Provincial Parks in Ontario

Visit Ontario Parks for unparalleled natural diversity and beauty in every season.

Reflecting the overwhelming richness and variety of Ontario’s ecological, geological, and recreational treasures, each of our 115 operating provincial parks offers a unique experience for visitors. Complementing the spectacular scenery are the innovative public education programs and fascinating visitor centres found at many parks. Did you know that while all Ontario Parks are pet-friendly, some offer special designated pet exercise areas and beaches?

Before planning your visit, read up on the services and facilities available at the park. Use Ontario Parks’ handy park locator map to select a park based on its distance from your home, or by the activities and facilities that you want during your visit.

Some Ontario Parks are day-use only, while others accommodate backcountry camping or provide drive-in tent and RV campgrounds and cabin or yurt facilities.

Backcountry paddling and hiking requires some specialized skills, and safety is very important. Local outfitters/adventure companies offer exceptional planning and outfitting services for guided or self-guided trips. Here’s a complete list of the best backcountry parks and the services offered.

Snow sports enthusiasts can choose from 31 provincial parks open through the winter season. Fourteen parks offer up to three options (heated roof accommodations; trailer/tent camping, or interior/backcountry camping) for staying overnight in the winter. For a list of seasonal operating dates for each park, check here.

If you’re planning an overnight stay during peak summer season (late June through Labour Day)—or hoping to book roofed accommodations at any time of the year—it’s recommended to reserve in advance to avoid disappointment. Reservations can be made online or by phone (1-888-ONT-PARK) up to five months before your arrival date.


Aaron Provincial Park, (807) 938-6534, Dryden
Two sandy beaches and the clear, shallow waters of Thunder Lake make Aaron ideal for water-based activities, such as swimming, boating and fishing.

Arrow Lake Provincial Park, (807) 473-9231, Kakabeka Falls
This park offers great swimming, canoeing, boating, and sport fishing, as well as seasonal camping.

Blue Lake Provincial Park, (807) 227-2601, Dryden
Renowned for its crystal clear waters and long sandy beach, Blue Lake is an outstanding destination for all types of water activities.

Caliper Lake Provincial Park, (807) 484-2181 / (807) 468-2669, Nestor Falls
Large beach and buoyed swimming area, excellent fishing, scenic campground features an impressive stand of old growth red and white pine trees.

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, (807) 473-9231, Kakabeka Falls
Excellent, year-round views of the Kaministiquia River gorge and 40-metre-high Kakabeka Falls, the second highest waterfall in Ontario.

Neys Provincial Park, (807) 229-1624, Terrace Bay
Enjoy one the finest sand beaches on Lake Superior’s north shore, hike to unique geological formations and sweeping views, and camp beachside at this spacious park. Find outfitters, accommodation and services.

Ojibway Provincial Park, (807) 737-2033, Dryden
Tranquil and wild, this park on Little Vermilion Lake offers a sandy beach and good swimming.

Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park, (807) 977-2526, Pass Lake
Arctic plants survive in the unique environment on the floor of this 150-metre-wide and 100-metre-deep, sheer-sided canyon. Enjoy panoramic views from a hiking trail and boardwalk connecting two lookout platforms.

Pakwash Provincial Park, (807) 727-1329, Red Lake
Secluded and serene, this northern park features a sandy beach and shallow, warm waters ideal for swimming, fishing, and canoeing.

Pigeon River Provincial Park, (807) 473-9231, c/o Kakabeka Falls
This park offers great hiking trails, taking in views of the Pigeon River’s dramatic waterfalls and gorge.

Quetico Provincial Park, (807) 597-2735, Atikokan
Quetico is an iconic wilderness class park renowned for its rugged beauty, towering rock cliffs, majestic waterfalls, virgin pine and spruce forests, picturesque rivers, and over 2,000 lakes offering world famous backcountry canoeing. Find outfitters, accommodation and services.

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, (807) 824- 2298, Terrace Bay
This park features hiking trails leading to panoramic views of Lake Superior and Whitesand Lake. Camping is available at Whitesand Lake, or along the rugged shore of Lake Superior at the park’s Rossport Campground location.

