These Aren't Your Granddad's snowshoes

High Tech or Traditional?

These aren't snowshoes...snowshoes are those big, clunky, wooden tennis racquet thingies you strap to your feet.

That's a common reaction we get when people see today's modern version of snowshoes, all sleek and shiny and metallic looking. Strapping them on gives a whole new perspective for anyone who is familiar with using the traditional harnesses made of lamp wick. It's more akin to stepping into a snowboard binding or buckling up a ski boot with its ratcheting, quick-release straps and buckles.


But it's these modern materials and designs that make them much easier to use, so easy a child can do it. In fact, some kids are naturals and often assist their parents in figuring out how to put them on. It's because they are so easy to use that today's light weight, high tech shoes have caught on in such a big way. That's really great news because there is no better activity to get the whole family outdoors and enjoying the winter.


Picture yourself hitting the trails as the sun peeks through a fresh sugary dusting of snow on the trees, it's magical. There is so much amazing stuff to see in winter, you can't help but realize it has a unique beauty and a solace all its own.

If you are looking for something new to do this winter, why not give snowshoeing a try? It's easy, fun and a great form of exercise too, a quintessential Canadian experience. 

About Andy Tonkin

Andy is a backcountry guide and the owner of Treks in the Wild, a wilderness adventure company based Ontario.  Growing up in Northern Ontario instilled his love of nature and the outdoors. He is an avid rock climber, mountain biker paddler and snowshoer.  He currently resides in Brantford with his wife and two sons.

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