Sun’s Out, Water Guns Out

The Ultimate Algoma Beach Road Trip

It might be a surprise to some Canadians, but Ontario residents love their days in the sun and have the tan lines to prove it.  We’re a hardy beach-going lot, with a 10-week season and lake water that takes about eight of those weeks to warm up. 

Everyone’s been to the wildly popular Wasaga, Sauble, Grand Bend, and Turkey Point beaches, but why not check some incredible, lesser-known secrets off your sandy wish list?

Welcome to the Algoma beach scene.  Located along the north shore of Lake Huron and eastern shore of Lake Superior, Algoma screams "beach road trip" for many Southern Ontario families.  Investing in a day’s drive here and a day’s drive back rewards you and your Coppertone crew with sunny secluded beaches, each with its own personality and unique beauty.  Here are my top five faves:

Sandy Beach – Wawa – Lake Superior

“Hey, A.Y., pass the lotion!”  Why wouldn’t you want to chill on the same beach that esteemed Group of Seven member A.Y. Jackson summered at and painted on?  It’s called Sandy Beach for a reason with its deep, soft sand, and spectacular artistic views.

Accommodations: Wawa Motor Inn, Parkway Motel, Best Northern Motel, Beaver Motel, Bristol Motel

Batchawana Bay – Batchawana – Lake Superior

This beach is reminiscent of that last trip to Mexico for several reasons. Not only is the water the warmest on the strip and the sand golden, but it also has some terrific amenities (like smoked fish and cold beverages) close by at the Voyaguer Lodge and Cookhouse.

Accommodations: Lake Shore Salzburger Hof

Old Woman Bay – Lake Superior Provincial Park – Lake Superior

One word best describes this coastal gem: dramatic.  You feel small as you wade out into the clear crisp water, towered by the shadows of the Algoma hills.  The water temperature is also very refreshing, so maybe it’s not just the cliffs that give you that funny tingling feeling.

Katherine Cove – Lake Superior Provincial Park – Lake Superior

Shhhhhhh! This place is still a bit of a locals’ secret.  Rumour has it that you can wade to a small island off shore, which features a water-filled rock depression that’s heated by the sun.  Sounds dreamy, right?  Ask a local for specific directions.

Rock Lake Beach – Bruce Mines

If you’ve ever imagined having a beach for just you and your squad, this is it.  Of course, it can’t be guaranteed, but chances are good at this inland lake. Especially on weekdays.  Stay at the Bruce Bay Cottages & Lighthouse in nearby Bruce Mines to enjoy their kitschy-retro summer vibe. 

Road Trip Tips

For an epic weeklong beach trip, book two different accommodations and daytrip to the hot spots – one along the north Shore of Lake Huron, and the other along Lake Superior coastline.

Planning help:

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