A Great Place to Catch Brook Trout and Pike

Mar Mac Lodge

Bill Spicer from The New Fly Fisher loves to catch brook trout and pike. So does Mike Nedza, winner of the 2015 Algoma That Real Contest. The best wilderness location place for both Bill and Mike? Mar Mac Lodge in Northern Ontario in the heart of Algoma Country.

This beautiful full-service lodge is located on Esnagi Lake, near Chapleau Crown Game Preserve (the largest game reserve in the world). Esnagi Lake possesses incredible pike and walleye fishing. A short hike away, on a small lake, brook trout abound. The jewels of the north average 2 to 3 pounds with 5-pound specimens being very common.

This is the perfect blend of warm water and cold water fishing for a fly fisher. The best time of year to catch all species on a fly is May and June into early July. Bill loves this time of the year as you can hook into some real giant pike on topwater flies. Topwater action for pike is incredible and very visually exciting. Bill recommends you bring tarpon poppers in red and white coupled to 8- or 9-weight rods.

For the brook trout, you can get some hatch activity and use dry flies but most of his success has been sub-surface using woolly buggers and streamers in black, white or olive. A 5- or 6-weight rod is ideal for casting to the brook trout.

Mar Mac Lodge has both a full American Plan for anglers as well as a DIY plan for those that want to do their own cooking and housekeeping. Either way, this is a great place for any angler to go fishing.

Fly-in fishing packages include round-trip airfare. Train-in fishing packages are available.

Give them a call to learn more about great fishing at an affordable price.

http://marmaclodge.com or (705) 971-7922

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