a Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, build your own, or check out their full menu to find something delicious. For all your food and entertainment needs. Catering and delivery available. 
Tel: (705) 372-0241  Email:

Companion Restaurant


The Companion Restaurant provides you with the finest cuisine. Enjoy a casual cup of coffee, or sample any of our steak and seafood specialties and our Table d'Hôte menus.
Tel: (705) 362-4304   Email:

Fresh off the Block


Fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, frozen meals, gluten-free products and the BEST POUTINE in town. Take-out available. Tel: (705) 362-4517



The Hearst Subway Restaurant, located at 3-15th St, brings delicious ingredients and mouth-watering flavors in endless sandwich, salad, and wrap combinations.
Tel: (705) 372-0060  Email:

Pizza Place


The newly renovated Pizza Place is known for its incredible homemade pizza dough (made fresh every day) as well as its food and drink specials like its popular Friday night mussels and fries. Check out their huge patio or order for pick up or delivery. 
Tel: (705) 362-7005  Email:

King's Café


Offering delicious Chinese and Canadian cuisine, this family-run spot is open for pick up or delivery. Whether you're ordering take-out or if you have a special event that you need catered, diners can look forward to fresh, homemade fare.
Tel: (705) 362-4432

Risotto & co.


Risotto & co. offers a selection of healthy balanced, vegetarian, nut-free, lactose free, low-carb, low-fat, gluten-friendly and high-protein meals.
Tel: 1-833-747-6886  Email:

Hearst Husky Restaurant

A hearty home-cooked meal is all your stomach wants. Husky House Restaurants serve up fresh, hot favourites for all meal times: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Tel: (705) 362-4085  Email:


Fast food restaurant with burgers, fries, salads, and other menu items.
Tel: (705) 362-5066  Email:

Sue's Restaurant

Sue's Restaurant is an establishment located in Hearst on 1112 Front St.
Tel: (705) 362-7766   Email:

Tim Horton's

Tel: (705) 362-7001  Email:


As retail shops and other services start to reopen the level of service may change. Please contact the individual business for further information.

Pharmacie Novena


Prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, first-aid supplies, pharmacist advice, home health care mobility aids, natural supplements, cosmetics and skincare are all available here. They also have a baby department and a gift boutique.
Tel: (705) 372-1212  Email:

Bargain Shop


The Bargain Shop provides savings on all of life’s essentials for clothing, home and food. Tel: (705) 362-4852

Canadian Tire


Serving Canadians since 1922, Canadian Tire is your home for all the everyday things that can help you work, play, and live better. Tel: (705) 362-5822


When it comes to premium paints and stains for your home, Decor-ific has set the standard for excellence. They manufacture our own resins and Gennex colourants which deliver superior performance and application properties in every product
Tel: (705) 362-4575  Email:

Great Canadian Dollar Store


From local artisans to global suppliers, Great Canadian Dollar store products offer quality and value for everyday use–perfect for families and kids alike.
Tel: (705) 362-4334  Email:

Hearst Coop


The Hearst Coop has the latest and greatest products and brands, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Stop by to pick up anything from tools and housewares to farming, hardware, and roofing equipment.
Tel: (705) 362-4611  Email:

Hearst Lumber Company

Home Hardware Building Centres offer a complete range of both hardware store and building centre products. Lumber, tools, paint, plumbing and electrical supplies and an extensive selection of building materials are available, along with housewares, sporting goods, automotive items and lawn and garden supplies.
Tel: (705) 362-4325  Email:

Sue's Pets 'N Stuff


Sue's Pets 'N Stuff offers pet grooming, aquatic supplies and pet supplies for a wide variety of pets and animals. Tel: (705) 372-1252

Fortier's Electronics


Authorized The Source dealer, electronics store, and also offering minor computer repairs.
Tel: (705) 362-5779

Typer's Live Bait

Live bait, fishing, hunting, camping, and more!
Tel: (705) 362-4828  Email:

Ted Wilson Men's Wear

Independent menswear retailer, with all your menswear needs: suits, shirts, pants, sweaters, jeans, sports wear, footwear, plus workwear and boots.
Tel: (705) 362-4434  Email:


Mark's offers industrial and casual apparel as well as footwear and accessories. Everything is well made, built to last, infused with utility and designed with wearable style that’s uniquely Mark’s.
Tel: (705) 372-1151  Email:

Atelier Nord-Est Printing

Atelier Nord-Est Printing offers commercial print and design services.
Tel: (705) 362-7177  Email:

La Maison Verte

La Maison Verte’s mission is to cultivate quality plants in greenhouses for reforestation, consumption and landscaping in order to encourage the employment of women in a stimulating work environment where cooperation and innovation are valued.
Tel: (705) 362-7040  Email:

Ameublement Veilleux Furniture

Ameublement Veilleux Furniture has built a reputation over the years as the place to buy beautiful, quality, up-to-date home furnishings at very reasonable prices. Our incredible accessories, lamps, pictures, mirrors, and area rugs help put the finishing touch on any room in your home.
Tel: (705) 362-4604  Email:

The Beer Store

Tel: (705) 362-4534  Email:

Info Tech

Tel: (705) 362-4143  Email:

LCBO Hearst

Tel: (705) 362-4556  Email:


Hearst essential services such as gas stations continue to operate with safety measures in place. Please contact the individual business for further information.

