The Hunger Cabaret

Thunder Bay's Largest Party hits the streets of the Waterfront District once again!

"The Hunger" has become much more than just a Halloween party, it’s now considered one of the largest parties in Thunder Bay. The massive music event and performance spectacle, happening across multiple different venues, will take over the entire the Waterfront District and the surrounding area.

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The Hunger has grown year after year. Beginning with only two venues, the numbers of attendees has risen by thousands over the years.

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The largest fundraiser for Definitely Superior Art Gallery (DefSup) and the Contemporary Arts in Thunder Bay, this event does much more for the community than simply, facilitate a wildly entertaining evening. 

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There are prizes, prizes and more prizes, including a best costume at each venue. Be sure to visit them all.

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This year’s Hunger will feature 50 Performance Acts including 38 Bands+Dj’s -225 Musicians/Performers. So massive an event, it will take up 8 bar venues downtown… all within walking distance of each other – for only one entry fee, $20.

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The list of venues and acts can be found on the DefSup website. A complete schedule of performances, times and venues will be included with your wristband, which will get you into each and every event and venue. And a bit of advice: there are no advanced tickets available and venues can fill up, so don’t be late. You don’t want to miss a thing.

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While the venues and the performances are sure to entertain, a large concentration of fun happens on the street walking between venues. This is where you may walk past a ghost, a fairy, a fireman, a zombie, a man dressed as a hotdog or a can of soup, and many things you can’t understand or even imagine without seeing it with your own eyes.

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So get your costume together and get downtown on Halloween night. This is the party of the year and you don’t want to miss out.

More information can be found by visiting:
DefSup Facebook

And more of these fantastic photos can be found by checking out Ascension Arts.

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