Northern Ontario, Canada

Framed by Lake Huron and Lake Superior, Algoma is home to 25,000 square miles of REAL Northern Ontario wilderness. Discover adventures ranging from wilderness vacations in the great outdoors to the urban experience in Sault Ste. Marie, or in one of our small towns and villages. Indulge in your favourite activities like fishing, hunting, kayaking, canoeing and epic touring routes. Here you’ll find stories written by expert authors and local writers about the best of what Algoma has to offer. When you find something you like, visit, our official website with all the resources you'll need to plan your trip.
Trout like this laker are often found in larger inland lakes and the Great Lakes like this one from Lake Huron. Lakers provide steady action all summer long for those who understand how to fish with “attractors”.
Editor's Note: In his newest blog, Fishing 411 host Mark Romanack offers his tips and tricks for using "trolling attractors" for when you're fishing for Lake Trout in Algoma Country. To read more tips & tricks by Mark Romanack, see the list of blog links below this article. For more information about fishing trips for Lake Trout in Algoma Country visit the website Lake trout, or gray trout as many call them, aren't trout…
Moments of Algoma Capture Yours
Instead of paint & canvas; capture the Algoma landscape with your camera.   Witness the beauty and power of Lake Superior. Photo credit Rob Stimpson. We invite you to the place that started the Group of Seven's journey -- Algoma Country. A century later, you can follow their path into the wilds of Northern Ontario to discover the rugged, natural beauty the Group of Seven captured in their paintings. Join award-winning photographer Rob Stimpson on…
A Motorcycle Tale in Algoma Country.
It's been said, if you ride a motorcycle you've a story to tell. I believe that's because on a motorcycle you become part of the scene, unlike in an automobile sitting behind windows, observing it. Even the most barren of roads can offer up an adventure or tale when you're sitting amidst it on a motorcycle. And this particular tale of mine came about while riding along one of the most splendid, lone stretches of…
View From McKay Island Lighthouse
We're lucky to live and work in Ontario's Algoma Country. Some people think it's far away. It's not. And a place this spectacular is worth waiting for. Below is a visual aid of the real adventures that are waiting for you in the place we call home:   Looking for something fun to do in Algoma, Stand up Paddling is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Naturally Superior Adventures located in Wawa,…
Discover a Garden of Eden nestled in Lake Huron.
How many people travel great distances to find extreme relaxation? How many look for a place to lose themselves in thoughts of serenity and tranquility? For those lucky enough to call St. Joseph Island home, they must not look anywhere except their own back and front yards, and bask in natures glory, a true Garden of Eden anytime of the year. Recently, someone near and dear to my heart was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.…
Paddling down a calmer stretch of the Agawa River before heading for a white water adventure.
Editor's Note: Check out this photo blog post of Natalie's recent white water canoe trip down the Agawa River. Natalie and her husband took part in a guided trip thru Naturally Superior Adventures. This was Natalie's first white water adventure! For more outdoor adventures in Algoma Country visit "What can be better than spending three days surrounded by wilderness, fresh water, and good company? If you thought "nothing" then you thought right! My husband…
Buzz Ramsey is a leading authority on trout fishing with spinners. He recently joined the author in filming a brook trout fishing show for Fishing 411 television that showcases the awesome fishery Algoma Country provides.
Some lures are more effective at catching certain species than others. When it comes to catching walleye, jigs are king. For catching smallmouth bass a crankbait that imitates crayfish is hard to beat. For pike the casting spoon reigns supreme and for targeting the brook trout Ontario's Algoma Country is famous for, the "go to" lure is an in-line spinner. Locally known as "specks" or "speckled trout" the brook trout is exceptionally attractive, but this…
The author’s quest to catch trophy pike started in Ontario over 25 years ago and every season he looks forward to another chapter in this ongoing saga.
Northern Pike are one of Ontario's most abundant game fish. Nicknamed a lot of colourful labels like gators, water wolves, snakes and a few other descriptive names not suitable for a G-rated blog, the thing about pike and pike fishing is that anglers either love them or hate them. Personally, I fell willingly into the "love" category the first time one of these torpedo-shaped predators darted out and grabbed my lure inches from the boat!…
Spring Photo Fishing Roundup 2014
Ice out, open water, lodges are opening—these are sure signs that winter is over and that the spring/summer fishing season is ON! Lodge owners in Algoma Country have been posting images of big Walleye and Northern Pike caught by their first guests & Ontario's Walleye Opener on their Facebook pages. These photos really capture the spring fishing season in Algoma—elated fishermen proudly holding up their first catches of the season! Take a look at these…
Enter to Win a Fly Fishing trip for two to Sault Ste. Marie - Algoma in Northern Ontario.
The Winners of the Great 8 Day Fly Fishing Giveaway are father & son, Don and Jacob Redfox of Whitehouse, Ohio! Congratulations Don and Jacob! Keep checking back for our announcement of what Algoma lodge and which host of The New Fly Fisher that Don & Jacob have chosen for their fly fishing trip in Ontario's Algoma Country! Thank you to everyone that entered the contest! Follow Algoma Country on Facebook for more updates! For…
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