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Welcome to Northern Ontario, Canada! Bigger than Texas, wilder than the west, more inviting than a campfire in October, Northern Ontario is like no place else. This website is the official online collaboration of travel and tourism organizations across the region, bringing you travel tips and stories about Northern Ontario from writers around the world.

From the the wilderness of Sunset Country, Algoma Country, and Northeastern Ontario, to the charming neighbourhoods of Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie, and all points in between, this is where real Canadian spirit lives.
An entertaining experience for participants and spectators
Ladies, if you’ve ever dreamed of dirt, grim and sweat then the Dirty Girls Mud Run is the perfect event for you! Dirty Girls is a 5km Mud Run complete with obstacles held in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.  This year’s event, the second annual is scheduled for Saturday, August 9th at This Old Barn in Murillo, Ontario and promises to better than last year. Registration takes place Saturday January 18 at Intercity Shopping Centre from 9:30am to 6pm in the promotions and again on Sunday January 19 at Intercity from noon to 5pm.  NOTE: Last year’s event filled in less than 3 hours, so come early to ensure your team gets a spot!     if you want to enjoy…
Photo Collage of the food available at Country Market
You will want to make a point of making a trip to the Thunder Bay Country Market, if you find yourself visiting in Thunder Bay on any given weekend. Local writer Duncan Weller explains why he is among the collection of 50 to 70 local vendors who set up their booths and tables every Saturday morning at the Dorothy Dove Building on the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition grounds to sell everything local from farm produce and products to crafts, art, books and more! The Thunder Bay Country Market runs Saturdays between 8 am and 1 pm year-round. It more is than a shopping experience for the many who venture out Saturday mornings for what has become a popular weekly ritual in…
Check out the authentic dining experience of Indian Cuisine
Masala Grille170 Algoma St. North The Masala Grille offers a unique culinary offering if you are looking for something different on your visit to Thunder Bay. Masala is an Indian word referring to the mixing of spices, and the spices they use come mostly from India. Many of the vegetables they use are locally produced. The owner of Masala Grille, Rama Agarwal, may have paved the way for cultural food diversity in Thunder Bay. When it opened in 2006 everyone was talking about it, arguing whether the food was too spicy or not spicy enough. Bets were placed on how long her restaurant would last. But Masala proved very popular and bespoke of something many doubted possible, namely that food…
The Complete 2014 Guide for Planning a Real Algoma Ice Fishing Vacation
The mere mention of ice fishing sends us into a bit of frenzy here at Algoma Country Headquarters -- we can't help it -- we love ice fishing. From the excitement of the tug on the line and bringing up a big Northern Pike, Walleye or Lake Trout from the dark, icy chamber below to the peaceful surroundings that draw you in as you spend time with family and good friends, ice fishing really offers something for everyone. Top 5 Things to Consider When Planning an Algoma Ice Fishing Vacation Ice fishing in Algoma has its own character: it's not only a competitive sport, but also a way of life for many families all winter. It's a source of fresh…
Catch Thunderwolves hockey Friday and Saturday nights at Fort William Gardens
If you are visiting Thunder Bay  this weekend, check out fast paced university men's playoff hockey action at the Fort William Gardens. The Lakehead University Thunderwolves are now into the third round of OUA playoffs as they battle the Windsor Lancers for the West Division title this weekend. The Good Old Hockey Game It is no hidden secret that hockey is “Canada’s game”. Why? The game of hockey is something that is unique to the National Canadian identity. A Northern Ontario city like Thunder Bay, Ontario, is by no means a city that exists outside of Canadian hockey culture – it is deeply immersed it. From frozen backyard rinks, to local community arenas, the game of hockey can be found in…
Unique Shops and Retailers on Bay & Algoma
The Bay and Algoma Neighbourhood when visiting Thunder Bay is the best place to find the greatest variety of locally made products, along with unique gift items. These are shops run by local entrepreneurs and it is unlikely you will items and wares in national chains stores or shopping malls. This area is also quickly becoming known as a distinct shopping district where residents feel a little more comfortable shopping, and where landlords and shop owners take a little more pride, organizing festivals, street fairs, and beautifying their neighbourhood. With four coffee shops, a couple pubs, and a few restaurants, you can’t go wrong hanging out in this area.   Authentique 313 Bay St.   This fun-filled gift shop opened on Bay Street in 2005, with their namesake…
Famous schnitzel from the Salzburger Hof.
