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Curling in Thunder Bay - Winter Fun Between the Sheets
If curling is your game, then there really is snowbetterplace to be than in Thunder Bay, Ontario this winter season. Come and experience the sheets at one of three storied curling clubs here in Northwest Ontario, all of which have fascinating histories dating back to the late 1800's. The Port Arthur Curling Club was formed in 1888, while the Fort William Curling Club was formed in 1891. Interestingly enough, this was at a time when members were required to supply their own stones, which is hard to imagine given that today curling rocks weigh over 40 pounds! Of course the rich history of all three of these clubs, including the Kakabeka Falls Curling Club, can be seen easily from the…
From prison to park - Unveiling a storied past at Neys Provincial Park
  The history in Thunder Bay and Northwest Ontario is deep and storied and much is able to be explored today. From prison to playground, Neys Provincial Park, located 60 km east of Terrace Bay on Highway 17, is a study in contrast. Beneath the soft carpet of moss hides the ruins of German prisoner of war and Japanese internment camps of World War II. Off season, the visitors’ centre is closed; however, one can still hike and explore as a day visitor. Just outside the centre are a plaque and a mounted informational photo that set the scene of the past: beautiful sandy coves of Lake Superior were lined with warehouse style barracks and barbed wire fences for working…
Freaky Friday in Thunder Bay - The Hunger 9
  "The Hunger" has become much more than just a Halloween party, it’s now considered one of the largest parties in Thunder Bay. A massive music event and performance spectacle, the Hunger 9 has added an eighth venue and will take over the entire downtown Waterfront District Friday Oct 31, 2014. The Hunger has grown year after year. Beginning with only two venues, now at 8, the numbers of attendees has risen by thousands over the years also, with well over 4000 people in attendance last year and even more expected for Hunger 9. The largest fundraiser for Definitely Superior Art Gallery (defsup) and the Contemporary Arts in Thunder Bay, this event does much more for the community than simply,…
Images by Heather Peden
  The view of Lake Superior from the top of Mink Mountain is jaw-dropping. I stand on the smooth face of a rock plateau surrounded by openness, blue sky racing overhead, turquoise water spread out below, here and there the white blip of a sailboat. Dark shapes of islands emerge majestically from the lake defining water from sky until they meet in the misty distance. From this vantage point it is not hard to see why Lake Superior can have an almost magical hold on people, why its vastness stirs the imagination and why, amongst a plethora of beautiful things, it can be considered the crowning jewel of Northwest Ontario. Located south of Thunder Bay about 15 minutes off of Highway…
Greenhouse Spa
WELCOME to the finest spas in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and melt away your world concerns as you indulge in rejuvenating treatments and first class services. Find out who has been designated a Leading Spa in Canada and how these top rated spas set the bar to the highest standards in the industry! The Greenhouse Spa Situated in uptown Sault Ste Marie, the Greenhouse Spa has been providing the finest in pampering for almost 15 years. At almost 4000 square feet, the Day Spa includes 2 levels and features 12 treatment rooms, water therapy room with the Vichy rain-shower, 5 couples treatment rooms, change-rooms, relaxation lounges, as well as group manicure and pedicure areas. Greenhouse Spa is the only spa north of the…
Relax and watch the sun set over the water
If you've been to Ontario's Sunset Country, you know we got great fishing. If you're wondering if you'll enjoy your stay at a lodge in Northwest Ontario without fishing, the answer if YES!   Sunset Country may be one of the best areas to fish for species such as walleye, northern and muskie, but we are also so much more! Many of our resorts and lodges cater to the fishermen and with our fisheries, I can see why. Since starting our Facebook page a few years ago we've been asked many times, "Can we come to Sunset Country if we don't fish?". The answer is absolutely! While fishing may be the most popular thing to do here, is definitely not…
Highway 66 on The Great Legends Tour
Editor’s Note: For his big summer ride on a big BMW K1600GTL, Mike Jacobs ventured from Sudbury through Timmins up to Kapuskasing and then back to Sudbury via Temiskaming Shores and North Bay. Officially called The Great Legends Tour, this route has been a favourite of technical and adventurous riders for decades. Mike’s been riding parts of it for years, but discovered something new this time around. Sometimes in life, you forget how wonderful the things you have really are. Case in point: the Great Legends Tour. (And Northeastern Ontario as a whole, I might add.) I’ve been riding in this area for the past five years. My cottage is just south of Temiskaming Shores, (home of the North’s baddest…
Images by Stephanie Reid
Thanksgiving weekend I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding held at Rose Valley Lodge. I had heard many wonderful things about this venue prior to making the drive out: how delicious the food was, how incredible the views and scenery and how welcoming the owners Markus Hoffman and his wife Debbie were to visitors. Knowing these things, I was looking forward to experiencing it for myself.   The Drive is as Beautiful as the Destination A Bed and Breakfast, but also a fabulous venue for dinner, Rose Valley Lodge is located southwest of Thunder Bay, 30 minutes past Thunder Bay International Airport on 440 secluded acres of meadows, forest and ancient mountains.  Head south on Hwy 61 and…
The Great Northern Ride brings snowmobilers together to raise money for local youth.
The 14th Annual GNR - Northern Ontario's Big Loop Through Algoma Never before has a group this large snowmobiled through this part of the country and what makes this ride special is friendships and raising funds year after year. The GNR (Great Northern Ride) Charity stayed in their in home province of Ontario this year. This incredible fundraising group has raised over 1.5 million dollars for handicapped children over the past 14 years and they achieved this through their passion of snowmobiling. This year they traveled over 2,000 km in 5 days, they rode through OFSC Districts: 12 STP, 13 Algoma, 14 TATA and 15 Northern Corridor, covering a lot of trail all in the name of fundraising. The riders…
Sudbury Just Got Spooky: Haunted Halloween Packages Available
Halloween is right around the corner and to help you get into the spirit, Sudbury is offering a variety of spooktacular fun for everyone! So, pick your poison. We DARE you! There are five Halloween experiences to choose from, which range from family fun to just plain frightening:  Family Fun Halloween Galleries, Pumkinferno and Tunnel of Terror at Dynamic Earth; The Terror Train Circus (rated at the top of the scare list) hosted by the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre; and A Sudbury Theatre Centre production of the classic Rocky Horror Show for adult entertainment.   Be sure to check out the Scare Ratings for each event: Can't choose? Thought so. That's why Sudbury Tourism is offering two…
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