Drive-In Fishing Lodges in Algoma

Algoma Country is home to unique drive-to fishing lodges that provide anglers on the road with access to truly excellent fishing, wildlife, and accommodations.

As a passionate angler, I consider myself to be incredibly lucky. Not always when it comes to landing fish (though I’ve had my fair share of luck in that department, too), but in opportunity and experience. Over the last ten years, I’ve had the privilege of travelling and fishing some truly incredible destinations across Canada.


However, for an angling adventurer like myself, there is something to be said about the simple pleasure of an old-fashioned road trip. I can easily say that some of my favourite memories have been made while fishing and exploring drive-to locations, many of which take place within the Algoma region of Northern Ontario.


The Algoma region, located in Northern Ontario, spans 28,000 square miles and contains a plethora of impressive and accessible fishing options. What’s more, Algoma is home to over 50 unique drive-to fishing lodges that provide anglers on the road with access to truly excellent fishing, wildlife, and accommodations. The best part? Many of these lodges are open to anglers all year round, providing unique experiences and fishing no matter the season. Whether you’re looking for an affordable DIY adventure or a luxury five-star retreat, the drive-in fishing lodges in Algoma offer a variety of packages and opportunities to fit every budget and adventure you could imagine.

American Plan Lodges


Resorts and lodges that offer American Plan packages are the way to go if you’re looking for more than a comfortable place to stay during your fishing adventure. From gourmet meals, exceptional accommodations, and fully fueled boats at your disposal, to entertainment, guiding services and nature tours, there are often few services these lodges won’t have available for you. Of course, this is all in addition to providing access to truly exceptional fishing in Algoma Country. While lodges and resorts that offer American Plan options are often at the higher end of the price scale, in my opinion, they are fully worth every penny.


Lodges such as Waterfalls Lodge, located near Spanish, Ontario, are perfect if you’re looking for a trip where all the bells and whistles are provided for you. The owners pride themselves on providing their guests with everything they may need for the trip of a lifetime. The location of Waterfalls Lodge is especially perfect for those on the hunt for trophy smallmouth bass. Situated in an area of Algoma affectionally known as Trophy Alley (due to the large number of 4-6 lb smallmouth bass the area consistently produces), Waterfalls Lodge serves as the best of both worlds- allowing anglers high-class accommodations as well as the freedom to access a plethora of fishing opportunities within driving distance.

Housekeeping Cabins


Housekeeping cabins are an excellent option for those who may be looking for more independence and flexibility during their fishing adventure, and can often be one of the more affordable options available when it comes to drive-in accommodations. This style of the lodge provides accommodations (typically including a private kitchen), basic necessities, and will often have the facilities to launch your own boat. While it’s up to you to provide your own food, Housekeeping cabins can serve as a solid home base for anglers who dream of excellent fishing opportunities and comfortable lodging at a reasonable price.



Birchland Cottages (Huron Shores, ON), Bruce Bay Cottages and Lighthouse (Bruce Mines ON), and Air Dale Fishing and Hunting (Wawa, ON) are just a few of the great options for this style of the trip in Algoma.

Each one of these facilities provides guests with everything they may need for the perfect DIY fishing trip including access to some superb multi-species fisheries. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the beautiful things about the Algoma region is how many bodies of water there are with public access; choosing to stay at a facility with a Housekeeping plan allows for the total freedom to explore all the nearby lakes and river systems, as all your meals and activities are yours to schedule!


If you’d like the best of both worlds on your road-trip adventure, there are also lodges in Algoma that offer guests even more flexibility by providing both Housekeeping and American Plans options. The Outpost Lodge (Thessalon, ON), and Lake Lauzon Resort and Marina (Algoma Mills, ON), are both perfect options if you’re looking for the best of both worlds.


Whether you’re heading out with a fly rod or spin rod (or who knows, maybe both), there is no end to the superb drive-to-angling opportunities in Algoma. Whatever your needs fishing and adventure needs, Algoma has you covered.

About Jenna McKeown

Jenna McKeown has loved fishing since she was a young girl. Now as a young adult attending university, she has learned the basics of fly fishing. Like all good anglers, she welcomes instruction and education on all aspects of fly fishing and fish. She hopes to inspire other young girls and women to learn more about fly fishing and the great outdoors. Currently Jenna is attending university to become a teacher focused on one day instructing primary grade students in French. Jenna is a passionate singer, songwriter and guitarist. She produces much of the music used in The New Fly Fisher.