Want to know how to WOW a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year?

Get him to experience the Canadian Canoe Culture in wilds of Wabakimi.

In 2012, pro kayaker Erik Boomer was named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year for completing the first circumnavigation of Ellesmere Island, Canada. Erik has kayaked all over the world, but he had never paddled a canoe.

This year, Boomer returned to Canada with videographer and white-water kayaker Rush Sturges, to experience the Canadian Canoe Culture in the wilds of Wabakimi Provincial Park, Ontario.  

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Wabakimi Provincial Park has no roads. With more than 1,200 miles of water routes, the canoe is the traditional and best way to travel here. As you paddle through its pristine beauty, you’re unlikely to see another human soul. Animals are far more likely to spot.

It is a perfect destination for remote backcountry canoe tripping. However, if you prefer to stay in comfort, Wilderness North's full-service fly-in lodges are an excellent base to explore this awe-inspiring wilderness. 

“The combination of adventures and thriving First Nations culture created a journey I will never forget,” says Rush.

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