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Welcome to Northern Ontario, Canada! Bigger than Texas, wilder than the west, more inviting than a campfire in October, Northern Ontario is like no place else. This website is the official online collaboration of travel and tourism organizations across the region, bringing you travel tips and stories about Northern Ontario from writers around the world.

From the the wilderness of Sunset Country, Algoma Country, and Northeastern Ontario, to the charming neighbourhoods of Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie, and all points in between, this is where real Canadian spirit lives.
The Dionne Quintuplets: How Five Girls Became More Popular than Niagra Falls
   On May 28, 1934 five identical girls: Annette, Cecile, Yvonne, Marie and Émilie were born to Elzire and Oliva Dionne in Callander, Ontario.     Yvonne Edouida Marie was the first born at 4:10 am.Annette Liliane Marie was the second at 4:25 am.Cecile Marie was the third at 4:40 am.Emilie Marie was the fourth at 4:45 am.Marie Reina Alma was the fifth at 4:57 am   All together, the girls weighed less than 6.5 kg (13 pounds 5 ounces). At the time, there was a 1 in 57 million chance of giving birth to identical quintuplets, and even a lesser chance for survival. They survived mainly due to the efforts of Dr. Allan DaFoe.   While the Quints were…
Festival of Trees
The Lung Association’s Festival of Trees is a unique kick off to the festive season here in Sault Ste. Marie. It has become a city wide tradition and 2013 marks the 15th year that the Lung Association has proudly organized this wonderful fundraiser. It’s an event like no other. It takes days to set up and be perfected, but once the empty boxes have been stored, the ballroom at the Delta Sault Ste. Marie Waterfront becomes a Christmas wonderland. The beautifully decorated trees get a lot of praise from the crowd as they walk around the cozy room. Event goers can’t help but be in the Christmas spirit once they have left. The community support is the glue that holds…
Specializing in a breakfast and lunch menu...
Rooster’s Bistro 32 St. Paul Street   It's popularity in Thunder Bay forced Roosters Bistro to expand further down the length of their entire building on St. Paul St. in heart of the  Waterfront District. In a sunlit stretch of tables down one side of the building, civic workers mix with locals and tourists for hearty noon time fare.   Cating to Breakfast and Lunch Crowd   Open all week, Roosters is a popular spot for breakfast and lunch. Weekdays the Bistro closes at 4 pm and on the weekends at 2 pm. At noon they are packed, and if you’re in line the wait won’t be long.   Swirling around Jim Commuzi, the owner, the energetic staff communicates to each…
Lake Superior
Okay, I am guilty, I tried to put just the top ten, but there were so many cool facts about this beautiful body of water I actually listed fifteen. They are in no particular order because they are all so interesting I leave it up to you as to which is number one! 1. Lake Superior contains ten percent of all the fresh water on the planet Earth.2. It covers 82,000 square kilometers or 31,700 square miles with an average depth of 147 meters or 483 feet.3. The deepest point in the lake is 405 meters or 1,333 feet.4. There have been about 350 shipwrecks recorded in Lake Superior and Lake Superior is known to not give up her dead.…
Congregating in front of Nick Scarfone's display
If you love North Bay, as well as arts & culture, you may have heard about North Bay's Downtown Gallery Hop. It's a cool collective between the local galleries, artists and art lovers who host one memorable evening every two months (give or take) for the community to come together in celebration of the arts. The participating galleries and businesses (or hop stops) hold receptions, events and promotions. Gallery hop-pers walk from stop to stop, enjoying the displays of art, and the overall feeling of community.  Participating galleries, businesses and artists:   WKP Kennedy Gallery, 150 Main Street East Ferneyhough Contemporary, 157 First Avenue East Line Gallery, 897 Main Street West Black Iron Tattoo, 271 Main Street West K Bros…
Atikokan is Worth the Trip!
Atikokan is approximately a two hour drive west of Thunder Bay, or only about one and half hours east of Fort Frances and the Canada/United States Border and just a few minutes’ drive from the junction of Highway 11 and 11B.  Downtown Atikokan boasts unique shopping experiences offering a wide variety of gift items, many of which are crafted by local and area artisans. Local and regional art is displayed in the Pictograph Gallery located in the lower level of the Voyageur Mall.  Check out the mining artifacts and murals displayed throughout the downtown business section. While meandering through town, walk over to the Centennial Museum to learn more about Atikokan and “The Little Town that Could”.  Atikokan has a history…
Kiss for good luck!
Besides beautiful sunsets, Ontario's Sunset Country is know for something else: Some of the best fresh water fishing around! Just how great is our fishing? Let us show you through the facebook posts that Ontario's Sunset Country has uploaded or shared in 2013. What a great year - congrats to all these anglers. A job well done. Thanks for releasing most of them in order to live another day and to keep our fisheries nice and strong.  January 2013 started out right for Donnie, just look at this 44" northern pike he caught at Muskie Bay Resort in Nestor Falls, Ontario. 44" Northern Pike caught at Muskie Bay Resort   Here's a monster 46" lake trout caught and released by Duluth's…
Huts & Bungalows: A Round Up of Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing Operators
Lake Nipissing is a famous ice fishing locale in Ontario. Why? Stand at the edge of Lake Nipissing, and you'll see tiny ice bungalow villages tucked into the horizon.  Most bungalows are outfitted with the comforts of home; Propane furnace, propane lights, cooking utensils, a table and chairs, bunk beds, heated private washroom, and 10" drilled holes are usually included. TIP: Check with your chosen operator, to find out what kind of gear you'll need to bring.   Read on for a complete round-up of ice fishing operators on Lake Nipissing:  Cottage Resorts Offering Ice Bungalows Promised Land Camp152 Promised Land Road,Nipissing Village705-724-1648 or Rob Hyatt OutdoorsCallander705-752-1727 Bear Creek CottagesCallander705-752-1157or 1-888-246-5026 Chalkley's Sandy Bay Cottage ResortCallander705-752-1050or 1-877-387-0868 Cosy Cove…
Al Lindner with a Sunset Country Bass
Fishing the Northwest Ontario Wilderness Editor's Note: Co-inventor of the legenday lindy rig walleye lure, co-founder of In-Fisherman Magazine, and Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee Al Lindner knows the way big fish think. In this exclusive article, Al shares some information about places to stay, where the fish are and what to see and do - gain insight from the thousands of hours Al has spent fishing the waters of Northwest Ontario. Muskie fishing in Ontario's Northwest Boasting thousands of lakes and rivers teeming with fish, Northwest Ontario is home to some of the finest angling opportunities on earth. Many are drive-to locations where you can trailer in your own boat and a truckload of gear. Others are…
Take a ride in Algoma to see the fall colours.
There it is again, a sound so sweet to the ears of every motorcyclist at one with their machine and revelling in the beauty of their environment. It's such a beautiful sound; footrests gently kissing the asphalt through another bend, as the laws of physics are briefly challenged. And then the bike is lifted upright once more and prepared for another turn. It's a truly delightful moment in motorcycling, made perfect by the scenery through which this blacktop snakes and twists. I'm on a fairground ride, lost within a Jackson, Lismer or Carmichael painting of the Canadian great outdoors. This is the landscape that provided the inspiration for the famous Group of Seven artists and it's easy to see why,…
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