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Pictograph of Michibeichu at Agawa Rock in Lake Superior Provincial Park.
Scotland has the Loch Ness Monster, British Columbia has Ogopogo. Did you know that Lake Superior has its own stories about a lake monster? There are many historical references to the Lake Superior Dragon. The references and stories we're sharing with you were sent to us from Ellen Van Laar, who resides on the shores of Lake Superior at Old Mamainse Harbour. Ellen runs a small retreat center called Arts and Adventure. She loves to guide and shuttle, and tell stories about the area. As a painter, she displays many large works at the Algoma University Conservatory of Music near Old Mill Square, under the International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie. Mitch is depicted as the “Legend of Superior” 5…
Discover A World of Flavour in Modern North Bay
New Look North Bay Let’s play a game of word association. North Bay: endless forests, lakes of with bass and pike, an outdoorsman’s dream, a place to refuel and restock when camping or cottaging. In some ways, North Bay retains many of the charms forged in the days of early twentieth century resource exploration. Modest but historic buildings still line the classic main street, the railroad still cuts a path along the sparkling waters of Lake Nipissing, and simple, no nonsense homes dot the landscape. Yet, those who visit North Bay recently have begun to notice some exciting new additions to North Bay’s tourism and culinary landscape. Today, families can explore the city’s historic streets through a creative ‘Urban Quest.’…
The Golden Rail Burger
Da Bomb Burger from the Terrace Bay Bakery  On the North Shore of Lake Superior, 200km East of Thunder Bay, the towns of Schreiber and Terrace Bay are preparing for a war. A Burger War. Let the battle begin! The Pizza Burger from PJs in Schreiber The Aguasabon Chamber of Commerce has developed a new culinary event for the Terrace Bay & Schreiber region called Burger Wars. Seven restaurants have signed up to participate in the event which will include each creating their own unique burger. The Drifters Burger from Drifters in Terrace Bay From February 13 – 24th, patrons will be able to visit the different restaurants and purchase their burgers. They will then rate them based on presentation,…
YMCA - Sault Ste. Marie
What do your kids want to do this year during their March Break? Here's an exciting listing of camps, activities, and other opportunities for your kids to learn something new this year! Case's Music! Case's Music is excited to announce the March Break Music Camp for Kids, running from Monday, March 16 – Friday, March 20, 2015. Similar to the extremely popular summer music camps the school operates in July and August, this is an excellent opportunity for your children to discover music in a safe, fun environment. Children will have the opportunity to explore various musical instruments and will participate in fun vocal projects in small groups with trained professional teachers. Additionally, elements of drama, crafts, fine arts, dance,…
Try Cross-Country Skiing at Kamview this Family Day weekend
If you haven’t decided what to do with your Family Day weekend in Thunder Bay yet, there is a lengthy list of activities to choose from.   1. Voyageur Winter Carnival Held at Fort William Historical Park, this event has way too many activities to list them all. This three-day event will feature skating, curling, sliding, carnival games, snow graffiti as well as indoor and outdoor entertainment such as an illusionist, a juggler and live music. This long list is just a fraction of what will be happening at The Fort during Family Weekend. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for students, seniors and youth, and children under 5 are welcomed free. For an additional fee there are also Helicopter…
A blown belt could ruin your day or, if you're prepared, be a minor nuisance.
So you’ve got your ride planned and you’re heading out, do you have everything you need to be safe while out on your adventure? If you’ve ridden the Gold Rush Tour or The Abitibi Cnayon Loop and areas like Timmins, Cochrane & Sudbury just to name a few, you will know first-hand that often your riding consists of “middle of nowhere” trails, often no cell phone signal exists, and you can go hours on trails without seeing other people. This can make things particularly dangerous, but they don’t have to be if you plan accordingly and bring the gear that you need.  “Where am I going to fit everything I need” one might ask. Snowmobile manufacturers have seem to taken…
The Ontario That Almost Was—The French River and the Georgian Bay Ship Canal
As you cross the largest snowmobile bridge in the world on the French River, consider the magnificent view.  At one time, if history had become reality, you might be looking at ocean going freighters!   In the history of humankind, it is difficult to pinpoint events that changed the course of history. Generally many series of events lead to momentous circumstances. Never mind Northern Ontario, Canada would be a different place if the Georgian Bay Ship Canal had become a reality. Ships the length of two football fields laden with grain from the prairies using the French River and Lake Nipissing? This vision at one time almost became a reality. Highway 69 may not have become a reality. The proposed Georgian Bay…
Massive tiger musky caught at Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake
Ontario's Sunset Country is often referred to as 'God's Country'. The fantastic fishing is just one of the many reasons we are called that.    Whether you are a Canadian or American, or even from abroad, there are certain things you should know about when planning a fishing trip to Ontario, Canada. In the northwest corner of the province of Ontario, we have over 70,000 lakes and rivers, many of which are fishable. There's probably more lakes than residents in Sunset Country, and there's definitely more fish than people, that's for sure!  What Can I Fish For? Ontario's Sunset Country is renowned for it's fishing, not only for the sheer number of lakes and rivers to fish, but also for…
"Valentine's Day traditionally creates some pressure for both men and women to find the perfect gift. Maybe it's time to start a New Tradition! Whether you just started a new relationship, have been married for 20 years, or you're spending the evening with your children, there's no need to worry about trying to find the perfect gift any longer! Valentine's Day is about connecting, reconnecting and prioritizing time to spend with the people you love, not about how much money you spend. This Valentine's Day try one of these unique ideas and start a New Tradition of your own!" Friday Night Jazz Enjoy great live Jazz music at Algoma's Water Tower Inn & Suites!Location: The Pub - 360 Great Northern…
Tales From the Trails—Snowmobiling Mattawa
The term “All Inclusive Getaway” often conjures images of white sand beaches, suntan lotion and an endless conveyor belt of food. But that’s just one interpretation of the term. If, however, your “significant other” is a snowmobile, the term all-inclusive means complete access to the thousands of miles of trails just outside your door. The Valois’ Motel & Restaurant in Mattawa, Ontario, is just such a place. Sure it has comfortable rooms, friendly staff, good food and a river view from every window but most importantly the trailhead is just across the road. And we had the pleasure of crossing that road a couple of times on a recent visit.  Mist on the river in January can only mean one thing,…
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