Summertime Bass and Walleye from Horwood Lake

Fulfill your fishing quest for walleye, northern pike and some hard-fighting smallmouth bass.
horwood lake smallmouth bass

Horwood Lake is a spectacular fourteen-thousand-acre body of water near Timmins, Ontario, often described as the prettiest lake in Northern Ontario. The lake is both spring and river-fed with picturesque shores with steep granite cliffs, gently sloping wooded shorelines and magnificent sandy beaches and a popular destination for angling vacationers.

aerial horwood lake

This was our second visit to Horwood Lake and we had the pleasure of meeting and being hosted by the gracious owners of Horwood Lake Lodge. The lake offers you some of the best walleye, northern pike and untapped smallmouth bass fishing. The lake offers a variety of depths, structures, irregular shorelines and islands with numerous secret fishing holes awaiting your discovery.

horwood lake walleye

Established in 1953, the Lodge sits on a peninsula that extends out into Hardiman Bay, on the eastern arm of Horwood Lake. Whether you’re seeking walleye, northern pike, or some hard-fighting smallmouth bass, Horwood Lake Lodge is an excellent place to fulfill your quest. Year after year guests return to this picturesque setting for the abundance of fish that live in this.

This visit had us in pursuit of more hard-fighting smallmouth bass and primetime walleye at sunrise and sunset and noisy topwater baits for the spunky smallmouth in between.

Horwood Lake is known not only for its beauty but also that it is a very healthy naturally producing lake. Its large size and low-level fishing pressure contribute to ensuring Horwood Lake will remain rated amongst the top for years to come.

Our first morning found us on a rock shoal close to the lodge casting a loud topwater prop bait and a subtler popper for roaming smallmouth bass and it did not take long to provoke the first explosion of the trip with a chunky smallmouth blasting my prop bait.

A nice start.

fishing boat horwood lake

We fished several other visible rocky shoals and points with more bass, picked up our trusty tube jig and began snapping the tube through the water column, letting it rest on bottom before snapping the tube jig vertically in an attempt to provoke any nearby bass to investigate and eat our bait. We fished several sharp-dropping shoreline rock bars and connected with some of Horwood’s chunky walleye on the tube jigs, a nice surprise considering the high, bright sunny conditions.

We continued exploring new locations on the lake including back bays, rocky points, and submerged islands and fished both the tube jig and splashy topwater baits for any inquisitive bass or walleye on these beautiful wilderness locations.

As the sun rose and the bass became a little more active, we saw many smallmouth bass attack our topwater baits at almost every new point or shoal we found and fished.

Are there a lot of smallmouth bass in Horwood Lake, absolutely.

So, it’s noon and time to head back to the lodge for some tasty treats and let me tell you, the food at this lodge is similar to homemade, mouth-watering quality.

You have to consider the American plan when visiting Horwood Lake Lodge, the food is that good. The guests are always delighted with their dining experience served in the dining room with a view overlooking beautiful Horwood Lake.

What Was The Lodging Like?

The lodge offers eight waterfront cabins overlooking beautiful Horwood Lake with wrap-around decks and large patio doors. Each has a fully equipped kitchen with stove & refrigerator, a three-piece bathroom – including your own private shower and flush toilet, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, glasses, dish soap, towels & face cloths. Bedding with sheets, pillows & blankets are all provided. They are 100% off-grid and produce energy via solar power.

Spacious and comfortable.

aerial horwood lake lodge

Evening walleye? Sure thing.

We fished with one of the lodge owners and enjoyed an evening aboard the pontoon boat sharing stories and hooksets of eating-sized walleye and watching the incredible sunset, a fantastic experience you have to see for yourself.

Consider Horwood Lake Lodge for your next angling vacation in Northern Ontario.

Horwood Lake Lodge

Warren And Doris Reinke, Timmins 
Toll-Free: 1-866-242-9992 
Email: Horwoodlakelodge@Gmail.Com

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