Land a Lake Nipigon World Class trophy Brook Trout

There's no better spot for world-class trophy Brook Trout here in Ontario.

With 580 miles of shoreline, maybe you too can connect and beat the Worlds Record Brook trout that was caught in the Nipigon River that flows out of Lake Nipigon back in 1915. That's a full 14.5 pounds of pure Nipigon gold. The fish are everywhere and Tyler Dunn from Tyler Dunn Guiding knows exactly where they feed.


Our target in late August was Brook Trout but Tyler spoke with excitement of the massive Northern Pike that lurked in every bay here on the lake. Along with these voracious predators, Tyler also mentioned the chance of a trophy lake trout pic was definitely within reach in this deep cold body of water.


We made our home base at the cozy Quebec Lodge. Quebec Lodge is located 60 miles east of Thunder Bay in Red Rock with a stunning view of the mighty Lake Superior. Quebec Lodge has comfortable rooms, with fantastic breakfasts and dinners to start and end your day of adventure. The surrounding area of Lake Nipigon has much to offer besides fishing. Just a short distance away are amethyst mines which offer do-it-yourself gem hunting. What a terrific family outing! The Ouimet Canyon Park is home to the region's "Grand Canyon." Visit the 150-metre-wide gorge and sheer cliffs that drop 100 metres straight down to the canyon floor. Spectacular views! Hiking, picnicking, camping and fishing are all on your doorstep here in the Nipigon region.


For our first morning, Tyler took us on a short 40-minute drive to the boat launch on Lake Nipigon, and it was here that we realized this man knows his water. Trust me, there is good water everywhere. Big boulders, shoals, drop-offs and ledges are all along the water's edge along with majestic Bald Eagles eyeing your every move. You could spend years trying to find where these fish feed or you could take a trip with Tyler Dunn and have a chance at a hookup within the first hour of your day.


This was our experience. We targeted large submerged boulders and any ledges we could find. Always looking for ambush areas where the fish would hide. White, green and black muddler fly patterns were working well for us in size 2 and 4 hook sizes. White and gold Clouser flies and of course, good old Wooly Buggers in various colours should always be in the boat. Don't forget Crayfish flies also. The lake is riddled with these crustaceans.


We were able to connect with 3 trophy fish within the morning hours.  We were using 9-foot, 6-weight rods and suited up intermediate sinking lines to match our reels. These fish were hanging on the drop-offs and we wanted to get that fly down to them. When these fish are active you can actually watch them charge out of nowhere at your fly. Hookups happened more times than not right at the boat. So keep that fly in the water as long as you can! Tyler is also a wiz with a spinning rod, so if you are not a fly fisherman, Tyler will definitely show you the time of your life.



With the immense size of Lake Nipigon, the weather can change instantly. Bring clothes for any type of weather Mother Nature can throw at you. On our second day, we encountered some foul heavy winds and I was worried we may have to postpone our outing. But with all the back bays and large islands, we found protection from the elements and more importantly we found some incredible World Class Trophy Brook Trout on a day when most anglers would have floundered. Tyler Dunn is a true magician when it comes to this amazing body of water called Lake Nipigon. It’s clear, cold and teeming with life. 20” plus fish are common here in Lake Nipigon and 25” plus fish are not uncommon. These Brook Trout are feisty and will slam your fly with immense power. They are the jewels of the North.


This angling experience is reachable and affordable to every angler. Spectacular views, lots to do nearby, and of course, world-class trophy Brook Trout fishing. Visiting Lake Nipigon is truly an adventure of a lifetime in the great Province of Ontario.

About Mark Melnyk

Currently, Mark is the host and producer of The New Fly Show. With a passion of fly fishing, the shows goal is to help both novice and veteran fly fishers everywhere by giving them a top-quality fly fishing series that will make them better anglers. 

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