In Search of Wild Brook Trout

For many fly fishers, brook trout are considered the “holy grail” of trout.

Brook trout are loved because of their aggressive takes, beautiful coloration and the fact they can only live in clean, unpolluted waters.

Mark Melnyk, a host of The New Fly Fisher Television Show, recently travelled to Northern Ontario in search of wild brook trout. The key to his search was affordable trout fishing. . .and he found it at Blue Fox Camp.

Located in beautiful Algoma Country, just a short floatplane flight from Elliot Lake, Blue Fox Camp is surrounded by numerous lakes and river systems that all possess brook trout. How big? Can you believe specimens of 3 to 4 pounds are common with monster fish caught every week in the 6- to the 8-pound range? The trout get this big thanks to the huge quantities of forage that are available in these lakes.

(Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

This is mostly lake (Stillwater) angling, so five- or six-weight rods in 9- to 10-foot lengths were Mark’s choice, coupled to either floating or intermediate lines. An intermediate fly line is probably the number one choice to get your fly down to where the trout are feeding.

There is some dry fly action, but it is weather and time of year dependent. Woolly buggers, leech patterns and streamers all work well when fished very slowly near structure. A portable sonar is strongly recommended so you can help find good structure for catching big brookies. Mark also found the sonar helped him locate “colder” water, a place where natural springs are located -- a natural fish magnet.

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Blue Fox Camp has clean, comfortable accommodations and can provide a number of plans for all anglers. Blue Fox Camp offers a full American Plan, a Housekeeping Plan during the off-season, and the Blue Fox Outpost -- a remote fly-in housekeeping outpost on Lake Kirkpatrick and the Blue Lake System.

What Mark loved the most was the fact this is very affordable fishing for big brook trout, something that is not common in Canada.

Contact Blue Fox Camp at or phone (519) 265-7756

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