Trading Posts and Old Fashioned General Stores in Algoma

Trading Posts and General Stores have deep roots in Algoma Country. Both the Hudson’s Bay Company and the North West Company set up trading posts along the trade route in our region. For those who aren’t quite sure of the purpose of a trading post, it was a place where people traded goods, but also a place for people to meet and exchange news of the world, or just from their home country. The fur trade brought many settlers into the region who set up businesses like general stores. A one-stop shop for residents and also a place to socialize.

There are general stores in the region today that offer this nostalgic type of shopping with modern conveniences offering quality products, some locally made, and necessities you need during your stay or purchase items to commemorate your trip.

Below is a list of general stores and trading posts and what they offer travellers. A perfect addition to your trip to Algoma!

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Sault Ste. Marie

The Trading Post
In operation for over 80 years.
Location: Hwy 17
Buy: gas, fishing and hunting licenses/supplies/tackle. Visit the rest of the Frontier Village for ice cream, clothing and gifts, homemade fudge and great food

The Post Gift Shop
Features a signature line from the Hudson Bay Company.
Location: 800 Bay Street
Buy: souvenirs, arts and crafts, textiles and other locally made products

Goulais River

Timberland General Store
Location: Hwy 17
Buy: convenience store items, souvenirs, fuel, home decor and gifts, LCBO


Voyageurs’ Lodge - General Store
Famous for homemade apple fritters
Location: Hwy 17
Buy: gas, LCBO products, groceries items, home décor, clothing and gifts, locally caught smoked fish, beverages and snacks
Nearby: River Rock Gifts

Pancake Bay

Agawa Crafts and the Canadian Carver
Indigenous arts and crafts
Location: Hwy 17
Buy: gas, LCBO products, campers store, clothing and gifts, home decor, 
Nearby: Pancake Bay Provincial Park


Young’s General Store
Since 1971, famous for its pickle barrel, homemade fudge, summer sausage, old-fashioned candies and sweets.
Location: Hwy 17
Buy: fishing supplies, travel publications, books and clothing, moccasins and more, fuel.

Chapleau / Foleyet Area

101 Gas Station and Trading Post
101 Gas Station is a gas stop located on the Brunswick House First Nation on Highway 101.
Buy: gas, car repairs, automobile supplies, snacks, cigarettes, fireworks and Indigenous crafts

Foleyet General Store
Location: 45 Young Street, Foleyet
Buy: gas, grocery items, ice cream, The Beer Store


Naja Trading Post Plus
Location: 631 Front Street
Buy: gifts, goodies, Mennonite summer sausage & pepperettes, clothing, local artisans and many other great finds. Medicinal mushrooms such as Chaga & birch bark are also available.

Mississagi Valley

Tunnel Lake Trading Post & Motel
Location: Hwy 129, Wharncliffe
Buy: fishing and hunting licenses, ice cream, LCBO, grocery items, bait and tackle, and fuel and propane

Aubrey Falls Trading Post
Location: Hwy 129
Buy: Licensed restaurant, convenience store, gift shop

St. Joseph Island

Hilton Beach General Store
Location: 3080 Hilton Road
Buy: grocery items and fresh meat, fresh baking, ice cream, LCBO

Kentvale Home Hardware
Since 1888
Location: 712 K Line Road
Buy: for over 125 years, this country general store sells a diversified hardware section, gas and full-service repair shop, home decor and gifts


17 E Trading Post
Location: Hwy 17
Buy: gas, convenience store items

Mississauga First Nation

Broken Canoe Trading Post
Location: 7B West Street
Buy: gas, convenience store, local First Nations crafts

Iron Bridge

Yellow Butterfly Trading Post
Location: Hwy 17
Buy: local handmade artworks and crafts, jewellery, moccasins, clothing and accessories, stained glass, giftware

Serpent River First Nation

Serpent River Trading Post
In operation for over 25 years.
Location: Hwy 17
Famous for: the beautiful log building
Buy: authentic Indigenous crafts, moccasins, paintings and art, jewellery, clothing and gifts, pottery and many items made by local artisans.

Elliot Lake

Elliot Lake Trading Post
Location: 14 Oakland Blvd
Buy: clothing and gifts, fishing and hunting licenses

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