Announcing the Winners!

We asked for your best, wildest, most memorable, and most meaningful stories about Northern Ontario, Canada. And boy, did you deliver.

You told us about punishing portages. Road-tripping with friends. Summers spent in trapper’s cabins. Group of Seven vistas. The hike where your whole family got lost. Solo adventures. Flights in a de Havilland. Kayaking Lake Superior. Late-night campfires. Blackflies. Wolf sightings. Muskies. And much more.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We’re pleased to announce the winning entries.

First Place: Road Trip to Red Lake

Halfway to Thunder Bay, another realization dawned upon me.  We were officially in bear country.

Second Place: The Eagle

Time outdoors has always been my most powerful coping mechanism, sustaining me during years of extreme caregiving and complex grief.

The Great Big Northern Ontario Story Contest Submission Stats

Beavers: 2

De Havilland Flights: 7

Greyhound Trips: 3

Most Mentioned Town: Red Lake Sunset Country (9 Submissions)

Most Popular Hike: Sleeping Giant Superior Country (14 Submissions)

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who submitted to this year’s Great Big Northern Ontario Story Contest.

Did you know?

We ran this contest in French, too! Read the winners of Le grand concours de rédaction du Nord de l’Ontario.