The Inaugural Fish'n Canada Carp Cup

The Inaugural Canadian Carp Cup was held in Long Sault on the St Lawrence River.

The Fish’n Canada Television Show has taken a turn in the last decade or so in that now we are looking at Carp, as a viable target fish species, as well as a great television subject.

Martin Boulanger Lucas Malouin: Peg 1’s Martin Boulanger & Lucas Malouin were strong throughout the entire event.

“Back in the day,” says Angelo, “we were like most other Canadian anglers in that we didn’t even consider Carp fishing, but that’s all changed.”

Let’s face it, how often do you have the chance at catching a 10-40 plus pound fish? Add to that, the fish you are after is swimming in a school with a bunch more of similar size.

One half of last year’s winning team Andrew Walker holds up his first fish of the Fish’n Canada Carp Cup… and a beauty it was!

On this Fish’n Canada episode, Ang and Pete took Carp fishing a step further.

Here’s the only Mirror Carp weighed in for the event

It stems back to an ardent group of Carp anglers who took things to the next level… tournament fishing. In 2017 there was a Carp fishing event called the Canadian Carp Cup. It went very well (Fish’n Canada aired an episode on it) and unfortunately—or fortunately depending on who you are—the title sponsorship was dropped and became available. Fish’n Canada quickly put our hat into the ring and it was an instant connection.

Two masters showed up for the event!


Peg 5 had Nathan Cutler & Matt Eatough on a steady flow of big fish

The host location for the event was Long Sault on the St. Lawrence River. The Long Sault Parkway is the perfect place for such an event because it’s essentially a roadway that splits apart a small area of St. Lawrence, accessing some of the best Carp fishing “swims” in the entire province.

Each team sets up in designated “pegs” (the area they fish from on land, for the entire event) along the parkway and attempts to catch fish for the following three and a half days.

Thanks to companies like Coleman Canada, the competitors have shelter, cooking devices, flashlights, etc., all aiding these hard-core anglers in their quest to be the best.

Just for signing up, each team took home a great Coleman / Fish’n Canada swag package (minus the trophy)

To make an extremely intense and long event’s story simpler, we not only filmed the entire Fish’n Canada Carp Cup, but we got to see the best of the best-going head-to-head in one of the most unique fishing tournaments we have ever encountered.

Not one but two tents, along with an array of camping gear, were donated by Coleman Canada for the competing teams… thanks to all our sponsors!
This is what Carp fishing is all about… being amongst a community of friends. Peg 3 invited our production crew over for a morning “Sabaioni”—an Italian treat that you will never get while out bass fishing with a bunch of competing boats!


These hard-core competitors fished 24 hours each and every day for the entire event! Simon Stewart and their partner Jason Morton got very little sleep.

Long Sault was rapid in the St. Lawrence River west of Cornwall. It created a navigation barrier along the river for years, making it harder and harder for the increasing ship traffic as well as the size of the vessels to navigate. Something needed to be done. The Moses-Saunders Power Dam was constructed in 1958, and the St Lawrence River’s character was totally transformed.

The construction of the dam required the flooding of a large swath of land near the rapids, both to facilitate a hydroelectric dam and to make the rapids area more navigable. The flooded region includes Ontario’s Lost Villages.

Fish’n Canada production crew was after as many angles as possible.

The now-modern Long Sault Parkway is a series of 11 islands that were created from high points of land left after the flooding. Several villages once stood where the river now lies all of which now are underwater.

Through time, all types of fishing for multiple species have flourished here, especially for Carp.


Maxime Theriault & Sidi Rachid Lalami hoist one of many Carp they caught on their way to a first-place victory in the inaugural Fish’n Canada Carp Cup… Congratulations to them as well as all the competitors.

Congratulations go out to Sidi Rachid Lalami and Maxime Theriault for their phenomenal catch of four Carp (their four best of the event) with a total weight of 108 lbs. 2 oz.

“To be honest,” says Pete, “these two guys were busy almost every time we drove past them. They obviously knew what they were doing.”

An interview with last year’s winning team, Jarryd Monahan and Andrew Walker… did we say this style of fish is relaxing???

Carp are here in Ontario, and they are not going anywhere. We suggest anglers embrace them as Ang and Pete have done. Simply put, they’re big, they bite, and they fight extremely hard.


Rice Lake – Elmhirst Resort

Otonabee River Peterborough

Bay of Quinte – Merland Park Cottages

All the various Great Lakes harbours (be sure you have permission to fish)

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