Perch Lake Has Lots of Bass

Don't let the name Perch Lake fool you—these waters are filled with beautiful bass, northern pike, abundant gourmet walleye, and yellow perch.

The name Perch Lake may evoke a lake filled with smaller panfish like perch, rock bass, crappie and sunfish.

And yes, this lake does inhabit those sought-after species, but this lake has a very good population and healthy year classes of smallmouth bass and walleye that guests catch every year when visiting Northwest Ontario.

With over 30 miles of adjoining lakes in the Seine River system near Atikokan, Ontario these waters are filled with northern pike like you'll never believe, abundant gourmet walleye, and yellow perch await.

perch lake sunset country

Lodge Location And Amenities

Perch Lake Lodge specializes in tailoring your vacation to you and your group. The resort is close enough to drive, yet isolated enough to feel like you're at an outpost. A great family destination, they also offer large group rental units.

They offer the following to guests like you and me, housekeeping cabins, large group accommodations, pn-site restaurant, private docks, satellite TV, air conditioning, 30 miles of adjoining lakes and narrows, fish for various species (walleye, northern, smallmouth bass, perch, crappies), they have freezers, fish house, RV sites and campsites, boat and canoe rentals, winter ice fishing, snowmobiling, great deer, moose and small game hunting, housekeeping packages or plan your package room and board packages (contractors, railway, exploration groups, etc.).

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A Focus On Fishing at Perch Lake

Our trip to this resort focused on chasing the notorious smallmouth bass that inhabits Perch Lake and we’re fortunate to hook up with some visiting guests from the United States who have visited this resort over the years and offered us the chance to share a boat with them and shorten the learning curve during our visit.

The first afternoon with fished with Brody who works at the resort and caught some beautiful bass along back bays and shallow rocky points with both top water baits and tube jigs. 

ontario smallmouth bass fishing

The next morning, we hooked up with the boys from the U.S. and headed to some of their favourite locations that had given up some very nice bass. Once again it was a combination of top water baits, tube jigs and black hair jigs. We mostly fished small bays with plenty of rock and avoided the bays with heavy weed growth which by the way inhabit a lot of northern pike for those interested in our northern population.

They guys were right, these small rocky hotspots held some very nice bass up to the four-pound plus mark and we had multiple double headers throughout the morning. I loved the fact we did not see another boat the entire morning and as is the case in a lot of Northern Ontario locations, you sometimes have the entire lake to yourself!

perch lake anglers fishing boat

About Perch Lake: The Seine Chain of Lakes

Perch Lake is one of many lakes that make up the Seine Chain of Lakes. With over thirty miles of water to explore, (from depths of five to eighty feet), one can travel to several lakes without getting out of their boat. Excellent habitat for walleye, trophy-sized northern pike and excellent smallmouth bass and of course perch. 

Perch Lake—about one and a half miles wide by six miles long—is the second largest in the chain.

perch lake boats

Don't have your own boat? No problem, rent one of the resort boats. The Eye River is close by the resort and some of the guests have had great luck with early walleye and northerns in the spring. 

We enjoyed our trip to Perch Lake Lodge and I am certain you will as well. Give them a call to book your 2024 vacation and you can catch all the bass, walleye and northern pike your heart desires, even some yellow perch as the lake is named.

Perch Lake Lodge
Tel: (807) 597-1233

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