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Welcome to Northern Ontario, Canada! Bigger than Texas, wilder than the west, more inviting than a campfire in October, Northern Ontario is like no place else. This website is the official online collaboration of travel and tourism organizations across the region, bringing you travel tips and stories about Northern Ontario from writers around the world.

From the the wilderness of Sunset Country, Algoma Country, and Northeastern Ontario, to the charming neighbourhoods of Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie, and all points in between, this is where real Canadian spirit lives.
Myself and Old Woman Bay, can you see her face in the cliffs?
After a great night of sleep at the Hilton Beach Inn I peeked out the window to check the morning weather and it was looking grim. The dark clouds were already there and I knew the rain was coming in a few hours. As I headed west on Ontario-17 a sense of urgency was streaming in me. It's like your sixth motorcycle sense alarming your brain that you need to hurry up and beat the rain. The thing was I had a long ride in front of me and I knew there was no beating it so the little urgency alarm in my head was becoming annoying. That was until the road opened up and the trees disappeared on my…
Spring Into Walleye: Early Season Tips For Walleye Fishing in Northeastern Ontario
I come bearing good news, on this, the official first day of Spring. Even though winter seems not to have received the message and is reluctant to loosen its icy grip, I can assure you that much warmer weather is right around the corner. And along with these glorious spring days, the walleye season will arrive in all its majesty in Northeastern Ontario. Indeed, while others rely on groundhogs and calendars to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring, like a lot of anglers who enjoy fishing the walleye-rich waters of the northeastern part of the province, I use the opening day of the walleye season as my benchmark. I find it much more satisfying, rewarding and…
Coastal Trail
I’m driving along the Trans-Canada Highway up from Sault Ste. Marie towards the smaller town of Wawa, just 225 kilometres ahead. The traffic has thinned, with only the odd logging truck or camper coming down the other lane. There is no city here; it almost seems I’ve travelled back in time to an era before civilization. Here and there are road signs, rest stops, and intriguing little trails that lead somewhere deep into the forest, but there are also long stretches that evoke a sort of prehistoric isolation. On my right is the Canadian Shield, geologically the oldest landscape on the planet, weathered by millennia of ice ages, and grown over, seared off, and grown over again by countless tracts of generated and regenerated…
War of 1812
It may not be a well known fact, but Sault Ste. Marie and its surrounding district was on the front line of the War of 1812, a conflict that defined the future makeup of the North American continent. Believe it or not, Sault Ste. Marie has been at the centre of the Canadian experience for over three centuries. Indeed, with this year’s bicentennial anniversary marking the first skirmishes of the War of 1812, it turns out that the city and its surrounding district was on the front line of a conflict that defined the future makeup of the North American continent. Two hundred years ago, the land, now known as the “Twin Soos” on either side of the Canada-U.S. border…
Visiting the Amethyst Mine
This is a just a quick note thanking you all for a wonderful tour of your Amethyst Mine on Saturday morning (Sept 24).  The students were members of the Wildlife Society, with some of them from Missouri, Illinois, Alberta and Ontario. The all came back with enough rocks and 'gems' to share with the others who were on different tours that morning (in all there were about 40 students present for the conclave, so we got over a third of them at the mine - the others went either on a canoe trip or trapping voles that morning).  
The Abitibi Canyon Loop Tour: A 400 Series Highway Paved with Fresh Powder
I'm in the fortunate position to have the job all my friends envy. As an action sports photographer, I spend a good chunk of the winter months riding and photographing snowmobiles for Ontario Tourism. We travel to some of the most scenic locations found anywhere in the province (and arguably the country).  After two forgetful seasons, the winter of 2014 struck with a vengeance giving us some of the best snow conditions seen in years. This meant a busy season for me with several projects on the go, all of which were aimed at drawing new snowmobilers to the region. Despite what you might think, I don't actually spend much time riding on these photo shoots. Sure I use the…
ValleyField Farms - Sylvan Valley Ontario
Want to know where your food comes from? Then venture into the world of local food grown right here in Algoma. Make a day of it and take a trip into the world of crowing roosters, picturesque meadows and take a look at a broccoli growing right out of the ground. Learn about what farmers in Algoma are doing to make local food accessible. Many farms in and around Sault Ste. Marie offer farm tours and encourage visits. To plan a day out on a farm, click on for a local farmers' directory to pick a farm that meets your interests and give them a call. Farm types range in variety from Alpaca farms to certified organic veggies, bees…
Java Hut - Serving Fuel for the Road
Java Hut Owner: Joe Skehar465 Memorial Avenue(Open 6am to 10pm most days) There are a lot of thick necks in this place. The skinny necks, wearing sweats, hoodies, ponchos, and slippers are tree planters from near Toronto. They’ve lined the Java Hut counter and laugh at how they might appear in their photo. They’ve just got back to Thunder Bay from cabins in the bush out by Fort Frances and Armstrong. They’ve strolled over from the Super 8 Motel to join the truckers, bikers, and company men. Most everyone who comes here is looking for fuel for the road. Honking huge slabs of pie sit like mountains between stacks of onion rings, fries, pancakes, bread and bacon. Order the pie with your…
Main Street, North Bay
While visiting North Bay, you may want to consider a walk in the vibrant downtown community which is nestled along the waterfront. Following this tour will ensure you don't miss anything along the way. Starting Point: Corner McIntyre and Fraser Street The Empire Retirement Living Centre was formally known as the Empire Hotel. Accented with authentic Italian architecture, the hotel was once graced by Queen Elizabeth II, during her stay in 1951. The hotel also hosted the infamous James Cagney in 1941 while he filmed Captains of the Clouds right here in North Bay. Turn right onto First Avenue The Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services is on the left which in part occupies the historic former “North Bay Normal School”.…
Liquid Gold Rush: Where To Get It, How It's Made And Where to Taste It!
