150 Canoes for Canada's 150th Birthday

On June 25, 2017, an armada of 150 canoes will paddle on Algonquin Park's Canoe Lake.

150 For 150 is promising to be one of the biggest celebratory paddling events in Canada, honouring our country’s big birthday with the iconic Canadian symbol: the canoe.

On Sunday June 25, 2017, an armada of 150 canoes will paddle on Algonquin Park’s Canoe Lake, a favourite painting location of Tom Thomson, one of Canada's most famous landscape artists.

The celebration will include the raising of a specially designed, distinctly Canadian canoe flag to salute and celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada. 

Organized by a passionate group of Ontario outdoor and paddling enthusiasts, the event was created to highlight the importance of the canoe to Canada’s past, present and future. This unique event is open to all Canadians who share the same love of the outdoors and canoeing.

 “150 For 150 really aligns with my passion, as well as the veneration and deference I have for this humble, yet powerful vessel,” explains lead organizer David Lee, who came up with the event idea and created the organizing committee. “I really want to give back something to the outdoor community, the country, and the canoe while celebrating 150 years of being a nation.” 

In addition to the official 150 For 150 event on June 25, the organizing committee is planning several other activities for participants to enjoy over that weekend, including a meet-and-greet and “canoe Olympics” with some of the province’s outdoor and paddling bloggers and social media personalities, and a showcase of Ontario canoes, provided by Ontario canoe manufacturers.




About Trish Manning

Trish Manning is an adventure travel writer and the content coordinator for Ontario Outdoor Adventures. She is an avid outdoor person who loves to hike, paddle, SUP, snowshoe, cross-country ski and explore Ontario's great outdoors with her golden retriever, Daisy.

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