Your Great Adventure Awaits in Algoma

With a land area of over 48,000 square kilometers, or more than 18,000 square miles, Algoma Country delivers REAL winter. The same can be said about the region’s annual snowfall. Being located on the shores of two of the Great Lakes, Superior and Huron, is a badge Algoma wears with honour for all four seasons. The region’s location grants it beautiful beaches, breathtaking vistas, world-class fishing, touring routes that will leave you gasping, and of course, snow. Lots and lots of snow!

Every year when the temperature begins to drop, Algoma transforms into a winter playground where whatever winter experience you’re looking forward to, you can bet you’ll find it here!

Cross Country Skiing

Photo: Rob Stimpson

Algoma is home to some of the best Nordic skiing terrains, tracks and facilities in the world. These miles and miles of trails are groomed to perfection, and offer panoramic views in the Algoma Highlands at King Mountain that towers 1,300 feet above the elevation of Lake Superior. Frozen waterfalls and lakes make the Hiawatha Highlands a picture-perfect locale to take in all of winter’s beauty. From beginner to expert, from gentle rolling terrain to large climbs and descents, its here in Algoma.

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Photo: Rob Stimpson

Snowshoeing is the fastest growing winter sport around the globe. It’s been around for a 1,000 years, but it’s only been until recently that it’s been classified as a sport. Today, casual snowshoers hike trails, enthusiasts trek through back country and competitors race. Suffice it to say, with 28,000 square miles of beautiful forests, the Cambrian Shield and 17 different communities, you can snowshoe virtually forever and not see the same scene twice!


Photo: Supertrax Magazine

Whether you’re a powder hound wanting to test mother nature carving your own path through fresh powder, or a beginner looking for bragging rights, Algoma has some of the best snowmobiling you’ll find anywhere. The region’s vast trail system stretches over 2,000 miles that carve their way through the rugged Canadian Shield and old growth forests.

Ice Fishing

Photo: James Smedley

Drop a line into world class fishing waters for the day or plan your vacation around ice fishing! Enjoy great accommodations, and head out to an ice hut located right outside your lodge or cottage. Who said you can’t have a shore lunch in winter? Find out more at

Ice Caves

Photo: Sheri Minardi Photography

Winter brings a phenomenon to Algoma — the ice caves. These icy enclosures naturally form along the shoreline of Lake Superior when the conditions are just right. Dress in layers, pack a winter picnic and be prepared for a beauty unlike any other. When treading out on the ice on the big lake to explore the caves, make sure to stay close to shore as this big lake is active under that ice! You can find out more here.

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