A to Z Bookkeping & Tax Services

Tel: (705) 362-8841   Email:

All North Plumbing & Heating

Tel: (705) 362-5699  Email:

Assurance Robichaud

Tel: (705) 372-6200  Email:

Assurance & Stratégies Fianancières Wilson

Tel: (705) 960-0109  Email:

B&B Auto Sports and Marine

Tel: (705) 362-8900  Email:

Brandt Tractor

Tel: (705) 372-1261

Batisseurs Stratégik

Tel: (705) 362-5755  Email:

B&C Automation

Tel: (705) 362-7418  Email:

Boucher Plumbing & Heating

Tel: (705) 362-4575  Email:

Caisse Alliance

Tel: (705) 372-2878  Email:

Canada Post

Tel: (800) 267-1177


Tel: (705) 362-4322  Email:

CristoBond Electrical

Tel: (705) 362-5943  Email:

CPM Rental, Signs & Decals

Tel: (705) 362-7128  Email:

Chiropractic Clinic (Hearst)

Tel: (705) 362-4425   Email:

Canadian Tire Gas Bar

Tel: (705) 362-1115  Email:

Counselling Services

Tel: (705) 372-1933  Email:


Tel: (705) 372-1011 Email:

Expert Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd.

Tel: (705) 362-8001  Email:

Expert Garage Ltd

Tel: (705) 362-4301  Email:

Fern Girard General Construction

Tel: (705) 362-5568  Email:

Futur Electronique

Tel: (705) 362-5651  Email:

Hearst Connect

Tel: (705) 372-2848   Email:

Hearst Corner Store

Tel: (705) 362-4216  Email:

Hearst Husky

Tel: (705) 362-4868  Email:

Hearst Esso

Tel: (705) 362-4111  Email:

Hearst Auto Parts

Tel: (705) 362-7744  Email:

Hearst Veterinary Clinic

Tel: (705) 362-7244

Hearst Central Garage

Tel: (705) 362-4224  Email:

Jean's Diesel Shop

Tel: (705) 362-4969  Email:

Jean Mercier Electric

Tel: (705) 362-7576  Email:

Kal Tire

Tel: (705) 372-1600  Email:

Lary Gabel Electric

Tel: (705) 362-7372  Email:

Lebel Chainsaw & Auto Repairs

Tel: (705) 362-4858  Email:

Lecours Motor Sales

Tel: (705) 362-4011  Email:

Notre-Dame Hospital (Hearst)

Tel: (705) 362-4291  Email:

Morin Construction

Tel: (705) 362-7033  Email:

Maurice Welding

Tel: (705) 372-1331  Email:

Nord-Aski Family Health Team

Tel: (705) 362-5544  Email:

Nord-Aski Regional Economic Development Corporation

Tel: (705) 362-7355  Email:


Tel: (705) 372-6444

Partners for Employment Centre

Tel: (705) 372-1070  Email:

Plomberie Rocheleau

Tel: (705) 372-5555

P & L Sales & Services

Tel: (705) 362-4287  Email:


Tel: (844) 362-4523  Email:

The Co-operators

Tel: (705) 362-4396  Email:

Tania Vaillancourt, IG Wealth Management

Tel: (705) 372-1826  Email:


Tel: (705) 362-4255  Email:

Rick's Welding and Machining

Tel: (705) 362-5881  Email:

Serge G & D Repair

Tel: (705) 362-5633  Email:

Sam's Mini Mart

Tel: (705) 372-1111  Email:


Tel: (705) 362-4749  Email:

Sam's Car Sales

Tel: (705) 372-1300  Email:

Straight line Plumbing and Mechanical

Tel: (705) 372-9000  Email:


Tel: (705) 362-4363  Email:

Villeneuve Construction

Tel: (705) 372-1838

Vince Auto Repair

Tel: (705) 362-5533  Email:

Virtual EXperiences

Currently right now there are no virtual experiences available. We will update as experiences and online events become available for Hearst.

For more information about the restaurants, retail, services that are available for Hearst, please visit the town's website.

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