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Welcome to Northern Ontario, Canada! Bigger than Texas, wilder than the west, more inviting than a campfire in October, Northern Ontario is like no place else. This website is the official online collaboration of travel and tourism organizations across the region, bringing you travel tips and stories about Northern Ontario from writers around the world.

From the the wilderness of Sunset Country, Algoma Country, and Northeastern Ontario, to the charming neighbourhoods of Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie, and all points in between, this is where real Canadian spirit lives.
Travel Writers Rave About Visiting Thunder Bay and Area
Over 30 travel media writers, photographers and videographers visited Thunder Bay last summer between May and October. These travel journalists came to capture stores and features on what our Northern Ontario city has to the offer for tourism focusing on experiential touring and great outdoor adventures within the Lake Superior region. Paul Pepe, Tourism Manager for the City of Thunder Bay still excited by the number of new travel media requests, referred to as FAM (Familiarization) Tours, that are comming into the Tourism Thunder Bay office for this comming travel season. “Travel media tells stories in more detail and authenticity than an advertisement does and ends up costing much less than purchasing comparable advertising space,” said Pepe, noting the cost of advertising to…
Sault Ste. Marie Bon Soo Carnival
Crisp, cold air hits you as you slide down the ice-sculpted slides, and take a stroll by the artistically crafted ice sculptures. It’s a unique environment at the outdoor festival—with event goers bundled up to brave the elements while enjoying the many attractions pulled together each year by the Bon Soo Winter Carnival. It’s dubbed the third largest winter festival in the country and is the largest of its kind in Northern Ontario. The beloved event recently celebrated a golden anniversary within the community, last year marked the 50th year Bon Soo was a part of Sault Ste. Marie. Now looking to its 51st year, the 10-day winter celebration will be taking place in the Sault from February 7th-16th, 2014.…
Ride Lake Superior—Win the Trip of A Lifetime
Motorcycle touring is the best way to enjoy Ontario, offering riders an abundance of opportunities to get to know the little places along the way and to enjoy all those great winding roads and beautiful views that lie inbetween. Great times can be had on an afternoon ride or a weekend getaway, but for a truly life-changing and memorable experience (one to tell the grandchildren about) sometimes you have to go the distance—literally. There are those insane Iron Butt rides that you hear about—racing across Russia in sub-zero weather in under 3 days. While it's surely a thrilling experience, for many of us it sounds gruelling, unpleasant and most of all just out of the question. The financial costs and safety risks are…
Caboose Camping
Ontario's northland is entering its most spectacular season, splashing the dense forests with the colors of the rainbow.It's a great time to go camping deep in the woods, far from civilization with only the sound of a loon calling from a small unnamed lake, the distant bellow of a bull moose, the screech of a hawk soaring overhead your crackling bonfire – and the occasional freight train rumbling through your campsite.But that's a small price to pay – plus $1,755 – for the superb comfort that same railway provides you out in the unforgiving wilderness.Algoma Central Railway rolls north out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario – across the seaway locks from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan – and specializes in railroading…
Famous schnitzel from the Salzburger Hof.
