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Find Your True North
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It’s time to expand your horizons in 2023.

Northern Ontario, Canada lives on a bed of ancient, rocky land known as the Canadian Shield. Our region sits due south of the remote shores of Hudson's Bay, leading to the Arctic Sea and alongside the wild freshwater lakes of Huron and Superior.

Our Boreal forests stretch for thousands of kilometres, and our towns are nestled comfortably inside this epic wilderness. Up here, even in our cities, you're always just minutes from your next outdoor adventure.

In the summers, the scent of pine, earth, and a bit of magic lingers in the air while the sound of a paddle dipping into the water reminds us that these untouched lands and waterways have been traveled for centuries by Indigenous Peoples, Voyageurs and fur traders, and by travelers—like yourself.

There’s no feeling quite like spending time in the wide open spaces of Northern Ontario.

A wild place, it's full of pike and rainbow trout, long-legged moose, white-tailed deer, black bears, loons, and beavers. If you travel far enough North, you maybe even spot a polar bear or two.

This is a place people come back to, without quite knowing why. Once you've experienced the True North, it stays inside you, somehow. The grand expanse of nature leaves you feeling part of something important, something bigger than yourself.

One of the last few places where you can get lost, and find yourself again.

It's a feeling of returning to some ancient tradition still faintly remembered by our bodies at a cellular level—rising with the sun and gathering around a campfire at night. A feeling of being one with yourself. Your loved ones. With nature. And with the universe.

Northern Ontario is open for business. So make it your business to get back to being your true self, in the true North.

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