5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for You to Return to Algoma

From the iconic Wawa Goose to the natural phenomena of potholes, Algoma is home to so many incredible sightseeing opportunities. Here are our top five.

We sometimes forget to step back and look at the simple things life has to offer. Algoma Country is one of those simple things. There are no skyscrapers or crowded streets, no busy highways or rush hour traffic. Instead, there are forests, lakes, rivers, hiking and cycling trails, small shops, cafes, wildlife, and vast opportunities to enjoy that simple life.

Located in the heart of Northern Ontario sits what some of us are lucky enough to call home, Algoma Country. Boasting 28,000 square kilometres of pristine waterways, immaculate forestry, and historic cities and towns, Algoma is truly the epitome of life’s simplicity when times are tough. It might be a stay at a lodge or resort, lunch at a small café, a hike up to a lookout, or even a tour of some historic landmarks that makes Algoma Country YOUR simple life destination. With all of that in mind, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite places in Algoma Country that we can’t wait for you to return to! Here's our top five list that highlights a few of the best destinations and places to visit when it’s safe to come back.

1. Iconic Attractions


The Wawa Goose is one of the most photographed monuments in North America right here in Wawa, Ontario.


The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Museum is a one-of-a-kind museum that allows visitors of all ages to experience the history of aviation and many other activities in downtown Sault Ste. Marie.

2. Scenic Landscapes & Wildlife


The North Channel is a boater's paradise along the North Shore of Lake Huron. This waterway provides a relaxing place to experience and explore.


The Agawa Bay Lookout is a must-stop when travelling along Highway 17 in Lake Superior Provincial Park. This lookout gives you an excellent view of Lake Superior.


The Chapleau Game Preserve encompasses 2 million acres in the region. Moose, black bear, bald eagle, and loons are some of the many wildlife that inhabits the preserve.

3. Natural Wonders


The Northern Lights are a spectacular nighttime event that occurs across the Algoma region. During certain times of the year, like winter, they are even more spectacular.


Potholes Provincial Nature Reserve is a remarkable geological site on the Kinniwabi River east of Wawa on Hwy 101. These potholes were naturally formed by glacial meltwaters 10,000 years ago.

4. Remote Escapes


A fly-in adventure is one of those iconic Canadian trips for fishing and hunting. Algoma is home to a number of remote lodges and resorts awaiting your arrival.


Imagine being on a lake fishing all to yourself in the wilderness, many of the remote outposts in Algoma offering an incredible getaway.


If you enjoy paddling with two great lakes Superior and Huron, along with thousands of other lakes the paddling opportunities are endless.

5. Memorable Adventures


Hiking and photography go together well in Algoma, many waterfalls are easily accessible and are easy to moderate hikes.


From drive-in to lodges to fly-in fishing our region has a number of unique fishing experiences for all types of anglers.


Touring the area by motorcycle or RV and auto you can expect scenic views of the wilderness landscape along with many hidden gems.

This is just a snapshot of some of the incredible places to visit in Algoma Country. If you have special memories of your time here that you'd like to share, use the hashtags #algomacountry

About Cassidy Lowen

I am a staff writer from Algoma Country with a love for outdoor adventure and exploring new areas! I hope my stories can help you create an unforgettable adventure here in Algoma Country! Don't forget to use the hashtags #AlgomaCountry and #AlgomaThatReal so we can see what you are up to here in the North!