Fish TV’s 4 Best Shore Lunches in Ontario

A shore lunch is a tasty meal that you won't soon forget. Here are the best most memorable meals we've had lakeside in Ontario!

In Ontario, there are thousands of lakes and rivers just loaded full of fish. There are so many fishing lodges and resorts that are booked solid every summer. And one of the most coveted meals anyone can have at one of these lodges? A shore lunch. It's a five-star meal lakeside, riverside or right on the lake.

Shore lunches are a real treat and I want to share some of the best five-star shore lunches that Fish TV has had the pleasure of experiencing!

fresh battered fish

1. Bay of Quinte

Jeff and I were enjoying a day of ice fishing on the Bay of Quinte, and we were onto the walleye big time, so we decided to have lunch right on the ice! Jeff brought out his portable BBQ, some beans, and some buns. In the bay, your limit allows you to keep four walleye per person, but we had only kept two that day and were going to have a shore lunch on the ice. When you clean your fish right on the ice, make sure you keep the skin from the fish in case a conservation officer decides to check you for your license and your limit because that fish that you eat for lunch is part of your limit. It was around noon when Jeff fired up the BBQ and I cleaned the two fish for lunch. They were about 2 pounds each which was just enough for our lunch and what a lunch it was—BBQ walleye and pork and beans—nothing but first class on the ice!

 2. Algoma Country

I will never forget our Algoma Country shore lunch. We were fishing for pike and our guide asked if we wanted a shore lunch today. Well, that was an easy decision, so we packed up the Pike action and he took us to a spot where we caught our lunch in about ten minutes. Then we headed for a comfortable area that looked like an outside restaurant with tables and chairs, a great fire pit and a nice area where you could fish offshore while waiting for lunch to cook. Then out came the taters, then the onions, then the beans and finally the fillets of fish that were as white as snow! The guide made this dry batter that was to die for and after it was all said and done, there isn't a restaurant in the world that could have made a meal like that…not even for a million dollars!

guide cooking shore lunch

3. Ritchies End of Trail

Brian, the owner of Ritchies, goes out of his way to put on one of the best shore lunches I have ever seen! He said don’t be late, lunch is at noon sharp! And trust me you do not want to miss this meal. The camp was full, people were out fishing and started to roll into the dock just before the dinner bell. Brian had everything laid out on four 8-foot fold-out tables with everything from beans to salad, potatoes, homemade tartar sauce, and refreshments to boot. There was enough food to feed the entire lodge. The fresh fish was cooked with Brian’s batter recipe, in a hot oil, huge cast iron pan—delicious! When you decide to go to Ritchies End of Trail, make sure you have a shore lunch!

eating shore lunch

4. Lodge Eighty Eight

It’s been a few years since we have been to Lodge Eighty Eight in northern Ontario but the one thing other than the fishing was the famous shore lunch! John, our guide at the time, was nothing but one of the best when it came to taking care of his clients, from the fishing to his famous shore lunch. We fished till about 1 pm then it was time to eat. We pulled up to the island that was already set up for lunch with a bench table for cleaning the fish, to cut tree stumps for sitting around eating. Johnny had this down pat! We didn’t want to spend too much time at lunch because the fishing was so good, and we wanted to get back out there. John had run around and gathered wood to get the fire going and had everything set up in minutes (like he had done this before…lol) potatoes went on first, then the traditional beans he pulled out this bag of dry rub that he was going to put on the fish. He wouldn’t tell us what it was, but he said it was his dad’s recipe. WOW, that is all I can say! The whole meal was outstanding, but that fish was to die for. The next time you head to Lodge Eighty Eight ask for John’s dad’s recipe.

So, the next time you head to a lodge or a resort in Ontario, with or without a guide, make sure you have yourself a five-star meal somewhere along a shoreline. It is something you will totally enjoy and never forget!

About Ron James

Ron has been fishing for over 35 years. He started fishing when he was just a youngster with his father Bill James (God rest his soul). He moved onto tournament fishing as his passion grew. With numerous wins and top finishes, the next step had to be taken. He met Leo, and the unstoppable force of Fish TV "is the best thing that has happened.

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