Rushing River Provincial Park, (807) 548-4351, Kenora
Rushing River is a family camping destination offering beaches, playgrounds, interpretation programs, hiking trails, and access to five canoe routes.

Sandbar Lake Provincial Park, (807) 934-2995, Dryden
This park features a beautiful sandy beach with gently sloping swimming area, and serves as a gateway to challenging northern canoe routes.

Silver Falls Provincial Park, (807) 473-9231, c/o Kakabeka Falls
This park offers picnicking, sand beaches, swimming, canoeing, and a great hiking trail to scenic Silver Falls.

Sioux Narrows Provincial Park, (807) 226-5223, Kenora
Located on the shores of Lake of the Woods, this park offers recreation opportunities for the lake lover—boating, swimming, sailing, canoeing and internationally renowned walleye fishing.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, (807) 977-2526, Pass Lake
Sleeping Giant offers over 100 km of hiking and mountain biking trails with breathtaking views of Lake Superior and the surrounding area. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Wabakimi Provincial Park, (807) 473-3031, Armstrong
This remote train-, paddle- or fly-in park offers world-class wilderness canoeing, with over 2,000 km of lake and river routes and excellent whitewater. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, (807) 727-1329, Red Lake
This wilderness park is a paddler’s paradise offering almost 2,000 km of maintained canoe routes on myriad rivers and lakes. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Colourful sunset over Lake Superior with smooth rocks in foreground.
Sunset from Lake Superior Provincial Park’s Agawa Bay. Photo: @jeffvisualart


Batchawana Bay Provincial Park, (705) 882-2209, Batchawana Bay
Enjoy a beautiful beach with warm water on Lake Superior, an exceptional picnic site, and easy access for a short paddle at this day-use park.

Fushimi Lake Provincial Park, (705) 372-5909, Hearst
Fushimi is a clean, clear northern lake with excellent fishing, hiking trails and camping experiences for everyone, including RV, tent and trailer sites, or backcountry sites on your own island. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Lake Superior Provincial Park, (705) 856-2284, Wawa
This spectacularly scenic park features world-class hiking and paddling along the Lake Superior shoreline, an exceptional visitor centre, and camping opportunities. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

MacLeod Provincial Park, (807) 854-0370, Geraldton
This park is located on a peninsula in Kenogamisis Lake, which offers excellent swimming and walleye and pike fishing.

Missinaibi Provincial Park, (705) 234-2222, Chapleau
Missinaibi is a 500-km-long waterway park encompassing large lakes, scenic waterfalls, and outstanding whitewater. The park provides a variety of camping experiences, including vehicle and interior boat and canoe sites on Missinaibi Lake, and backcountry canoe sites on the river. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Nagagamisis Provincial Park, (807) 868-2254, Hearst
Nestled in the boreal forest, this park’s large and secluded lake offers excellent fishing, wildlife viewing, camping, and canoeing.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park, (705) 882-2209, Batchwana Bay
Pancake Bay features more than 3 km of beautiful sand beach with Caribbean blue water, a plethora of car camping, and panoramic views of Lake Superior from the Edmund Fitzgerald Lookout hiking trail.

Potholes Provincial Park, (705) 864-3114, Chapleau
Day-use park featuring short walking trail through distinctive bedrock scenery, miniature waterfalls, and boreal forest along the Kinniwabi River.

Wakami Lake Provincial Park, (705) 233-2853, Chapleau
This park offers a great fishing, canoeing/kayaking and northern camping experience on Wakami Lake. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

White Lake Provincial Park, (807) 822-2447, Terrace Bay
White Lake offers great swimming with warm waters and sandy beaches, superb angling, and three nature trails to explore the boreal forest.


Tree in a lake with white mountains at sunset.
Killarney Provincial Park is renowned for crystalline lakes and quartzite mountains. Photo: @sarahfurch

Biscotasi Lake Provincial Park, (705) 865-2021, Massey
Take the train to Biscotasing to start your whitewater canoe trip on the West Branch of the Spanish River, or stay on huge, island-studded Biscotasi Lake for flatwater paddling and great fishing. Find outfitters, accommodation and services.

