Rebekka Redd

“Everyone has their own particular lens from which they view life.” Rebekka Redd began fishing with her two brothers at the young age of 8 and she started fly fishing in her early teens. Her brother died in a tragic accident when she was a young teen. He was her mentor and hero and fishing partner. She decided to continue to fish but switched to fly fishing. She taught herself to fly fish. It was a style of fishing she just had to try and clearly, it was meant to be and has helped heal her heart from loosing her sibling.

Today, Rebekka fishes in memory of her brother. She dedicates time from her schedule to mentor aspiring young anglers about fly fishing with casting lessons at outdoor trade shows & community involvement programs for the youth.

Growing up in the country she was surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife and quickly grew to appreciate it from a very young age. To her there is no teacher or element more worthy than the great outdoors. “Nature nurtures the soul”.

Rebekka is a passionate supporter, believer and organizer for animal/wildlife/fish welfare. Practicing catch and release and taking great care to cause no harm to her fish. She is actively involved in her local steelhead club to help raise public awareness on preserving fish populations, habitats and proper fish handling technique.

She has worked professionally as a photographer/video in film, CMT Music video's and television in front of and behind the camera. She worked on CBC's number one family drama, HeartLand.

A fly fisher, artist, an accomplished equestrian, environmentalist, animal advocate, martial artist, and published writer. A professional photographer, passionate fly fisher & TV show host. Fly fishing, photography and the outdoors are her lifelong passion.

Fish & be grateful!

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