Pukaskwa National Park

Pukaskwa National Park is a hiker’s paradise regardless of your skill level.

Pukaskwa National Park is situated along the shore of Lake Superior, 25 km before Marathon, Ontario and is located next to Pic River First Nation. Pukaskwa is one of five National Parks in Ontario and has 1,878 km of boreal forest, along with rocky shorelines, sandy and driftwood beaches overlooking Lake Superior and the Pic River Dunes. Pukaskwa’s Coastal Route, White and Pukaskwa Rivers are for the paddler in you.

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

The Hattie Cove Campground is where you would stay if you prefer the “Front-Country.” The campground provides you with a choice of 67 campsites that are very private and clean, with access to six trails close by. There are some sites with electricity and some Accessible Sites. The easy and moderate trails range from thirty minutes up to two hours to hike. The trails are well marked and can be hiked at your leisure.

The easy trails are the Boardwalk Beach Trail and the Hattie Cove Fire Walk Via the Coastal Hiking Trail. The moderate trails are the Beach Trail, the Southern Headland Trail, the Manito Miikana Trail and the Bimose Kinoomagewnan Trail. Each of these trails traverses a pristine boreal forest that takes your breath away with its beauty. Learn the seven grandfather teachings as you “walk the teachings” along the Bimose Kinoomagewnan Trail that circles Half Way Lake. To make the hike enjoyable, be sure to wear proper hiking footwear and bring bug spray, water, and sunscreen.

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

The “Back Country” is for the experienced hiker or paddler. The Coastal Hiking Trail parallels the Superior Coastline as does the Coastal Paddling Route. An 18-km hike will take you to the White River Suspension Bridge via the Coastal Hiking Trail. You must check-in at the Hattie Cove Visitor’s Centre before you head out on the Coastal Trail where you will camp out in the backcountry.

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

If the water is more for you, paddling in Pukaskwa is a must. Whether by canoe or kayak, the coastal paddling route is similar to an ocean paddling experience due to the vastness of the legendary Lake Superior in its size, beauty and temperament. Paddlers must have the technical knowledge and skill to experience it.

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

The Coastal Paddling Route Guide is a great resource to plan an amazing paddling experience on the White and Pukaskwa Rivers and along Lake Superior. The Coastal Route map can be found here. The White and Pukaskwa River Routes can be found here.

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

The Visitor Centre has WiFi for those wishing to stay connected. You can learn Geo Caching from the very helpful and knowledgeable park staff and use their GPS systems. You can also learn about the Ojibwe Peoples from park staff who are Ojibwe and love to share their culture with you. A visit isn’t complete until you find the “Red Chairs” and take a selfie to tweet #SharetheChair on social media. These chairs are in all of Canada’s National Parks.

​​​​​​​(Photo credit: Sheri Minardi)

Visit Pukaskwa National Park whether to hike, canoe, kayak or relax and it will not disappoint. The wildlife, vegetation and glorious sunsets will keep you coming back. For more information visit: www.pc.gc.ca

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