Chutes Provincial Park, (705) 865-2021, Massey
The only provincial park along the Trans-Canada Highway between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, Chutes offers a quiet campground on the Aux Sables River and scenic hiking trails.

Esker Lakes Provincial Park, (705) 568-7677, Kirkland Lake
A pleasant, family-oriented park with dozens of small lakes for canoeing and fishing, trails for hiking, sandy beaches, and a full range of campground facilities. Find outfitters, accommodation and services.

Fairbank Provincial Park, (705) 866-0530, Levack
Located near Sudbury, spring-fed Fairbank Lake is crystal clear with great swimming at a buoyed sandy beach. Waterfront car campsites are popular with families.

Finlayson Point Provincial Park, (705) 569-3205, Temagami
Gateway to Temagami’s vast wilderness, this park on Lake Temagami is an ideal base for canoeists, boaters, hikers, car campers and anglers.

French River Provincial Park, (705) 857-1630, Alban
This waterway park offers a 105 km canoe route of interconnected lakes, gorges, and rapids from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay, as well as Georgian Bay coastal kayaking in the French River Delta. Find outfitters, accommodation and services.

Halfway Lake Provincial Park, (705) 965-2702, Levack
Halfway Lake features a family-oriented campground with two buoyed beaches, as well as excellent backcountry camping and canoe routes. Find outfitters, accommodation and services.

Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park, (705) 899-2644, Foleyet
Located between Chapleau and Timmins, this park is a popular spot for family holidays, fishing trips, and canoe outings.

Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park, 705-544-1968, Englehart
Surrounded by forest, this park offers a convenient and pleasant campground perched high above the plunging cascades and picturesque valley of the Englehart River.

Kettle Lakes Provincial Park, (705) 363-3511, Connaught
This park features 22 deep, spring-fed kettle lakes formed by glaciers and stocked with rainbow and brook trout. Enjoy great blueberry picking in August and 14 km of biking trails.

Killarney Provincial Park, (705) 287-2900, Killarney
This iconic wilderness park showcases the wild Georgian Bay coast’s pink granite shores, the La Cloche Mountains’ white quartzite ridges, and over 50 exceptionally clear, sapphire lakes. Killarney offers extensive backcountry canoeing, sea kayaking, and backpacking experiences, as well as year-round car camping and yurt rental. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park, (705) 569-3205, Temagami
Located in the heart of the Temagami region and centre of a 2,400-km interconnected canoeing network, this spectacular wilderness park encompasses rugged topography, clear lakes, and rushing rivers. This park is also connected to four waterway parks. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Makobe-Grays River Provincial Park, (705) 569-3205, Temagami
The Makobe River is one of the wild whitewater rivers that flow from the headwaters contained in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park. This waterway park offers numerous small waterfalls, scenic ravines, and backcountry camping. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Marten River Provincial Park, (705) 892-2200, Marten River
This park is the southern gateway to the Temagami area and is a base for canoeists, boaters, hikers, car campers, and anglers. It also features a replica 19thcentury logging camp, bringing a bygone era to life.

Misery Bay Provincial Park, (705) 966-2315, Manitoulin Island
This day-use park on Manitoulin Island features access to the scenic Lake Huron coastline, 15 km of hiking trails, and an eco-friendly Visitor Centre with educational programming.

Mississagi Provincial Park, (705) 862-1203, Massey
Mississagi encompasses a rugged landscape of ancient hills and clear lakes west of Sudbury. The park offers excellent hiking, trout fishing, rustic camping, and canoeing/kayaking. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Obabika River Provincial Park, (705) 569-3205, Temagami
Part of Temagami’s 2,400-km canoe route network, this waterway park contains an incredible diversity of landscapes, from island-speckled lakes to meandering rivers, bedrock uplands, and expansive wetlands. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

René Brunelle Provincial Park, (705) 367-2692, Kapuskasing
This park boasts four sandy beaches on Remi Lake, as well as great fishing and car camping.