Lake Superior is a 2300 km (1450 mi) ride around, but just as you get started in Algoma Country there are several infamous foodie stops that will give you the reserves for this epic ride. Each of these stops has been thoroughly tested and biker approved. For more information about the Ride Lake Superior Motorcycle Route visit Caution: Author is not responsible for increased weight gain, the meat sweats, or the requirement for post meal naps 1. Lake Shore Salzburger Hof Resort -- Batchawana Bay, OntarioSome people like a traditional simple schnitzel served with applesauce. Others like a more complex "loaded" schnitzel. The Salzburger Hof serves schnitzel up every which way and is arguably the best schnitzel house on…
Spring Into Walleye: Early Season Tips For Walleye Fishing in Northeastern Ontario
I come bearing good news, on this, the official first day of Spring. Even though winter seems not to have received the message and is reluctant to loosen its icy grip, I can assure you that much warmer weather is right around the corner. And along with these glorious spring days, the walleye season will arrive in all its majesty in Northeastern Ontario. Indeed, while others rely on groundhogs and calendars to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring, like a lot of anglers who enjoy fishing the walleye-rich waters of the northeastern part of the province, I use the opening day of the walleye season as my benchmark. I find it much more satisfying, rewarding and…
Let the Thunder Bay Museum Captivate Your Imagination
Thunder Bay is city rich in culture and history. Local writer Duncan Weller tells why a tour of the Thunder Bay Museum is must see on your visit to Thunder Bay this summer. You can now buy museum tickets online. Book Now.  For over twenty years, Monica, the attractive young woman at the front desk, has welcomed patrons to the Thunder Bay Museum. Monica is also a local artist and teacher who wrote and published a book about her experiences on the job at the museum located on Donald Street in Thunder Bay's south core, just down the street from City Hall. If you're good, she won't add you to her sequel. As we talk, Monica glances at the computer screen…
A popular spot in Thunder Bay's Waterfront District
The Sovereign Room 220 Red River Road   Possibly the most talked about new restaurant in Thunder Bay is currently The Sovereign Room. Known to the locals as simply, The Sovereign, the new restaurant/bar opened in the Waterfront District late in 2010. It’s a gastro pub, but don’t be fooled by the yellow sign above the window that reads, Kim Lee’s Restaurant. Kim Lee is long gone, but the owner of the Sovereign was nostalgic for the old place.       The Sovereign caters to a mix of grey hairs and youngsters, sometimes making it difficult to find a table or booth. The noise level increases as well. The place has character as it is fairly small, dark and decorated…
Serving great steaks for close to 30 years!
The Prospector Steakhouse 27 Cumberland Street South   The Prospector Steakhouse built into what was a turn of the century bank building has a reputation in Thunder Bay as a great local steakhouse. The Prospector revels in its connection to Thunder Bay’s past, and the former city of Port Arthur.   Entering this north side eatery in Thunder Bay's Waterfront District is a little like sinking into a rustic bit of history, complete with gunslingers and panhandlers. Antique handguns and rifles decorate the walls. An impressive large relief of a tin prospector is a big feature. As impressive is the image of Kakabeka Falls and other local art specially commissioned for the restaurant. At Christmas the moose head gets decorated…
Chenier Art Gallery, An example of the art on dIsplay in Thunder Bay
Thunder Bay has a rich arts community of painters, sculptors, potters, weavers, glassmakers, quilters, fabric artists and more. Many of these artists and galleries join forces for temporary shows, art auctions or studio and garden tours that occur more often in the summer. Checking websites, local papers and poster boards in coffee shops, shopping malls, libraries, and convenient stores will guide you to many local artistic activities.  Thunder Bay Art Gallery The most notable gallery in the city is the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. The TBAG (or teabag as it is referred to by the locals) is a contemporary public gallery with the largest permanent collection of art in the region. The exhibition space is the most accommodating in the…
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    Natural surroundings
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    Don't Miss the New Northern Ontario Sportfishing Centre on Lake of the Woods
    Visitors are flocking to the new Northern Ontario Sportfishing Centre in Sioux Narrows The Northern Ontario Sportfishing Centre in Sioux Narrows is housed in a beautiful building on the shores of Lake of the Woods. The Centre is seeing visitors from the United States, Sweden, France, Australia, England, Germany and…
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  • Celebrate Winter at the 5th Annual Dryden Winter Festival
    Celebrate Winter at the 5th Annual Dryden Winter Festival
    Enjoy some great events February 14-17, 2014 as we celebrate Family Day in Dryden, Ontario. Get out of your winter blues and take part in Dryden's Annual Winter Festival during the Family Day Weekend. There's 4 full days of fun beginning with line dancing Friday morning and ending with Horse Drawn…
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  • Sunset Country launches a free mobile app for traveling in Northwest Ontario!
    Sunset Country launches a free mobile app for traveling in Northwest Ontario!
    Never get lost or be bored on your Sunset Country vacation again Have you ever been travelling and wonder "I wonder where I can eat around here?", "How do I get to that museum?" or "Where is the next rest area?". Well, now if you are traveling through Northwestern Ontario…
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