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Algoma is home to Canada's most vibrant fall colours

The Autumn Season is a beautiful time to vacation in Algoma.

Want to see the best fall colours in Ontario? Algoma Country has them! The autumn season is so beautiful here. If you've never experienced the region's fall colours, check out these handpicked photos.

During the fall months, the colours are vibrant: deep reds, fiery orange shades and golden hues of yellow sprinkled with the greens of pine and fir trees. Generations of photographers and painters have been inspired by the fall landscape. In fact, Group of Seven paintings that were painted in the Algoma region feature these same bright shades.

Ontario Fall Colour Reports

If you're looking to plan your trip around the fall colour peak, check out the Ontario Fall Colour Reports. This report covers all of the provincial parks across Ontario. If you're looking for local reports, reach out to communities in Algoma.

fallcolours chippewafalls hwy17

With the change of season, there's also something different in the air. Autumn air and Summer air just aren't the same. It's a little hard to explain, you'll just have to experience it for yourself.

heartrock fallhiking
(Photo credit: Andrea Zanatta)


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The most popular way to see the fall colours is by driving tours, or by motorcycle, -- Order a Free Route Map and discover our roadways. A fall drive or ride allows you to see more colours and in more places. The region's cities and towns welcome those who've come out to enjoy the fall colours with us! You'll experience the best in northern hospitality and marvel at the selection of restaurants and cafes, accommodations like motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, or cottage resorts. There are specialty shops to find one-of-a-kind gifts and an exciting blend of attractions for everyone.

Agawa Canyon Tour Train

agawacanyontourtrain fallcolours2
(Photo credit:James Smedley Outdoors)

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train is always a good time when you want a fall adventure! The train journeys through many areas with breathtaking scenery and vibrant colours along the 114-mile-long track into the wilderness park. Upon arrival at the park, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy nature walks and view the cascading waterfalls, surrounded by beautiful colours. For the ultimate view, climb the top of the Lookout perched 250 ft over the Canyon floor. Now that's breathtaking! In addition to the gorgeous surroundings, the Agawa Canyon Tour Train is a peaceful ride that lets you take everything in.

Fall Hiking

robertson cliffs algoma highlands

Another of our favourite ways to enjoy the fall colours is hiking. Outdoor adventurers and nature lovers will be impressed by the number of hiking trails that our region can boast of easy nature walks to challenging hikes, trails that lead to amazing views of Lake Superior, or Lake Huron, trails that lead to heights of land with magnificent views of the valleys below. You can find trails within minutes of our cities and towns, provincial parks and the Voyageur Hiking Trail.

Even into late Autumn, bursts of vibrant colours can still be seen, like that bright red maple in the photo. The Autumn colour season in Algoma can start anywhere from mid-September and can last well into October.

fallcolours hiawatha

Enjoy fall hiking in one of the provincial parks in our region. These parks have hiking trails that lead to breathtaking vistas where you get the perfect view of colour. This photo was taken at the Helenbar trail at Mississagi Provincial Park in Elliot Lake. And just because it's a little too cold for a swim in the fall, that doesn't mean you still can't go to the beach. The region's secluded beaches on a warm fall day can still be amazing! Make your fall day at the beach spectacular: warm clothes, a packed lunch for two, a thermos of hot chocolate, and a wool blanket.

mississagi provincial park
(Photo credit: Ontario Parks)

How about a fall hike to a waterfall? There are many accessible waterfalls in the area that roar in the spring from melting ice and snow, cascade all summer long, and are accented by the stunning fall colours in autumn. This waterfall, Minnehaha Falls, is a smaller waterfall on Crystal Creek in the Kinsmen Park - Hiawatha Highlands. Crystal Falls, the larger 50 feet fall, can be reached by stairs. The bridge at the top of Crystal Falls is part of the Voyageur Hiking Trail.

Minnehaha falls hiawatha

Taking photos is always the best way to preserve your memories. Here are some links to help you with better fall photos:

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