Restoule Provincial Park, (705) 729-2010, Restoule
Located south of Lake Nipissing, Restoule offers car camping in a lovely maple forest, waterfront walk- and paddle-in campsites, excellent hiking and mountain biking trails, lookouts, fall colours, and canoe routes. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, (705) 744-2276, Mattawa
Located on the historic Mattawa River fur trade route, this park offers excellent opportunities for exploration by canoe. Great hiking, fall colours, camping, and interpretive programs are also available.

Solace Provincial Park, (705) 569-3205, Temagami
This park connects with Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater and Sturgeon River Provincial Parks and other waterways on Crown land, as part of the Temagami canoe route network. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Spanish River Provincial Park, (705) 865-2021, Massey
Spanish River waterway park offers backcountry paddling and camping for canoeists of intermediate skill level, with class I and II rapids, lots of swifts, and moving water. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Sturgeon River Provincial Park, (705) 569-3205, Temagami
Beginning in the Temagami highlands, Sturgeon River waterway park provides canoeists with plenty of whitewater, scenic falls and rapids, wildlife spotting, and good fishing, all in a remote setting. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Tidewater Provincial Park, (705) 272-7107, Cochrane
Located in the northernmost part of Ontario near the saltwater of James Bay and Hudson Bay, this paddle- or water taxi-accessible park consists of five islands in the Moose River estuary close to Moose Factory and Moosonee. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Windy Lake Provincial Park, (705) 966-2315, Levack
Located northwest of Sudbury, this year-round park features fantastic sandy swimming beaches, spacious car camping, winter cross-country skiing, and all-season yurt rentals.

Couple holding hands on a snow covered path in a forest.
Winter is a quiet and beautiful season in Algonquin Provincial Park. Photo: @miss.jellyy


Algonquin Provincial Park, (705) 633-5572, Whitney
This iconic, world-renowned park is a year-round destination for hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, canoe tripping, wildlife watching, fall colour viewing, camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and more. Explore the interior of this vast park by canoe or on foot, or find exceptional day hiking and car camping along the park’s Highway 60 corridor. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Arrowhead Provincial Park, 705-789-5105, Huntsville
This scenic, year-round park boasts excellent hiking, mountain biking, camping, and swimming in Arrowhead Lake during summer, with equally superb winter activities including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, and an ice skating trail. All-season cabin rentals are also available.

Grundy Lake Provincial Park, (705) 383-2286, Britt
Easily accessible RV, car camping and backcountry canoe-in sites, with great hiking trails, paddling on countless lakes, and great beaches with smooth rocky shores for swimming. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Killbear Provincial Park, (705) 342 5492, Nobel
Situated on Georgian Bay, this lovely park features kilometres of rugged, rocky shoreline mixed with numerous sand beaches, beautiful views of windswept pines on rocky islands, hiking and biking trails, and seven car campgrounds.

Mikisew Provincial Park, (705) 386-7762, South River
Paddle around the small islands of Eagle Lake, hike through mature hardwood forest, enjoy private leafy campsites, and swim from three sandy beaches at this family-friendly park.

Oastler Lake Provincial Park, (705) 378-2401, Parry Sound
Set on the Boyne River, minutes from Parry Sound and Georgian Bay, this park offers panoramic views from its waterfront campsites overlooking Oastler Lake.

Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls Provincial Park, (705) 789-5105, Huntsville
Located at the edge of Algonquin, this park features a short hike to one of the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Ontario.

Six Mile Lake Provincial Park, (705) 756-2746, Port Severn
This family-friendly park features waterfront car camping, hiking trails, sandy beaches and canoe, kayak, and paddleboard rentals.

Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park, (705) 366-2521, Point au Baril
Situated among the 30,000 Islands, this park has a great shallow sandy beach, sheltered bay for canoeing or kayaking, and lakeside car camping or cottage rental.

The Massasauga Provincial Park, (705) 378-2401, Parry Sound
Encompassing hundreds of windswept islands, inland forests and lakes on the edge of Georgian Bay, this backcountry park offers terrific camping and canoeing. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Map of Ontario with a Canada banner and Ontario Parks pass.
Pick up an annual provincial parks pass and plan your own road trip this summer. Photo: @mywanderingvoyage


Awenda Provincial Park, (705) 549-2231, Tiny
Located on Georgian Bay, Awenda offers over 30 km of hiking trails, four beautiful beaches, a variety of car campgrounds, and winter recreation.