Lake Superior is a 2300 km (1450 mi) ride around, but just as you get started in Algoma Country there are several infamous foodie stops that will give you the reserves for this epic ride. Each of these stops has been thoroughly tested and biker approved. For more information about the Ride Lake Superior Motorcycle Route visit Caution: Author is not responsible for increased weight gain, the meat sweats, or the requirement for post meal naps 1. Lake Shore Salzburger Hof Resort -- Batchawana Bay, OntarioSome people like a traditional simple schnitzel served with applesauce. Others like a more complex "loaded" schnitzel. The Salzburger Hof serves schnitzel up every which way and is arguably the best schnitzel house on…
Why I (Temporarily) Traded in My Canoe For a Kayak:  The Ancient Abitibi River and Great Canadian Kayak Challenge
I jumped the gun a bit when the tourism gang from the Timmins region in Northeastern Ontario invited me up to participate in the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge. I agreed to race, basically because I love the Timmins area. Problem is, I’m a canoeist, not a kayaker. I also don’t have much of a competitive spirit. The last race I took part in was at a church picnic, when I was eight, running across a field balancing a hard-boiled egg on a spoon. I’m definitely not an anti-kayak sort like some of my canoemates, but to me, the joy of paddling is gently gliding a canoe across a mist-covered lake, not squeezing into tight neoprene and propelling myself across the…
Sault Farmer's Market
Imagine you’re in a five-star restaurant. The ambience is elegant, the service impeccable; you’ve just ordered a gourmet filet of beef, seasoned and cooked to perfection. Complimenting this feast are garlic mashed potatoes, maple glazed carrots and fresh green beans. For dessert there’s a rustic berry tart, brimming with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries all topped with a maple whipped cream. Every last ingredient is fresh, locally grown and bursting with flavour. Does this sound like something you’d only find in southern Ontario, where the summers are longer and farms dot the landscape for miles in every direction? If so, think again. Every morsel you’ve just savoured came from right here in Algoma. The Algoma Region is vast, stretching from the…
Java Hut - Serving Fuel for the Road
Java Hut Owner: Joe Skehar465 Memorial Avenue(Open 6am to 10pm most days) There are a lot of thick necks in this place. The skinny necks, wearing sweats, hoodies, ponchos, and slippers are tree planters from near Toronto. They’ve lined the Java Hut counter and laugh at how they might appear in their photo. They’ve just got back to Thunder Bay from cabins in the bush out by Fort Frances and Armstrong. They’ve strolled over from the Super 8 Motel to join the truckers, bikers, and company men. Most everyone who comes here is looking for fuel for the road. Honking huge slabs of pie sit like mountains between stacks of onion rings, fries, pancakes, bread and bacon. Order the pie with your…
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  • The Story of Canadian Bacon (and Where You Can Buy it in Algoma)
    The Story of Canadian Bacon (and Where You Can Buy it in Algoma)
    Canada is known for many things: hockey, beer, pristine wilderness, poutine...and Canadian bacon (not to be confused with the movie). I was once asked by friend, who is a proud born and bred Scot, what do Canadians eat? I replied, what do you mean, what do we eat? What was…
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  • Quetico Provincial Park: Wilderness Canoeing at it's Best
    Quetico Provincial Park: Wilderness Canoeing at it's Best
    Atikokan - Your Gateway to Quetico Park For the wilderness canoeist, the name Quetico conjures up images of giant white pines, crystal clear lakes and some of North America's best wilderness canoeing. Quetico Provincial Park, located in Northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country is for many canoeists, the ultimate place to paddle.…
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  • Ice Fishing For Walleye, Crappie, Trout and more!
    Ice Fishing For Walleye, Crappie, Trout and more!
    Ice Fishing Makes Winter Worthwhile! For those that hibernate during the winter, get out and try ice fishing. The fresh air, mixed with awesome scenery and catching a lake trout or walleye will put a smile on your face and will change your mind about staying inside in the winter.…
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  • From the Snow Train to Searchmont Ski Resort
    From the Snow Train to Searchmont Ski Resort
    Two years ago we visited your city to take the Snow Train and enjoyed it so much that we made a promise to come back to ski at Searchmont and we are glad we did.  The runs were great and the main lodge was a lot of fun. Mr. K.…
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  • Discover Sunset Country's History at Local Museums
    Discover Sunset Country's History at Local Museums
      Sunset Country's communities can distinguish themselves from other areas for a number of reasons; not only is the landscape that surrounds the towns breathtaking, their involvement in preserving their local history is unrivaled. Luckily for visitors, their history, culture as well as artifacts can be viewed in many local museums, which…
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  • World Ringette Championship 2013: A Letter From the Mayor of North Bay
    World Ringette Championship 2013: A Letter From the Mayor of North Bay
    Editors Note: This letter is from the desk of Al McDonald, Mayor of North Bay, welcoming the international participants of the World Ringette Championships 2013. Northeastern Ontario Tourism joins Al in welcoming the teams, and hopes that the teams, and visiting public will experience all that the region has to…
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  • Experience the Ultimate Canadian Fishing Trip
    Experience the Ultimate Canadian Fishing Trip
    Sunset Country: Canada's Premier Fishing Destination Since the 1920s, Sunset Country in Northwestern Ontario has been the place in the Province for American and Canadian anglers to go on a fishing trip. Why you ask? Well for one thing consider the fact that in this region of Ontario, the lakes…
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  • A Stay at Cedar Meadows Resort in Timmins
    My recent stay at Cedar Meadows was just like all the other great nights.  
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  • On the Snowmobile Trails in Algoma Country
    On the Snowmobile Trails in Algoma Country
    Editor's Notes: Algoma Country Tourism Staff received this photo blog from Howard J Elmer and Stephen Elmer after their recent snowmobile ride in Algoma on the snowmobile trails which took them to Elliot Lake and Blind River areas. Below is what they had to say about their trip. For more…
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  • Did You Know Algoma Reaches THAT Far?
    Did You Know Algoma Reaches THAT Far?
    Algoma -- pristine and beautiful. Could we get any better? We didn't think so, but we have! How did we get better? Well we got even bigger! Our geography now reaches all the way to the end of the Algoma Central Railway rail the beautiful town of Hearst! So,…
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