Fly-in To Ogoki Moose

A fishing and hunting trip into Northern Ontario

Winding rivers, hidden lakes, green bogs, and golden poplar passed below as Don Elliott of Mattice Lake Outfitters flew our party of six from Armstrong. The Otter circled a fifty-acre island and as Don coaxed the plane lower across rippled waters five cabins came into view. Clean, spacious, and fully equipped they were our base for exploring Northwestern Ontario's massive Ogoki Reservoir.

Formed during the 1930's to divert water flowing to James Bay for hydro generation, the reservoir stretches for 34 miles. A quick study of the topographic maps indicated the south shore had moose potential with numerous bays and rivers. On our first day, we scouted from 14-foot aluminum boats, glassing the shorelines that revealed many hidden river mouths snaking deep into the Boreal forest.

walleye Ogoki Reservoir
Showing a walleye caught in Northern Ontario's Ogoki Reservoir. (Photo credit: Peter Wood)

On day two we split up into three groups with partner Frank and I choosing a winding river about 12 km from camp. The amount of moose sign pointed to success and the next morning a single shot echoed down the same winding river. Frank filled his cow tag around 9 a.m. from his seat on a fallen fir tree protruding ten feet out into the river.

When we weren't hunting, we were fishing.

Between hunts we caught walleye. Just drifting slowly past any point with a jig and minnow equaled success. One evening we enjoyed our annual beast feast with fresh walleye cubed and then fried in a cast iron skillet. Medallions of barbecued moose tenderloin shared on a platter with roasted red potatoes. Caesar salad, slow-baked beans, and apple pie completed our feast.

Moose Ogoki Reservoir
Hunting Moose in beautiful and picturesque Ogoki Reservoir. (Photo credit: Peter Wood)

Fresh moose sign was evident each day and Frank and I took turns piloting the boat and putting leather on the ground. On day eight, as we rounded a bend in the river, three moose stood between the marsh and forest. Quickly beaching the boat we crept forward, rifles at the ready. The cow and two calves vanished so I gave a grunt call in hopes of luring the cow back. To our amazement, we heard a loud grunt as a young bull stepped out to challenge. A 140-yard shot dropped it. We were astonished to see it get up, but a second round sealed the deal.

With two moose down it was easy to spend our last few days enjoying the fishing and the scenery of the Ogoki Reservoir.

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PO Box 157, Armstrong ON  POT 1AO
PH: (807) 583-2483

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