Bass Lake Provincial Park, (705) 326-7054, Oro-Medonte
This easily accessible park offers car camping, picnicking, hiking, swimming, and paddling on and around the shallow waters of Bass Lake.

Craigleith Provincial Park, (705) 445-4467, Blue Mountains
Located on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, this park offers car camping, swimming, and water sports from its unique flat-rock shoreline.

Inverhuron Provincial Park, (519) 368-1959, Tiverton
Prized for its sandy beach, dunes, and glorious sunsets, Inverhuron features fine swimming, spacious and private car campgrounds, and a scenic lakeside hiking/biking trail.

MacGregor Point Provincial Park, (519) 389-9056, Port Elgin
One of the most ecologically diverse natural places along the Lake Huron shoreline, this all-season park features a 7-km stretch of coast and is renowned for birding. The park also offers hiking and biking trails, private car camping sites, exceptional winter activities, and year-round yurt rentals.

Mara Provincial Park, (705) 326-4451, Ramara
Situated on Lake Simcoe, this park offers car camping, picnicking, and a fine sand beach for swimming.

McRae Point Provincial Park, (705) 325-7290, Ramara
On the shores of Lake Simcoe, this park offers a scenic hiking trail, bird-watching, car camping, and a large, sandy swimming area.

Sauble Falls Provincial Park, (519) 422-1952, South Bruce Peninsula
This small park is centrally located to Sauble Beach and the Bruce Peninsula, and offers scenic falls, camping, excellent fishing, and canoeing.

Springwater Provincial Park, (705) 728-7393, Midhurst
This day-use park is open year-round and offers 12 km of hiking trails.

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, (705) 429-2516, Wasaga Beach
This year-round, day-use park protects natural areas along the world’s longest freshwater beach, and offers superb swimming and picnicking, as well as hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

Kayaker on a beautiful lake.
Early morning kayak angling at Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. Photo:


Balsam Lake Provincial Park, (705) 454-3324, Kirkfield
Boating, canoeing and kayaking on the Trent Severn Waterway are the main draw at this park on Balsam Lake. Car camping, walking trails, cycling, and a sandy swimming beach are also popular.

Emily Provincial Park, (705) 799-5170, Omemee
Located in the heart of the Kawarthas, this park offers a great family camping experience with excellent swimming, fishing, boating, and paddling on the Trent Severn Waterway.

Ferris Provincial Park, (705) 653-3575, Campbellford
Featuring a spectacular pedestrian/cycling suspension bridge over the Trent River gorge, Ferris offers great hiking and biking trails, lookouts, fall colours, and camping opportunities.

Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, (613) 332-3940 ext. 261, Bancroft
This is the largest park in southern Ontario after Algonquin Provincial Park, encompassing countless semi-wilderness lakes along the edge of the Canadian Shield. Six canoe routes offer backcountry camping and paddling. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park, (705) 799-5170, Peterborough
This day-use park is ideal for a family picnic or a quiet walk among majestic stands of maple, beech, elm, and hemlock—among the oldest in Ontario.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park, (705) 877-2552, Woodview
This day-use park preserves the largest known concentration of Indigenous rock carvings in Canada—a sacred site known as “The Teaching Rocks.” Hike scenic trails, participate in a guided tour, and visit the superb Learning Place Visitor Centre.

Presqu’ile Provincial Park, (613) 475-4324, Brighton
This park is known for its world-class spring bird migration and is home to the second-oldest operating lighthouse in Ontario. Situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Presqu’ile offers over 300 car camping sites, a 2.5-km sandy beach, hiking and biking trails, and two visitor centres.

Wooden stairway down to a platform in a colourful autumn forest.
Fiery fall colours at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park. Photo: @flyzone


Darlington Provincial Park, (905) 436-2036, Bowmanville
This park offers family-friendly camping, nature trails, interpretive programs, and a long, sandy beach on Lake Ontario.

