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Mississauga First Nation Virtual Marketplace

Check out our virtual marketplace to find businesses that are open in the Mississauga First Nation. Shop local and support your community!

Visit some of the Mississauga First Nation's restaurants that are currently offering take-out, delivery, curbside pickup or patio dining, and retail shops. Want to be included? Please email to update or provide new information.

It's so important to support the local economy as Ontario starts to reopen. We love our family-owned retailers and restaurants and we're proud to shop local! It's pretty easy to do with so many incredible places to shop here. With that in mind, check out all the places that are open for business.

Restaurants & FOOD

Restaurants are currently offering delivery or curbside pickup, and as of June 12th, outdoor dining. You can even order alcohol to go with your meal! Here’s a list of restaurants that are currently open in some capacity.

Mississaugi Fry Company


The Mississaugi Fry Company offers fresh-cut fries, burgers, poutine, fish & chips and much more!
Tel: (705) 576-2144

Chiblow Fish


Bob and Rhonda operate this small Anishinabek fishery in Northern Ontario and offer a year-round fish fry catering service. Catering services include community feasts, band program events, weddings, family gatherings, graduations, corporate/club events, and sports banquets.
Tel: (705) 356-6539  Email:


As retail shops and other services start to reopen the level of service may change. Please contact the individual business for further information.

The MatchBox


The Matchbox is a smoke shop and artisan craft store offering Cuban cigars, tobacco products, and convenience store items.
Tel: (705) 576-2034


Mississauga First Nation's essential services such as gas stations continue to operate with safety measures in place. Please contact the individual business for further information.

Broken Canoe Trading Post


The Broken Canoe Trading Post offers fuel, a convenience store, local Indigenous crafts, and more!
Tel: (705) 356-1927

Virtual EXperiences

Currently right now there are no virtual experiences available. We will update as experiences and online events become available for the Mississauga First Nation.

For more information about the restaurants, retail, services that are available for the Mississauga First Nation, please click here.

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