Northern Ontario, Canada

A live band plays Gargoyle's Grille & Ale, a local bar restaurant on south Cumberland
Nightlife! You will find it in Thunder Bay, the largest metropolitian city in Northwest Ontario. (Grab a copy of the latest edition of The Walleye, an arts and entertainment tabloid printed monthly to let you know what is happening in Thunder Bay.) Play in the Waterfront District Your best bet for a night out with with a variety of choices is the north side Waterfront District, also dubbed Thunder Bay's entertainment district. Here you will find a number of bars and clubs offering not only great food and drinks but live performing acts especially Friday and Saturday nights. A few places open up space for dancing. Thunder Bay has seen a renaissance of a burgeoning music scene that is beginning to…
Enrich Your Love of Film at the Bay Street Film Festival
Enrich your love and experience of film at the Bay Street Film Festival in Thunder Bay September 3 -7, 2014. Join filmmakers from Northwestern Ontario and around the World at this popular local event by planning a trip to Northwest Ontario. With an emphasis on the circumpolar north, both short and feature length films are coming to Thunder Bay for the festival from the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, France, the U.S., Spain, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and of course our region; Northwest Ontario. Opening their 10th anniversary with a gala fundraiser with live performances, the Bay Street Film Festival, located at the Finlandia Club above the famous Hoito restaurant on Bay Street, is a popular five-day event featuring comedy,…
Beautiful white pines dot the Sioux Narrows Provicial Park
Sioux Narrows Provincial Park on Lake of the Woods is a secluded, small park with great personal service.   The Sioux Narrows Provincial Park which is run by the Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls, is a jewel hidden right off Highway 71 just north of Sioux Narrows. I was fortunate to be able to camp there earlier this summer. We camped during the week, and the campground was surprisingly only about half full. I'm not sure why, as this is a great park. Upon checking in, the Park Supervisor, Beverly-Ann greeted us with her very friendly attitude and wonderful smile. It was a face we would see often for the rest of our stay. There are lots of wooded areas and…
Beaux Daddy's - Serving Cajun Cooking
For everyone who’s ever driven past Beaux Daddy’s Canajun Grillhouse out Hwy 61 coming into Thunder Bay and wondered how “Canajun” food tastes, we have the answer: delicious. Featuring a Cajun-Creole menu with Canadian twists, the grillhouse serves up fresh flavours and good times. Beaux Daddy’s is a recent restaurant addition to Thunder Bay but has history in that it is located in the former Uncle Frank’s Supper Club which was an icon for several generations of Thunder Bay residents. The restaurant is decked out in quirky New Orleans style—think Mardi Gras beads, alligators and Mardi Gras beads on alligators. Grab one of the padded vinyl swivel chairs if you can, take a seat at the central bar or head outside…
The Real-World Treasure Hunt: Happening Right Now, All Around You!
 Whether you're brand new to geocaching or an experienced cacher, Sault Ste Marie and the surrounding area is the place to be for geocaching!!  Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that's happening right now, all around you!  We like to joke that we use multi million dollar satellites to find Tupperware hidden in the woods. A couple of friends from southern Ontario often mentioned geocaching on Facebook and I was curious what it was all about so I Googled it and it looked like such a fun activity to try!   The whole family jumped in the van (it was Mother's Day... they had no choice) and away we went!  We picked an easy one nearby and found it right away. …
Redwood Sportfishing Charters will take you fishing on the famous St. Marys River or inland on exclusive trips.
Captain Dean Lapham of Redwood Sportfishing Charters shares his Rapala tactics to catch Walleye   Editor's Note: Owned and operated by Dean Lapham, Redwood Sportfishing Charters is a fully equipped, professional fishing experience that is not only enjoyable but affordable. Based on the world famous St. Marys River, Redwood Sportfishing Charters offers 5 hours of morning and evening charters for Pacific Salmon (King, Pink, Coho) and Atlantic Salmon. If you're looking for something special, Redwood offers exclusive excursions for inland brook & speckled trout that you can catch on a spin cast or fly rod. This could be a new hit or a forgotten oldie, but for me it's a familiar song and dance that I could play over and…
Take a walk down Main Street in Kenora to look at the Muskies on Main
There more muskies than just Husky the Musky in Kenora this summer! Bid on one of these fantastic "Muskies on Main".   Over 40 artists have created vastly different and stunning muskies that are on display on Main Street in Kenora, Ontario. The "Muskies on Main" were unveiled in a ceremony in Memorial Park on June 27, 2014. The muskies that have brightened up our walk downtown will continue to be on display for the rest of summer. Muskies on Main is a community art project led by the Lake of the Woods Arts Community (LOWAC). Most of the muskies will eventually be sold by an online auction (ending August 22 at 5:00pm). I have to say, the muskies exceeded…
Thunder Bay's Newest Burger Joint Is "Off The Charts"
For those days when only a burger and fries will do, head to O.T.C Burgers N More, Thunder Bay’s newest burger joint. “OTC” stands for “Off the Charts” and is located at the city’s south end out Highway 61 between the 15th and 20th Sideroads. It's definitely a must stop if you're driving into Thunder Bay from the border. The lineup of gourmet burgers highlights fresh local ingredients. The chalkboard menu even lists the local beef farm, abattoir and cattle breed. The flavours don’t disappoint. Photo Courtesy of Robert Servais  I sampled the Guacamole Burger. It's a beef burger with housemade guac, Thunder Oak smoked gouda and red onion on a potato bun. Another local favourite is the “OTC Burger” with more smoked…
Plein Air Painting
Imagine the feel of a brush held delicately in your hand as it gently sweeps across canvas. The wind is teasing your hair and bringing with it the scent of fresh pine. The water lapping against the side of your canoe is a relaxing rhythm as the waves gently rock you into a trance, allowing your mind and creativity to open up to the wild beauty that is yours to capture. This Northeastern Ontario experience could be yours as Hartley Bay Marina and OuterVision Adventure Tours, an outfitting and guiding company with over 16 years of experience, partner together to bring you along the historic French River and into the Georgian Bay area. August 9th & 10th, 2014 The intimate…
Moments of Algoma Capture Yours
Instead of paint & canvas; capture the Algoma landscape with your camera.   Witness the beauty and power of Lake Superior. Photo credit Rob Stimpson. We invite you to the place that started the Group of Seven's journey -- Algoma Country. A century later, you can follow their path into the wilds of Northern Ontario to discover the rugged, natural beauty the Group of Seven captured in their paintings. Join award-winning photographer Rob Stimpson on a photography adventure into Lake Superior Provincial Park where you’ll spend days looking for those landscapes that resonated with the Group. Places such as Old Woman Bay, Sand River and Agawa will tug at us -- each offering a different type of landscape. After shoots,…
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