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10 Restaurants on the North Shore Loop

Lunch stops and local eateries to plan your snowmobile trip

The North Shore Loop is perfect for weekend warriors. It’s nice and close to amenities like food, fuel and places to stay, and provides the excellent remote sledding you want. Communities and services are always close by about every 30 to 50 km, not often found here in Northern Ontario.

Every community on the loop offers a staging area, allowing you to start from any direction. These staging areas are listed in the Algoma Trails Guide. You can stage in Sudbury as well because there’s a connector from Massey to Spanish. A side loop leads to St. Joseph Island.

Sledders arriving from Michigan can access Ontario snowmobile trails from the Drummond Island Ice Bridge to get to St. Joseph Island, and from there, can ride the North Shore Loop when the Ice Bridge is open.

Find a complete list of food stops, fuel and accommodations at

Below are 10 places to eat on the North Shore Loop, some are destination lunch stops, or favourite diners serving up hearty, satisfying meals after a day on the trails.

(restaurants ordered from Bruce Mines to Elliot Lake, Spanish and to Black Creek)

1. Bobbers Restaurant

47 Taylor Street, Bruce Mines ON
PH: 705-785-3485
Nearest Trail: D136
Serves: burgers (Bobbers Burger is a favourite), wings, entrees featuring fish, beef, chicken, all-day breakfast, salads/soups, sandwiches, homemade pies and butter tarts

2. Bavarian Inn & Restaurant

9181 Hwy 17, Bruce Mines ON
PH: 705-785-3447
Nearest Trail: D136
Serves: schnitzel, bratwurst, butter chicken, burgers, wings, sandwiches, fish & chips, soups & salad, pizza

3. Tilt’n Hilton Steakhouse and Beverage Co. 

3120 Marks Street, Hilton Beach ON
PH: 705-246-2204
Nearest Trail: D107
Serves: steak, chicken

4. Black Creek Outfitters

9538F HWY 129, Thessalon ON
PH: 705-841-2555
Nearest Trail: D106 and F (junction)
Serves: snacks, beverages, soup and sandwiches, hot beverages

5. Red Top Motor Inn & Restaurant

Hwy 17, Iron Bridge ON
PH: 1-877-843-2100
Nearest Trail: D Trail 
Serves: Indian and Canadian food including burgers, butter chicken, curry, sandwiches, fish dinners

6. Mustangs Grill

24 Woodward Ave, Blind River ON
PH: 705-356-0441
Nearest Trail: D Trail
Serves: burgers, sandwiches, poutine and more

7. Fireside Classic Grill

14 Oakland Blvd, Elliot Lake ON
PH: 705-461-3711
Nearest Trail: D/F Trails
Serves: breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Burgers/sandwiches/wraps, soups/salads, appetizers, wings, fish and chips, entrees featuring steak, chicken and pasta, dessert and happy hour menus

8. Dunlop Lake Lodge

74 Dunlop Lake Lodge, Elliot Lake ON
PH: 705-848-8090
Nearest Trail: F Trail
Serves: soups/salads, appetizers, burgers, hot and cold sandwiches, fish dinners

9. North Channel Pizza

101 Front Street, Spanish ON
PH: 705-844-2222
Nearest Trail: D Trail
Serves: pizza, chicken, poutine

10. Bucci's Place Eatery

3241 Hwy 17B East, Echo Bay ON
PH: 705-248-1999
Nearest Trail: D107 Trail
Serves: ribs, chicken, pasta, soup, burgers, pizza and more

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