"Even though I've made maple syrup for decades, I still feel my sap rising in the spring when I know its rising in the maples." My first outfit up on the Quintet Lakes was homespun: coffee cans nailed on trees, rolled birch bark spigots, the sap hauled with the dog team, and an outdoor boil-down on a single pan over an open fire. The fire ran day and night, the night boil lit up by a kerosene lantern hung on the tip of a small bent over balsam tree. My syrup was the colour and texture of a used motor oil, but tasty all the same. Now, I'm making fancy grade syrup here on the farm with a more sophisticated…
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Events Calendar

  • Capture Wildlife in Their Natural Environment
    Capture Wildlife in Their Natural Environment
    Photograph Nature & Wildlife in Sunset Country Sunset Country in Northwestern Ontario is one of the many great places in Canada where wildlife are abundant.  If you love nature and photography, then come for a visit and experience the great sights and sounds we have to offer. Whether it be…
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  • Fish and Hunt Lodges Double as Family Getaways
    Luxury lodges and rustic cabins offer a range of outdoor experiences By James E. Brennan The morning sun catches the green glow of a stand of trees, casting a mirror image on the still lake waters. The smell of bacon and fresh-brewed coffee drifts from a nearby lodge kitchen. A…
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  • Confessions of a Bad Angler (What Algoma Country Taught Me About Absolute Ahhhhhh)
    Confessions of a Bad Angler (What Algoma Country Taught Me About Absolute Ahhhhhh)
    That's my 25 inch Walleye! I almost had a heart attack! When I look at that photo -- thoughts of fishing cannot help but enter into my head. I have to admit, I am not a great angler, in fact, I am not even a good angler, but oh that…
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  • Lake Superior – A Majestic Coast
    The Lake Superior Coast is a world class travel corridor. Those who have made the trip from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie are sure to agree with the description of this Great Lake coast and its attraction to draw visitors. This is what you see when you visit the towns on…
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  • White Otter Castle - The Story of Hope and Unrealized Dreams
    White Otter Castle - The Story of Hope and Unrealized Dreams
    The Remarkable Story of Jimmy McOuat The legend of Jimmy McOuat lives on in Sunset Country,  through the magnificent three-storey castle he built on the shores of White Otter Lake. At the turn of the century he single-handedly constructed the log castle from red pine logs that he cut, hauled…
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  • North Bay Dishes Great Hospitality
    North Bay Dishes Great Hospitality
    After our first visit to North Bay to visit Dylan, who is attending college and has joined the military, we want to thank North Bay for an excellent first impression. Staff at the hotel and restaurants were friendly and made us feel welcome.  We appreciate the warmth and charm of…
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  • Sunset Country launches a free mobile app for traveling in Northwest Ontario!
    Sunset Country launches a free mobile app for traveling in Northwest Ontario!
    Never get lost or be bored on your Sunset Country vacation again Have you ever been travelling and wonder "I wonder where I can eat around here?", "How do I get to that museum?" or "Where is the next rest area?". Well, now if you are traveling through Northwestern Ontario…
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  • Vintage Bush Planes a Big Part of Fly-in Fishing Experience
    Vintage Bush Planes a Big Part of Fly-in Fishing Experience
    Bush Planes Experience Adds to Fly-in Fishing Trip If a trip into a remote wilderness lake with no roads and spectacular fishing isn't enough, the ride in to the lake on a venerable Canadian bush plane adds so much more to this great vacation experience. Canadian bush planes have a…
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  • World Ringette Championship 2013: A Letter From the Mayor of North Bay
    World Ringette Championship 2013: A Letter From the Mayor of North Bay
    Editors Note: This letter is from the desk of Al McDonald, Mayor of North Bay, welcoming the international participants of the World Ringette Championships 2013. Northeastern Ontario Tourism joins Al in welcoming the teams, and hopes that the teams, and visiting public will experience all that the region has to…
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  • All Aboard Tracks to Trails, Algoma’s Unique Snowmobile Trip
    All Aboard Tracks to Trails, Algoma’s Unique Snowmobile Trip
    From the moment a snowflake hits the ground, every snowmobiler is thinking about their ultimate snowmobile trip for the upcoming winter. The region of Algoma is the obvious choice and here are just a few reasons why: an annual snowfall of 10 feet, 2,000 miles of beautifully groomed trails and…
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