The 5 Best Snowmobile Photo Ops in Algoma

The views you see while riding your sled on Algoma’s buttery smooth trails are postcard worthy.

Algoma Country has always been a top snowmobiling contender in Ontario and for good reason; the snow, very little traffic, 2,000 miles of groomed trails and of course, the rugged picturesque scenery. The views you see while riding your sled on Algoma’s buttery smooth trails are postcard-worthy.

While you won’t have any issues finding a good view, we thought we would give you a list of some of the most noteworthy locations to stop, pull out your phone (from deep inside a warm pocket) and snap a photo to remember the view and to show your buds back home what they’re missing. Remember to tag us at #algomacountry and @algomacountry and we might share your pic.

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The Wawa Goose

Photo Credit: Martin Lortz

You won’t find a better selfie than one with a large Canadian goose, and Wawa’s got one. A fixture to this town since 1963, the Wawa Goose is an iconic Canadian must-stop roadside attraction. After taking your selfie, widen your shot to see the stunning view of the Wawa Goose overlooks of the valley below.

The D Trail by Searchmont

Photo credit: Martin Lortz

Algoma Country is anything but flat and this is apparent as you ride the D Trail by Searchmont. As you ride along the Goulais River valley, you will notice you are surrounded by rugged landscapes with elevations of over 400 meters (1,200 feet). Point your camera in any direction; it is pretty hard to find a bad shot.

Michipicoten River

Photo credit: Martin Lortz

Just south of Wawa, the D Trail crosses over the Michipicoten River. This is a perfect location to stop to take in the view. For the best shot, line up your sleds and take the photo downriver. 

North Channel, Blind River

Photo credit: Martin Lortz

Taking a detour off the D Trail onto the local Blind River trails will get you closer to the water. These local trails will provide you with excellent views of the North Channel and its islands. Park your sled in front of this scenic vista for a great pic.

Bonus Shots:

Selfie with the Groomer Guy

Photo credit: Martin Lortz

The Groomer Guy (AKA Luc Levesque) has become quite the celebrity for riders in Algoma Country, grooming the perfect trails for your riding pleasure in Dubreuilville, Ontario. If you’re lucky enough to spot him ., make sure you tip your helmet to the Groomer Guy for his 20-plus years of trail grooming service and grab a selfie while you’re at it. You never know where you’ll see him again!

Selfie with the Legendary Halfway Haven Sign

Photo credit: Martin Lortz

If you ask any die-harder sledder, they will have either been to or have at least heard of the legendary Halfway Haven Lodge. Located on the D trail halfway between Wawa or Chapleau and Searchmont, Halfway Haven connects you to smaller communities and allows you to get deeper into Algoma’s best snowmobiling. Stop to refuel your sled, grab a bite to eat or spend the night at the lodge, but before you do anything, take a selfie with the sign to show you’ve made it halfway there.

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