Northern Ontario, Canada

Welcome to Northern Ontario, Canada! Bigger than Texas, wilder than the west, more inviting than a campfire in October, Northern Ontario is like no place else. This website is the official online collaboration of travel and tourism organizations across the region, bringing you travel tips and stories about Northern Ontario from writers around the world.

From the the wilderness of Sunset Country, Algoma Country, and Northeastern Ontario, to the charming neighbourhoods of Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie, and all points in between, this is where real Canadian spirit lives.
Frontier Village
As you take a stroll through Frontier Village, you also take a step back in time to the turn of the 19th century. This popular Sault Ste. Marie tourist stop gives passersby a glimpse into what the Sault area looked and felt like during Frontier times in the 1800s. Located on the side of Highway 17 north, the Village is conveniently situated on your way in or out of town, and features a collection of unique shops and restaurants associated with the era. When you stop at Frontier Village, which also features an oldfashioned Trading Post – a terrific source for all of your outdoor sporting needs, ensure you leave yourself some extra time to visit the true-to-theme surroundings of…
Exploring 'Devils Rock' on the shores of Lake Temiskaming
Some may think a day of fishing is the only reason to visit a boat launch in Northeastern Ontario, but in many cases its a sense of exploration or love of food (yes, food) that draws people to these lakeside 'hubs'. We asked Facebook fans and discussion board members their picks for the best boat launches in Northeastern Ontario. Here's a list of fan favourites that will surely float your boat: Larder Lake - Municipal Marina  Commissioner St & 9 AveLarder Lake, ON The marina is located on the shores of the Northeastern Ontario community, Larder Lake. It has to be the fish in the lake, and the friendly people in town that keep visitors coming back to park their boat year after…
Mockingbird Hill Farm
A visit Mockingbird Hill Farm is like stepping onto the stage of old rural Algoma. The Farm is a working horse drawn replication of a homestead back in the 1930’s…it is a place where time is tethered. Mockingbird Hill Farm is singularly located on the edge of the wilderness and yet within the city limits of Sault Ste. Marie. Tourists often point to the bush across the road and ask me “What’s over there? I tell them Hudson’s Bay. I doubt there is another city in North America which such a decided and immediate link to the bush. The Farm is themed with rail fencing, historic buildings, crops, gardens, trails, wildflowers, birds, butterflies and bees. There’s lot’s to do and…
Atikokan is Worth the Trip!
Atikokan is approximately a two hour drive west of Thunder Bay, or only about one and half hours east of Fort Frances and the Canada/United States Border and just a few minutes’ drive from the junction of Highway 11 and 11B.  Downtown Atikokan boasts unique shopping experiences offering a wide variety of gift items, many of which are crafted by local and area artisans. Local and regional art is displayed in the Pictograph Gallery located in the lower level of the Voyageur Mall.  Check out the mining artifacts and murals displayed throughout the downtown business section. While meandering through town, walk over to the Centennial Museum to learn more about Atikokan and “The Little Town that Could”.  Atikokan has a history…
Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, So Many Good Performances to Enjoy!
The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO) adds to the reputation of Thunder Bay as a regional centre for the performing arts in Northwestern Ontario. Locally known as the TBSO, the Thunder Bay symphony has been around for over 50 years putting on concerts that appeal to a wide and diverse audience from pure classical performances in their Masterword Series, to a mix of modern and popular music with a classical twist in their Pops series, and children’s concerts. Going to a symphony performance can be an experience in itself. You will be especially delighted to know most of their major performances all take place in our Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, a professional 1500 seated arts centre considered “one of the…
Fly-in Fishing Adventures with Brunswick Lake Lodge in Algoma Country.
How do you get 4 adult men to screech, squawk and giggle like school girls on the last day of semester? Drop them in on Algoma Country's Brunswick Lake Lodge for a week of FISHING! Watch as Ontario Outdoor Writer Dale Hainer takes you on a virtual adventure of Brunswick Lake Lodge. Having ventured to many remote Ontario outpost camps in my life, Brunswick Lake Lodge, situated in the historical heart of Algoma, was a thrilling change of pace! This was my first experience to a remote lodge complete with all the amenities including on-site caretakers, hosts, generated hydro, clean drinking well water, hot and cold running water in the showers, wood fired sauna, bleach brightened fish cleaning station with…
Lake Superior's Slate Islands
A trip to the majestic Slate Islands in Terrace Bay was in the cards, but the one thing we couldn't have planned for was everything falling into place to make it the perfect trip. Lake Superior was like glass as we sit eagerly in the charter boat during the 20 minute ride to what locals simply refer to as "the Slates". Our expert guide tours us around one side of the islands to dock on the Southern side of Patterson Island. From there we take a light hike up to Lake Superior’s tallest lighthouse at 224 feet above sea level. The view is amazing and provides for an awe-inspiring panorama of the rest of the islands and Lake Superior. From…
Skandia House Bed & Breakfast
“Why would you go to Nipigon?”  The woman in the elevator asked about my Raptor’s sweatshirt. The question came when I said I bought it in Nipigon, Ontario. It is too bad the elevator door opened to my floor and she never heard my answer. “It’s a great small Canadian town at the Top of the Lake…Lake Superior that is.”   History Preserved I discovered Skandia House on a recent trip to the Top of The Lake. I’ve taken the business loop off Hwg.11/17, driven into Nipigon for lunch and a walk around downtown several times but this time I went to stay overnight   I bypassed the motels and reserved a room at the 100 year old Skandia House. I…