Earl Rowe Provincial Park, (705) 435-2498, Tosorontio
Popular with families, this park offers a large outdoor swimming pool, car camping, paddling and swimming on Earl Rowe Lake, and a fish ladder.

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, (705) 435-2498, Alliston
Located on the picturesque Bruce Trail, this year-round, day-use park features scenic hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing in the hills surrounding the pretty Credit River valley.

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, (705) 435-2498, Alliston
Situated on the picturesque Bruce Trail, this day-use park features excellent hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Sibbald Point Provincial Park, (905) 722-8061, Sutton West
On the southern shore of Lake Simcoe, Sibbald Point features a large sandy beach, spacious car camping, boat launch, and forested hiking trail.

Back view of a blond woman sitting on a beach.
Sandbanks Provincial Park boasts some of the finest beaches in Canada. Photo: @ldawe_


Bon Echo Provincial Park, (613) 336-2228, Cloyne
This beautiful park showcases Mazinaw Rock—a 100-metre-high cliff plunging straight into Mazinaw Lake and featuring over 260 Indigenous pictographs. Take an interpretive boat tour, explore extensive hiking trails, car camp lakeside, and canoe or hike to backcountry campsites. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Bonnechere Provincial Park, (613) 757-2103, Killaloe
Located on the shore of Round Lake, this park offers a sandy beach, walking trails, paddling on the meandering Bonnechere River, camping, and rustic cabins for rent.

Charleston Lake Provincial Park, (613) 659-2065, Lansdowne
Situated in a rocky lake and forest landscape that is an extension of the Canadian Shield, this park offers great hiking trails, lookouts, paddling, swimming and family-friendly car camping, yurt rentals, or introductory backcountry camping. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Driftwood Provincial Park, (613) 586-2553, Stonecliffe
With panoramic views of the scenic Upper Ottawa Valley and Laurentian Hills, this park features peaceful waterfront campsites on the Ottawa River, a large sandy beach, and opportunities for exploring the Ottawa and Dumoine River mouth by canoe, paddleboard, or sea kayak.

Fitzroy Provincial Park, (613) 623-5159, Fitzroy Harbour
Located at the junction of the meandering Carp River and the mighty Ottawa River, this park features car camping, swimming, and nature trails through a century-old white pine forest and a stand of 200-year-old Bur oak.

Frontenac Provincial Park, (613) 376-3489, Sydenham
Situated on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, this vast park features four-season backcountry recreation with canoe routes through 22 lakes and over 100 km of looped backpacking and hiking trails. In winter, enjoy cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter camping. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park, (613) 393-3319, Picton
Located 60 metres above Lake Ontario with views towards the Bay of Quinte, this small day-use park offers picnicking and paddling on Lake on the Mountain.

Lake St. Peter Provincial Park, (613) 338-5312, Lake St. Peter
This park offers camping, sandy swimming beaches and boating on Lake St. Peter.

Murphys Point Provincial Park, (613) 267-5060, Perth
Located on Big Rideau Lake, part of the historic Rideau Waterway, this all-season park offers tours of the Silver Queen Mine, an early 1900s mica mine, as well as car and boat-in camping, and hiking trails groomed for skiing in winter. Find outfitters, accommodation, and services.

North Beach Provincial Park, (613) 399-2030, Consecon
Swim or picnic at the kilometre-long ribbon of sand at this small day-use park on Lake Ontario. This park is quieter than nearby Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Rideau River Provincial Park, (613) 258-2740, Kemptville
Located on the historic Rideau Waterway, this park is an ideal base for exploration of the river by canoe, kayak or boat. The park also offers swimming, fishing, nature trail, and car camping.

Sandbanks Provincial Park, (613) 393-3319, Picton
This popular park preserves the world’s largest baymouth barrier dune formation, with three expansive sandy beaches that some say are among the best in Canada. Jutting out into Lake Ontario, Sandbanks is also a bird migration hotspot in spring and fall. Enjoy camping, swimming, hiking, and cycling.

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park, (613) 335-2814, Sharbot Lake
Located on two beautiful, clear lakes that offer great swimming, canoeing, boating, and fishing, this park also features camping and nature trails.

