Proven Patterns for Giant Northern Pike

Pike fishing is addictive because of the sheer fierceness of an attack on particular fly patterns.

There is little arguing that northern pike are the apex predators in many lakes and rivers in Northern Ontario! They dominate! They also can grow to immense sizes with a trophy fish considered once they breech the 40-inch mark! It is possible to catch and release fish in excess of four feet in Ontario waters! What makes pike fishing so addictive to many is the sheer violence in the way they attack a well (and not so well) presented fly! 

Here are a few proven patterns for targeting northern pike in Northern Ontario! 

Weedman’s Slider

Fished wet or on the surface, the Weedman’s Slider is a deadly pattern for northern pike. The flash and movement of the fly body attract fish from afar. The deerhair head, large and inviting imitates a significant piece of baitfish protein. Black and orange, chartreuse, and natural colours like olive and brown match many of the baitfish pike feed on. 



The Fathead, in black and orange, black and red and chartreuse is a proven pattern to pike anglers. Fished wet, it’s a versatile fly to be fished throughout the water column. A slow sinker almost suspended this fly very well imitating a wounded baitfish.


Game Changer

This fly literally changed the game for multi-species fly anglers. For northern pike, trout patterns, white and black are excellent choices. The fly consists of multiple sections of articulation allowing the fly to “swim” in a very natural presentation. The holographic eye doesn’t seem to hurt either. Consider marking the fly up with a permanent marker in red or black to imitate an injury. Fish this fly wet throughout the water column. 


Salty Jack

A basic topwater fly, this fly is fished as a tube fly meaning the hook is actually located outside the body of the fly. Fished with a strip-strip pause pattern, pike looks at this fly as a wounded mammal, baitfish, or bird. The tailfeathers are a nice addition to the presentation the takes are violent and addictive! 

Salty Jack

Clouser Minnow

One of the most versatile flies ever created, the Clouser minnow can be fished either weighted or not, with an infinite number of colour combinations. Some proven colours are blue over white, chartreuse over white, and yellow over chartreuse to name a few. The colour combinations and ways to fish this fly are countless. Imitating a baitfish, when fishing a Clouser minnow, it’s best to well understand the natural forage pike will be feeding on and match first the size profile, then attempt to match the colour. Bring Clouser minnows of all sizes in your fly box. They really are a must-have fly to have in your arsenal! 

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