Train to Algoma

Traveling by train adds a whole new dimension to a fishing adventure

A fly-in fishing adventure is a luxury, not every angler can afford, the hefty price tag is one of the main reasons a fly-in trip is still on the bucket list for most anglers.

But what if you could have the experience of a fly-in, but at a more affordable price? Well, you can -- without ever leaving the ground. The destination is Ontario's Algoma Country, where you can take the VIA Rail out of Sudbury, Chapleau, or White River to any number of fishing lodges within the 28,000 sq km wilderness. That's right, a "train-in" fishing trip.

Travelling by train to a lodge certainly adds a whole new dimension to a fishing adventure. Last year, the Fish'n Canada team took the Via Rail BUDD Car to Esnagi Lake, now one of our favourite walleye waters. We started off at our home base in Oshawa, took a leisurely drive north to Sudbury, boarded the VIA train at the main station, then relaxed as the journey took us to within 100 yards of the Esnagi shoreline. There, waiting boats were ready to taxi us to the lodge, and within less than an hour after arriving, we were pounding big walleye. It was that simple.

Fish'n Canada host Angelo Viola, train-in fishing to Esnagi Lake. (Photo credit: Fish'n Canada)

While at Esnagi, we stayed at Lodge Eighty-Eight and Mar Mac Lodge. Both destinations offer first-class food and accommodations, but they're far from the only choices in Algoma. There's a wide array of lodges situated along with the stops for the VIA Rail, all with excellent fishing opportunities.

Lodges along the VIA Rail Line

As per the above list that Fish'n Canada has sampled, we have been to Lodge Eighty-Eight and Mar Mac Lodge and both have produced great fishing episodes and superb fishing trips when the camera is turned off. As well, the hospitality and the lodging were absolutely first-class. We think we can honestly say that the destinations that we have not visited yet will sit right among these top-ranked properties.

Watch Wilderness By Rail - Ultimate Train-in Fishing and Wildlife Adventure.

Getting back to the advantage of taking the train: the other thing we like about this travel mode option is the convenience. Forget about packing your car or truck to the hilt, then driving for a full day in possible rain or snow, depending on the time of year. Instead, simply load your gear into a freight car and settle into a cozy seat. You can bring out the cards and poker chips, take a walk up and down the aisles, enjoy a few snacks, or just have a snooze. Then before you know it, you've arrived at your once-in-a-lifetime fishing destination.

fishncanada pete
Fish'n Canada host Pete Bowman. (Photo credit: Fish'n Canada)

Walleye, northern pike and speckled trout are our favourite species from these lodges along the line with the walleye and specks being our top 2 (simply personal choices). The unique thing about these two Algoma species is that the Trout which you would normally suspect as a colder water fish than the walleye should be farther to the north. Not so...and in fact, the speck fishing in the southern portion of Algoma rivals almost any other Canadian destination for this painterly species. Imagine taking a train-in fishing trip and having a great chance at a true 5-pound Algoma brookie.

Well, people, it's a reality.

Fish'n Canada host Angelo Viola with a beauty brook trout. (Photo credit: Fish'n Canada)

We here at The Fish'n Canada Show have now sampled some of the outstanding angling opportunities that the Algoma area of Ontario has to offer via all 3 forms of transportation: driving, flying, and training. Try to make it a point to get some buddies together or grab the family and jump aboard the Budd Car and experience the wilderness at its best: in Algoma Country.

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