Errington's Wilderness Island

More than just a place to fish, this remote Northern Ontario resort is a place to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and wildlife viewing.

While I’ve often heard that fishing can be one of the best activities for solitude, I have always preferred spending my time on the water with friends and family. There’s something unique about a bond that’s formed over rods, reels, and mutual love for fishing. Lucky for me, I have been able to forge many friendships throughout my fishing adventures, with like-minded folks whose passion for fishing and the outdoors both encourage and inspire me.

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit one of my friends Morgan Errington at her family’s lodge, Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort, and indulge in some time with her on the water. The lodge is currently owned and operated by Al and Doris Errington, and has been in the Errington family since 1975. Located in the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve in Northern Ontario, this fly-in fishing destination is ideal for families and friends who dream of the perfect wilderness escape with all the comforts of home.

erringtons wildernes island wabatongushi lake

For many returning guests, Errington’s Wilderness Island is more than just a fishing destination—it’s a place they have come to call a second home. After a few days at the resort with Morgan, I fully understood why so many guests return to the island year after year, making an annual visit part of their family tradition. It’s not simply the beauty of the north, the vastness of the lake, or the plethora of activities that keep guests coming back—it’s the people. The Errington family and their staff create such a welcoming and friendly environment for their guests that everyone feels like family by the end of the trip.

woman angler with northern pike

My goal for this trip to Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort was not only to spend my time with my friend Morgan but also to fish and explore Lake Wabatongushi. This lake spans 10,000 acres (or 3,000 hectares) and boasts excellent fishing for species such as Northern Pike and Walleye—two of my favourites to catch on the fly. I felt fortunate on this trip to be guided not only by Morgan but also by Head Guide and expert fly fisherman Aaron Van Steinburg. With both their fishing expertise and knowledge of the lake, I was confident we would be able to get into some excellent fishing.

woman angler with fishing fly

Mother Nature, however, seemed to have another plan in mind. During my week-long trip, we experienced a massive heat wave, reaching temperatures wildly uncommon for that time of the year in this particular area of Northern Ontario. As many of you may have already guessed, this drastically impacted the fishing. Northern Pike especially do not enjoy intense heat and high sun, and will often dive into the deeper parts of the lake to stay cool during conditions such as these. In order to accommodate for these conditions, we often fished early in the morning as well as in the evenings to try and avoid the majority of the heat and get into some active fish. Despite these challenging fishing conditions, I was able to have some fun hook up to some northern pike and even a few walleye while out on the water with Morgan and Aaron.

angler with northern pike

Luckily, Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort has no lack of alternative activities available for when the fishing conditions aren’t ideal. Morgan and I were able to go hiking, swimming, and kayaking whenever we weren’t out on the water. She even took me on a tour around the lake by boat to search for wildlife—something that is plentiful in the area thanks to the conservation laws put in place here in the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. In the evenings after fishing, we would often shoot pool or play games in the main lodge with the staff. Needless to say, while it can be frustrating when conditions aren’t conducive for fishing, the amenities and activities available at Errington’s Wilderness Island allow for more than enough fun to fill your time.

In terms of accommodations, one of the most distinctive features available at Errington’s Wilderness Island is its secluded waterfront cabins. Ten of these distanced cabins are dotted across the main island with one, two, or three-bedroom options available. Each cabin provides guests with numerous amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, living space, wood-burning fireplace, private dock, and boat. What makes these cabins truly unique, however, is their seclusion and privacy from each other as well as from the main lodge. With a stunning waterfront view on one side and the beauty of nature on the others, these cabins are the perfect choice for families or groups of friends looking for a little more privacy and seclusion while still having access to the amenities and comforts provided in the main lodge.

Errington’s Wilderness Island also offers suite-style accommodations, which are located next to the main lodge. This option is excellent for guests looking for more assistance and convenient accessibility to all the available amenities during their trip. With both American Plan and Housekeeping options, there is sure to be an option to fit your needs.

What surprised me the most, I think, is how quickly the Errington family and the island began to feel like home. The cheerful, welcoming nature of the staff, the incredible home-cooked meals and the natural beauty of the island create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. Plus of course, any time out on the water is a privilege, and always feels like home to me.

In these uncertain times, it’s exciting to look ahead and dream of all the adventure that awaits us on future fishing trips. All of the lodges and outfitters in Algoma look forward to welcoming international anglers when it’s safe to travel once again. Stay safe and stay healthy anglers! Ontario, and Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort, will be here waiting for you on your next adventure.

About Jenna McKeown

Jenna McKeown has loved fishing since she was a young girl. Now as a young adult attending university, she has learned the basics of fly fishing. Like all good anglers, she welcomes instruction and education on all aspects of fly fishing and fish. She hopes to inspire other young girls and women to learn more about fly fishing and the great outdoors. Currently Jenna is attending university to become a teacher focused on one day instructing primary grade students in French. Jenna is a passionate singer, songwriter and guitarist. She produces much of the music used in The New Fly Fisher.

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