Dogtooth Lake Resort Smallmouth

A drive-in smallmouth bass trip to remember

Most people think of Dogtooth Lake in Sunset Country, Ontario, as a trophy walleye factory, and they would be 100 percent correct. One fish species that is overlooked in this body of water is smallmouth bass. That is a big mistake!  

Dogtooth Lake is a 6,200-acre lake with many islands, rocks, submerged humps, and rocky spines that come way out into the main lake. With 167 miles of shoreline and connecting to Kilvert Lake by an easily navigable channel, adding another 2,400 plus acres of fishable gin-clear water with lots of giant boulders around every bend. Both Dogtooth and Kilvert are plumb full of smallmouth with opportunities at a big trophy brown bass with every cast.


These lakes are obviously home to some giant walleyes, but excellent smallmouth bass, lake trout, and trophy pike fishing are a welcome addition to that fantastic walleye fishing. The smallmouth alone could wear you out. If you plan to do some multi-species fishing at Dogtooth Resort, well, you better get some rest before heading on this adventure.

On this trip, I brought along another guy that has pretty much fished everywhere in North America. Al Lindner shares my bucket list destination aspirations for both walleyes and smallmouth, which is why Dogtooth Lake was on that list for us. As I stated earlier, it’s one of those lakes famous for giant walleyes, but we also heard rumours of the quality of smallmouth fishing. So when the opportunity presented itself, we booked it.


Dogtooth Lake Resort is an easy drive-to destination. This allowed us to bring our own boat and all the fishing equipment we wanted. During this mid-summer time frame, the smallmouth bass are generally shallow to deep and everything in between. We used several baits from #8 X-Raps, 1/4 oz. VMC Moon Eye jigs with 4” Big Bite Bait Finesse Swimmers, and for topwater presentations, we went with the Rapala Skitter Walk and X-Rap Pop as our go-to. Everything seemed to work, which is super fun when you can be versatile and successful using multiple techniques. 

It seemed whenever we looked toward the shallower spots; we would run into hoards of smallmouth bass. Any smallmouth-looking area held fish around those submerged giant boulders in the shallow bays or on rocky main lake points. Let me say, if you like lots of action with every fish pulling on your line like a 5-pounder with an excellent opportunity to tip that mark, Dogtooth Lake has it. 


Without a doubt, you can not go to Dogtooth Lake without fishing for walleyes. And, of course, we didn’t. Al and I spent a day just chasing those big white-tipped fin marble eyes. As advertised, the day was filled with numbers in that 22-26” size with a few over the coveted 28” trophy walleye. Even one pushing 30 inches, which is relatively common on Dogtooth Lake.  


Dogtooth Lake Resort offers first-class multi-species trophy fishing catering to the hardcore angler and those looking for a fun-filled family vacation.

When you want to get spoiled catching trophy-class fish like smallmouth bass, walleyes, northern pike, and lake trout, you make Dogtooth Lake Resort your next Ontario Experience. Be smart like us; just book it! 

About Ty Sjodin

Ty Sjodin is the co-host of The Ontario Experience airing on The Sportsman Channel, The Sportsman Channel—Canada, and the World Fishing Network (WFN).  He enjoys traveling across Ontario, experiencing everything the province and lodges have to offer—including the amazing hunting and multi-species fishing! Ty can’t remember when he wasn’t outside fishing or hunting, but it was about the same time he started to walk. He has a strong passion for the outdoors that was instilled in him by his father and has been shared with his older brother to this day. That is the same passion he now shares with his son, Tyson. Ty spent his college years earning a Business Management / Sales Degree at Bemidji State University, while feeding his obsession of being outdoors in a boat, on the ice, on his bow hunting stands, in the duck blind or shooting grouse. Getting his start in the fishing industry, Ty went to work for In-Fisherman joining the Lindner’s in 1998 to sell everything from TV, print and digital advertising as well as working with and promoting the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trial (PWT). After 10 years he moved on to sell TV and digital advertising in the hunting industry as well as fishing for Babe Winkelman Productions for the next 6 years. Ty has come full circle rejoining the Lindner’s once again, now at Lindner Media Productions handling the multi-media sales efforts as well as some on-camera talent.

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