The Planet D Push their limit

Hike the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail along Lake Superior

The Planet D, world-renowned travel bloggers, spent a summer exploring Ontario, Canada. This blog captures their experience hiking the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail. It was originally posted on

If you are looking for one of those badges of honour hikes, or hikes to brag about when your older, the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail fits the bill. Located on the North Shore of Lake Superior, it is a 60-km mammoth hike of rugged terrain, perilous sea cliffs, and challenging trails. We did everything from scramble up steep rocky cliffs to wade through hip deep icy water. All while carrying 35 pounds of gear on our backs for seven days.

Sound like fun to you? 


Pushing the Limit

Pushing yourself to your limit is something that everyone should do at least once in their life. And, once you’ve done it, you’ll probably do it again and again. It is after each epic adventure that Dave and I see what we are truly made of. We learn so much about each other and ourselves and we always come out stronger and better people because of it.

Dave and I always have a good laugh after each odyssey we try. We’re terrified going into them. We worry that we won’t make it or that we’ll be too weak, too tired, too old or too out of shape to keep up. But while we’re hiking, or learning to whitewater kayak or trudging through snow at 30 below, we always surprise ourselves. Sure, we’re not the superhumans like our guides and we’re not made for outdoor living like so many Northerners in Ontario, but send us out to push our limits and we’ll give it our best shot.

Wanna see how we did on our latest quest? Check out our video of The Pukaskwa Coastal Hike.

Hiking the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail is one of those journeys that makes you stronger and puts you on a high that will last for months. And you’ll remember that feeling for years to come. Sure it’s tough while you’re doing it and sometimes you’ll ask yourself, “why did I decide not to shower for seven days?” But in the end, you’ll feel that you have done something extraordinary and realize that this is what life is all about. Being alone with your thoughts, feeling the burn and the pain, and not taking one moment for granted. Its when you are pushing the limits in life that you truly live.

To find our more about a guided hike on the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail visit the Naturally Superior Adventures. For more information on Pukaskwa National Park visit the Parks Canada Pukaskwa

About The Planet D

Dave & Deb of are award winning travel & photography bloggers. An adventure couple married 16 yrs. They've traveled 80+ countries, 7 Continents & had non stop fun along the way! 

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