George Case

I’m the author of several books, as well as numerous articles which have appeared in newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and online.  My titles include Silence Descends:  The End of the Information Age, 2000-2500 (1997),Jimmy Page:  Magus, Musician, Man (2007), Arcadia Borealis:  Childhood and Youth In Northern Ontario (2008), Out of Our Heads:  Rock ‘n’ Roll Before the Drugs Wore Off (2010), Led Zeppelin FAQ (2011), Dumbing Down Dissent:  Fads and Fallacies in Political Discourse (2011), Calling Dr. Strangelove:  The Anatomy and Influence of the Kubrick Masterpiece (2014), and Here’s To My Sweet Satan:  How the Occult Haunted Music, Movies and Pop Culture, 1966-1980 (2016).

The essays here cover a wide range of cultural criticism and political observation, suitable for all readers (if not, I’ll warn you ahead of time).  Feel free to (politely) comment on or (fairly) quote from what you read here.

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