Titanoboa @ Science North's Ripley's Believe it or Not Exhibit
My husband and I took a leap of faith nine years ago when we moved to Northern Ontario to build a business and start our family. The location was completely foreign to me, however, over the past few years I've discovered that it's rich in hidden gems, incredible scenery and attractions as well as events that are perfect for families. Sudbury was once the world leader in nickel mining and is still home to two major mining companies. It has since become more multi-faceted, expanding to include different industries. In addition to its rich history, the entire Greater Sudbury District is a popular tourist destination for travelers making their way across the Trans Canada Highway. Science North  Science North is…
2014 Snow Sculpture Competition
If you were a judge, which snow sculpture would you choose as your favourite sculpture at the 2014 Kenora Winter Festival? A couple of years ago Kenora revived it's Winter Carnival. One of the things I like best about the carnival is seeing the snow sculptures along what is called the 'Green Belt' in Kenora. I have to give these carvers a lot of credit this year. Every time I drove by and saw someone carving away, it was bitterly cold. This year's theme is the Olympics. Once again there are many wonderful sculptures. The winner will be announced this Friday at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Kenora Winter Carnival.  Which snow sculpture would you choose as the winner?…
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  • "You Can’t Go Wrong" at Tina’s for Breakfast and Lunch
    "You Can’t Go Wrong" at Tina’s for Breakfast and Lunch
    Tina’s Breakfast and Lunch1170 Memorial Tina's Breakfast and Lunch is as their name says a wonderful choice for breakfast and lunch on your visit to Thunder Bay, especially if your here for a weekend of shopping. The diner serves all day breakfast till 3pm and is conveniently located on Memorial…
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  • The Legendary Polar Bear
    The Legendary Polar Bear
    Throughout the year, I will be highlighting interesting places to stay, and or things to see and do in this beautiful part of Northeastern Ontario. Today's feature is all about one of the most interesting attractions in all of the north. One that lets you swim with a real live polar…
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  • Ontario's Best Sunsets of 2013
    Ontario's Best Sunsets of 2013
    Check out this list of the best sunsets we posted or shared on Facebook. You'll see why we are called Ontario's Sunset Country. This sunset was taken over a frozen Lake of the Woods in Kenora. Even though it was taken with just an iPhone, it's a great winter sunset. Winter sunsets can…
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  • Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre
    Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre
    The Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre has been host to cultural services for over thirty-seven years. In recent years, the museum archives were moved throughout the city until a permanent location could be found. They have since found a permanent location, and are open to the public at 325 Second Avenue,…
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  • Urban Trail Systems Offer an Abundance of Wilderness
    Urban Trail Systems Offer an Abundance of Wilderness
    Go Skiing and Hiking Right in Town With their locations smack dab in the middle of the Northern Ontario woods, the towns and cities in Sunset Country have some really great trail systems to offer. Both seasons for hiking, biking  and in winter, snowshoeing and cross country ski trails can be found…
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  • All Aboard Tracks to Trails, Algoma’s Unique Snowmobile Trip
    All Aboard Tracks to Trails, Algoma’s Unique Snowmobile Trip
    From the moment a snowflake hits the ground, every snowmobiler is thinking about their ultimate snowmobile trip for the upcoming winter. The region of Algoma is the obvious choice and here are just a few reasons why: an annual snowfall of 10 feet, 2,000 miles of beautifully groomed trails and…
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  • Bring Your Bike and Explore North Bay
    Bring Your Bike and Explore North Bay
    Where To Go Start in the beautiful city of North Bay situated on the shores of Lake Nipissing with Trout Lake also within city limits. Here you will find trails and routes that will challenge and delight. Whether you're looking for a fun family getaway, a romantic weekend or a chance…
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  • Let’s Go Cruisin -- Algoma’s Two Big Classic Car Shows (And Why You Should Go)
    Let’s Go Cruisin -- Algoma’s Two Big Classic Car Shows (And Why You Should Go)
    Here's a tip when you're planning your trip to Algoma Country: make a list of all our festivals and events to take with you! Our communities host incredible events that celebrate our local food, culture, history, art, entertainment & attractions -- all set against the backdrop of our magnificent landscape.…
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  • Where Anglers Come Together in the Race for the Top Trophy Fish!
    Where Anglers Come Together in the Race for the Top Trophy Fish!
    Nothing beats catching the winning fish in a Sunset Country tournament! Every year visitors from all over the world come to experience and make ever lasting memories in the beauty of Sunset Country.  Many individuals fall in love with Northwest, Ontario and return each year bringing friends and family. Some…
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  • Cool off at one of the top beaches in Kenora
    Cool off at one of the top beaches in Kenora
    Take advantage of the numerous public beaches on Lake of the Woods and surrounding lakes in Kenora. Kenora is lucky enough to be situated on Lake of the Woods and surrounded by other lakes such as Rabbit Lake, Black Sturgeon and the Winnipeg River. Out on Lake of the Woods…
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