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Welcome to Northern Ontario, Canada! Bigger than Texas, wilder than the west, more inviting than a campfire in October, Northern Ontario is like no place else. This website is the official online collaboration of travel and tourism organizations across the region, bringing you travel tips and stories about Northern Ontario from writers around the world.

From the the wilderness of Sunset Country, Algoma Country, and Northeastern Ontario, to the charming neighbourhoods of Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie, and all points in between, this is where real Canadian spirit lives.
The long lonely road to Fort Frances
Into the Great Northwestern Ontario Editor's Note:  Stephen Bischoff is a traveler, in every sense of the word. He doesn't just visit places, he inhabits them, living by the old Buddhist teaching that, "Today is worth more than two tomorrows." He's practiced stick fighting in the Philippines, chanted with monks in Tibet, ridden his motorcycle in the United States, Mongolia, China, Vietnam and this year, Northern Ontario. This is the fourth and final part in a series of articles on motorcycling through Northern Ontario written by 'the Shameless Traveler'.  As I road out of Terrace Bay and headed west I realized that soon I would be veering away from Lake Superior. Honestly, I was a little bummed to put the lake…
Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge over the Wabigoon River
There's so much to do in this wilderness city!  Come discover Dryden, a unique destination, abundant natural beauty where tourism and recreation facilities abound. The city is known for fishing and hunting opportunities, but it offers so much more. Dryden is centrally located in Sunset Country and is easily accessible from the Trans Canada Highway. It is situated on Wabigoon Lake about half way between Winnipeg, Manitoba and Thunder Bay, Ontario. The following is a list of 10 things to do in Dryden. There's such a variety, you can do one or do them all: Cross the Suspension Bridge over the Wabigoon River. The Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge can be accessed through Johnston park which is just off the Trans Canada…
Get Your Motor Runnin'
If you love motorcycle riding, snowmobiling, boating or ATVing, the Soo is your year-round destination for motorsports fun. At the heart of Canada’s great outdoors, Sault Ste. Marie is the ideal launching point for avid and casual motorsports enthusiasts alike. With easy access to long-distance tours or simple day trips, not to mention breathtaking natural scenery in every direction, Sault Ste. Marie is the motorsports gateway of Northern Ontario. Motorcycle riders itching to get their bikes out of storage will love the Sault in spring and the worldclass riding around every corner. For an overnight trip, try the Trans-Canada west to Wawa and you’ll experience what the Globe and Mail calls, “One of Canada’s top ten drives.” This spectacular highway…
Paddling down a calmer stretch of the Agawa River before heading for a white water adventure.
Editor's Note: Check out this photo blog post of Natalie's recent white water canoe trip down the Agawa River. Natalie and her husband took part in a guided trip thru Naturally Superior Adventures. This was Natalie's first white water adventure! For more outdoor adventures in Algoma Country visit "What can be better than spending three days surrounded by wilderness, fresh water, and good company? If you thought "nothing" then you thought right! My husband and I were ecstatic to be invited on a paddling trip down Algoma's Agawa River. We never thought twice about wanting to join in on the journey, despite the fact that I had never paddled white water before. From beginning to end our trip was…
Mark Romanack's Fishing Tips for Catching Walleye on Esnagi Lake at Lodge 88
Want to catch walleye on Esnagi Lake in Algoma Country? Editor's Notes: Fishing 411 Host Mark Romanack shares his fishing tactics for catching walleye after his fly-in fishing trip to Lodge 88 on Esnagi Lake. For more information about fly-in fishing trips in Algoma Country visit Lodge 88 located in the heart of Algoma Country and on beautiful Esnagi Lake. Esnagi Lake is one of those fishing destinations that should be on every walleye angler's bucket list. Once you've fished Esnagi, it's not a question if you will return, but rather when. Part of the outfitting service known as North to Adventure, ( the MacLachlan family has outfitting in their blood. This family business was established back in 1959…
Huts & Bungalows: A Round Up of Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing Operators
Lake Nipissing is a famous ice fishing locale in Ontario. Why? Stand at the edge of Lake Nipissing, and you'll see tiny ice bungalow villages tucked into the horizon.  Most bungalows are outfitted with the comforts of home; Propane furnace, propane lights, cooking utensils, a table and chairs, bunk beds, heated private washroom, and 10" drilled holes are usually included. TIP: Check with your chosen operator, to find out what kind of gear you'll need to bring.   Read on for a complete round-up of ice fishing operators on Lake Nipissing:  Cottage Resorts Offering Ice Bungalows Promised Land Camp152 Promised Land Road,Nipissing Village705-724-1648 or Rob Hyatt OutdoorsCallander705-752-1727 Bear Creek CottagesCallander705-752-1157or 1-888-246-5026 Chalkley's Sandy Bay Cottage ResortCallander705-752-1050or 1-877-387-0868 Cosy Cove…
Skandia House Bed & Breakfast
“Why would you go to Nipigon?”  The woman in the elevator asked about my Raptor’s sweatshirt. The question came when I said I bought it in Nipigon, Ontario. It is too bad the elevator door opened to my floor and she never heard my answer. “It’s a great small Canadian town at the Top of the Lake…Lake Superior that is.”   History Preserved I discovered Skandia House on a recent trip to the Top of The Lake. I’ve taken the business loop off Hwg.11/17, driven into Nipigon for lunch and a walk around downtown several times but this time I went to stay overnight   I bypassed the motels and reserved a room at the 100 year old Skandia House. I…
Catch Thunderwolves hockey Friday and Saturday nights at Fort William Gardens