Silent Lake Provincial Park, (613) 339-2807, Bancroft
Encompassing a pretty Canadian Shield lake, this year-round park features over 19 km of hiking and mountain biking trails with lookouts over Silent Lake, as well as camping, paddling, swimming, and—in winter—over 40 km of groomed ski trails.

Silver Lake Provincial Park, (613) 268-2000, Maberly
This park is located on a picturesque lake that offers great swimming, canoeing, boating, fishing, and car camping.

Voyageur Provincial Park, (613) 674-2825, Chute-à-Blondeau
Ontario’s most easterly park offers four beaches on the Ottawa River, car camping and year-round recreation, including paddling, fishing, boating, picnicking and trails for hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Kayakers paddling on a beautiful lake.
Exploring Rondeau Provincial Park’s marsh by kayak. Photo: @ontarioparks


Bronte Creek Provincial Park, (905) 827-6911, Oakville
Centered around the Bronte Creek ravine, this year-round park offers camping, excellent interpretive programs and forested hiking trails, as well as an outdoor pool, children’s animal farm, and winter recreation.

John E. Pearce Provincial Park, (519) 874-4691, Port Burwell
Hike to a lookout high atop the 33-metre cliff overlooking Lake Erie or picnic in the quiet shade of a century-old hardwood forest canopy at this day-use park.

Komoka Provincial Park, (519) 874-4691, London
This near-urban day-use park is located along the scenic Thames River, offering recreation in mature forest and former agricultural land.

Long Point Provincial Park, (519) 586-2133, Port Rowan
Jutting into Lake Erie, Long Point is one of the largest bird and waterfowl migration and staging areas in North America. The park also offers camping, canoeing, boating and swimming at a 1.5-km sandy beach.

Pinery Provincial Park, (519) 243-2220, Grand Bend
A beautiful park with 10 km of sand beach on the shores of mighty Lake Huron, rare and fragile Oak Savanna and Coastal Dune ecosystems, and excellent year-round camping and outdoor recreation.

Point Farms Provincial Park, (519) 524-7124, Goderich
Once the site of a popular Victorian resort, this park is perched on a bluff and offers spectacular views of the blue water and beautiful sunsets of Lake Huron. Many family-friendly experiences—including a large sandy beach with good swimming and 6 km of hiking trails—are also available.

Port Bruce Provincial Park, (519) 874-4691, Port Burwell
This day-use park offers swimming at a picturesque sandy beach located in the hamlet of Port Bruce.

Port Burwell Provincial Park, (519) 874-4691, Port Burwell
The 2.5-km sandy beach at this park is one of most beautiful on the northern shore of Lake Erie. Port Burwell also offers an exceptionally family-friendly campground and play area.

Rock Point Provincial Park, (905) 774-6642, Dunnville
Rock Point features sand dunes and exposed fossils of a coral reef dating back 350 million years embedded in a limestone shelf along the beach. The park offers car camping, swimming, and hiking, and is a fine place to view the fall monarch butterfly migration.

Rondeau Provincial Park, (519) 674-1750, Morpeth
This world-renowned bird-watching destination also features old growth Carolinian forest, 11 km of sandy beaches on Lake Erie, and excellent hiking, biking, and rollerblading opportunities.

Selkirk Provincial Park, (905) 776-2600, Selkirk
Near Port Dover, this park features a quiet grassy campground, beach, marsh boardwalk, and canoeing.

Turkey Point Provincial Park, (519) 426-3239, Turkey Point
Swimming, camping and Ontario’s only provincial park golf course are the highlights at this park.

Wheatley Provincial Park, (519) 825-4659, Wheatley
Ontario’s most southerly provincial park is situated among a tangle of creeks in a beautifully wooded Carolinian forest. Enjoy creekside camping and trails, as well as migratory bird-watching.


There are so many amazing parks to choose from. Use Ontario Parks’ handy park locator map to select a park based on its distance from your home, or by the activities and facilities that you want during your visit. Explore the Ontario Parks that are the best for backcountry paddling and hiking.

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