Abitibi Walleye Experience: Fishing Adventures At the Boat-In Lodge Near Cochrane, Ontario

Some of the best angling memories are made at Little Abitibi Lake Lodge.

Talk about outdoor angling adventures—and then some! Our trip to Little Abitibi Lake Lodge near Cochrane, Ontario was a cool experience. From leaving the boat landing, winding through the river to the lake, and arriving at the lodge docks, just getting there was an experience. 

Our experienced guide Mark Froud had us bursting with laughter as he put the boat on the plane in this James Bond 007-like ride to the lake.

He was safe but what an awesome way to start a trip to a new lodge adventure in Northern Ontario.

abitibi lake lodge aerial

The lodge is situated amongst the unspoiled wilderness of Northeastern Ontario with not another cabin nor camp in sight, just forest, water, wildlife and our crew preparing for a few days of exploring a brand-new location we have never cast a line before and lots of optimism on this lake known for its walleye, northern pike and jumbo perch populations.  

abitibi lake lodge perch

Mother Nature decided to toss us a few curve balls, with air temps dropping to plus two degrees in the morning with north winds and a little rain to make it fun.

But she couldn’t dampen our spirits as soon as Mark stopped at spot number one, we began hooking up with walleye, pike and those tasty jumbo perch vertical jigging nightcrawlers and small minnows directly below the boat on mid-lake reefs, humps and shoals.

little abitibi lake lodge walleye

While guests have tons of fun on the water, some of the best memories are made at Little Abitibi Lake Lodge. The only property on the shores of Little Abitibi Lake, they are nestled remotely at the north end. As the sun begins to set, and other anglers are forced to navigate the river at the south end of the lake, guests can fish until sundown and enjoy the views from their yard, while having a campfire and a fish fry.

little abitibi

This lake is a walleye angler's dream when it comes to natural structure and walleye habitat, absolutely perfect.

Our trip included some tasty breakfasts, gut-filling dinners and of course a traditional fresh-caught fish fry by lodge manager Joe, who runs the entire camp and he made sure our trip was as smooth as silk, big thanks to Joe.

abitibi lake lodge walleye shorelunch
little abitibi lake lodge

The lodge is strictly boat access and ensures guests enjoy the serenity that comes with the isolated location. WiFi is also available from the lodge property as is satellite TV.

We spent the next few days enjoying the Abitibi experience with more fishing, camp time and just enjoying ourselves in the middle of nowhere, which was exactly where we wanted to be on this trip and simply enjoy all that fresh northern air, sights, sounds and smells of Little Abitibi could provide.

A perfect buddies’ trip.

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