Get the Wrinkles Out of Your Soul

Lose yourself in the ancient beauty of Temagami, where the trees are so large it takes two people to hug them.

Temagami, also known as Grey Owl Country, boasts a vast system of canoe routes.

One particular favourite of ours is the three-day adventure through the Wakimika Triangle. It is one of the planet's most beautiful places. Rock ridges and cliffs, majestic white pine, clear-water swimming, and gorgeous sunset campsites. Evidence of the age and permanence of the land and the people is everywhere. Millions of years held in rocks and stories and trees.

This canoe route lying north of Lake Temagami connects three lakes; Diamond, Wakimika, and Obabika. It includes the easy, winding Wakimika River and a couple of portages. A fly-in adventure is worth the price, affording you the most impressive views.

There's a part-day's adventure to a very special pictograph site, Diamond Lake's North Arm. Paddle in to the white rock wall with its clear-to-see lines, circles and arrows. These symbols are found on many rock art canvases throughout the region.

Following the shoreline south and west we explore islands, pick blueberries, and swim in the warm waters.

Temagami Fly In Adventure 2664

Two portages lead to Wakimika Lake, the first one a bit rugged. The trick to enjoying them is to take your time, pack well and use the right equipment.

Wakimika Lake's highlight is the amazing display of petroglyphs—figures pecked into, not painted on, the rock. As with pictographs, they should be approached with reverence. These are ancient connections with humanity past but most certainly with the Anishinabe descendants who live here today.

From the lake's Grassy Bay, the Wakimika River meanders south through fantastic wildlife habitat. Here, beavers build dams and lodges. Painted turtles sun themselves on fallen logs. Moose tracks tell us of their passing. Songbirds, herons, kingfishers and hawks—you never know what will be around the next twist or turn of the river, so cameras and binoculars are always at the ready.

Temagami Old Growth Forest 2005

Finally there's Obabika Lake and one of world's greatest old growth red and white pine forests encircling its north end. One trail walked for generations is a portage leading you to Chee skon abilkong's turquoise waters, where the white cliffs and the freestanding column known as Conjuring Rock are reflected with surprising clarity. Other trails lead you deeper into the ancient forest, to the base of pines so big that it takes two people to give them a hug.

The two pine-canopied campsites nearby, both beautiful, offer different experiences. One is high, affording a sweeping view of the lake. The other is lower, close to the water. Both are on bedrock born of great mountains and volcanoes. Both are perfect for viewing the stars and for reflecting on your adventure into the Temagami wilderness at journey's end.

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There are excellent outfitters and ecolodges that provide exceptional trip planning, guiding and outfitting services for the Temagami area. For even more excitement, start your trip with a fly-in adventure.

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