If you are visiting Thunder Bay  this weekend, check out fast paced university men's playoff hockey action at the Fort William Gardens. The Lakehead University Thunderwolves are now into the third round of OUA playoffs as they battle the Windsor Lancers for the West Division title this weekend. The Good Old Hockey Game It is no hidden secret that hockey is “Canada’s game”. Why? The game of hockey is something that is unique to the National Canadian identity. A Northern Ontario city like Thunder Bay, Ontario, is by no means a city that exists outside of Canadian hockey culture – it is deeply immersed it. From frozen backyard rinks, to local community arenas, the game of hockey can be found in…
Photo by Jenny Moore
"Meandering strips of corduroy-imprinted snow descend the slopes in front of me" The heavy snowfall from last night has tapered off and each snowflake calmly places itself on the freshly groomed base. The clouds slowly begin to separate allowing the sun’s morning rays to reach the tips of the hills rolling off into the distance. My mind is absent of the responsibilities that wait for me at the bottom of the mountain. The ageless beauty of the Northern Ontario landscape captures me and enables me to escape. It is my first run of the day. From my seat atop the peak, I strategically plot my course of decent focusing on each line of the unmarked, groomed trail in front of…
#1 Catching Snow Flakes
North Bay, Ontario will soon be beckoning in the World Ringette Championship, and welcoming teams from around the world; Including teams from Finland, Sweden, United States, and Canada nationally. The event will begin on December 29, 2013 at the Capitol Centre, and championship games will take place well into the new year.  With international peers joining us this holiday season, it begs the question; What kinds of Canadian winter experiences are there to enjoy in North Bay? 1. Ringette Well, yeah. Did you know North Bay is the birthplace of ringette? The game was invented by Sam Jacks, the Director of Parks & Recreation for the City of North Bay, in 1963. The rules he recorded 50 years ago are…
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Events Calendar

  • Ecotourists Flock to Sunset Country
    Ecotourists Flock to Sunset Country
    Nature Up Close and Personal With over 100,000 square kilometers of forested lands and at least 70,000 freshwater lakes, Sunset Country was made for the ecotourist. With the vast wilderness landscapes where nature thrives! There is an incredible amount of wildlife and bird species that live in our forests - great…
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  • Legendary Adventures with Backroads Bill: Eau Claire Gorge in Mattawa, ON
    Legendary Adventures with Backroads Bill: Eau Claire Gorge in Mattawa, ON
    - Throughout the year, Eau Claire Gorge initiates an array of feelings and emotions.  It is a walking place, very moving. It is one of those waterfalls where you hear the tumbling water before you see it.  There is anticipation and you will not be disappointed when you peer over…
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  • 14 Day Provincial Park Tour
    14 Day Provincial Park Tour
    Explore Sunset Country's Provincial Parks With 100,000 square kilometers of forest and 70,000 lakes, rivers and streams, Sunset Country has its fair share of Ontario Provincial Parks. These beautiful parks are located alongside most of the major highways in the region and if you love the outdoors, camping, fishing, swimming…
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  • Ice Fishing For Walleye, Crappie, Trout and more!
    Ice Fishing For Walleye, Crappie, Trout and more!
    Ice Fishing Makes Winter Worthwhile! For those that hibernate during the winter, get out and try ice fishing. The fresh air, mixed with awesome scenery and catching a lake trout or walleye will put a smile on your face and will change your mind about staying inside in the winter.…
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  • Explore our wilderness on skis
    Explore our wilderness on skis
    Cross-Country Skiing in Northwestern Ontario Yes it's a fact, the winters are long and sometimes cold up here in Northwestern Ontario! But being the eternal optimist that you are, you see opportunity in this beautiful winter wonderland. We do too so that is the reason we want to encourage skiers…
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  • Lake Superior Coast: A Cultural Past
    Lake Superior Coast: A Cultural Past
    A volcanic past is not the only one that can be discovered along the Lake Superior Coastline; it also has a deep rooted cultural background. A drive up the winding highway from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to Wawa, Ontario leads you on the path of learning about the ancestors of…
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  • Smile! Algoma’s Fun Roadside Attractions You’ll Want to Photograph
    Smile! Algoma’s Fun Roadside Attractions You’ll Want to Photograph
    Check out these roadside attractions when you plan your next tour of Algoma's roadways at One of the staples of any traveler's photo album is the kitschy roadside attraction. Roadside attractions are fun, often quirky, and ususally represent the cultural background of the area you're visiting. Some of the…
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  • A Friendly Wildlife Encounter
    A Friendly Wildlife Encounter
    It was a Monday. I was on my way back to Timmins, after a long day of travel to and from Sudbury on the eventfully scenic Highway 144, when something caught the corner of my eye. Standing there, peacefully. She was beautiful but in such a dangerous way. I turned…
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  • Explore the Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve
    Explore the Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve
    Story by Lynda Olson Photos by David Coulas & Mary Hastings Located on Manitoulin's south shore 35 km west of Gore Bay, Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve beckons you to experience its globally rare alvar communities, diverse woodland and wetland habitats and picturesque bay. Alvar is a Scandinavian word meaning…
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  • The Fire 'Pit' List - Camping in Northeastern Ontario
    The Fire 'Pit' List - Camping in Northeastern Ontario
    Escape the bright lights of the city and experience the true brilliance of the night sky. Hey, you may even witness the northern lights on a cool night, or hear the cry of a loon at dawn. Northeastern Ontario has the power to re-connect you to the things that really matter.…
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