Take a Kid Fishing!

Make it a really big deal and create future anglers who enjoy the sport as much as you do.

Start off by making your trip a really big deal. If you are going on a weekend start talking about it on Wednesday or Thursday to get them pumped up! Here are some more great tips for making this a trip to remember. 


The last thing you want is to take your kids out in hurricane winds and heavy rain, so make sure you have good weather so your kids will enjoy their time outdoors.


You don't want to travel five or six hours away from home. Find a close location so they are not sitting in the car for too long. When you arrive, have a look around at Mother Nature - birds, snakes, grasshoppers anything that piques their interest before getting out the rods and sitting on the bank or in a boat.


When your kids are fishing, cheer them on and let them know what a great cast they are making! Take your time to teach them how to handle a fishing rod, worms and lures etc. It is very important that kids are taught in a simple, fun manner.


Show your kids how to properly handle a fish that you are going to release and I would encourage you to teach them to catch and release for their future. There is nothing wrong with keeping a few for lunch but keep the smaller ones.


Kids love to see things in nature and having a good old fashion shore lunch is very bonding with your kids. Teach them survival skills at an early age is an asset. And a great way to just get away from the rods and reels for a while to keep them wanting to get back to it.


Start out with panfish like bluegill, perch, and crappie where there are plenty and lots of action so you can keep the kids busy catching fish, this will keep them interested and not lose focus or get bored.


Lastly, make the trip fun and not just all about fishing. You have to make it an outdoor experience that the kids will love and will want more in the future. After all, the time you spend with your kids is time you will never get back and that is the most important thing in the world.

About Ron James

Ron has been fishing for over 35 years. He started fishing when he was just a youngster with his father Bill James (God rest his soul). He moved onto tournament fishing as his passion grew. With numerous wins and top finishes, the next step had to be taken. He met Leo, and the unstoppable force of Fish TV "is the best thing that has happened.

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