4 reasons why this rider-friendly lodge is a key part of sled culture in Ontario—and why it needs your help.

As any avid rider in the province knows, if you've never been to Halfway Haven, you've missed out on one of Ontario's best snowmobile destinations.

Please note that as of February 24th Halfway Haven is now closed for the 2022 winter season

When snowmobilers talk about favourite Northern Ontario sledding destinations, they usually name towns. Places like Cochrane, Mattawa, New Liskeard or Halfway Haven.

Halfway Haven?

No, it ain’t a town, but Halfway gets honourary “destination” status, because it’s so critically located and essential to touring riders. In fact, off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other out-of-the-way operation in the North as important to so much and so many as Halfway Haven Lodge.

1. There's nothing like Experiencing That Special Halfway Feeling

Established in 1998, it may not be much to look at at first—just a few rustic log cabins and scattered structures tucked away in a vast wilderness. This classic hunting and fishing lodge may not have the convenient road access, bustling activity, and choice of amenities you get with towns. But as a trail rider who has visited there many times, I can attest that arriving at Halfway Haven by snowmobile trail warms my heart more than any town ever has. 

That’s because, from whatever direction you arrive, you’ve just snowmobiled for hours on remote trails through majestic Algoma Country landscapes. OFSC trails where the only other living things are on four legs or covered in bark. But you know your sled doesn’t have the fuel range to make it to the next town without a fill-up. 

So, arriving at Halfway Haven puts a big grin on your face, especially since the place suddenly just seems to pop up on the trail ahead, even though you’ve been expecting it. And that tiny outpost in the middle of nowhere offers welcoming smiles, warm hospitality and freedom from worry about the rest of your ride. You know you’re in good hands when Halfway’s friendly canines greet you with wildly wagging tails!

2. All The TOP Trail Necessities: Fuel, hearty eats, and cozy accommodations

Halfway Haven is midway between Searchmont, Chapleau and Wawa, on Jeep Lake about 60 klicks by bush road from the nearest highway. Located on TOP Trail D, which passes directly through its yard, Halfway is also just north of the intersection of TOP C101D. These are the only two trunk trail through north-central Algoma Country.

This one-of-a-kind refuge provides an indispensable sanctuary for trail riders. Hence, its name. Fuel for thirsty sleds, hearty meals for hungry riders (breakfast and dinner are included in the room rates), and accommodations for weary bods (reservations recommended). A safe and secure port in a storm or in an emergency situation, with a casual down-home feel of an upscale hunt camp. Check the Halfway Haven Facebook page for latest service updates.

3. It's a Turnaround Base For Multiple Groomers: No halfway haven = less trail access

But Halfway Haven serves another vital and necessary behind-the-scenes function. Groomers from Searchmont, Wawa, and Chapleau couldn’t complete their two-day runs without fuelling up there. Nor would their operators have anywhere to stay overnight.

In fact, without Halfway Haven, up to 1,000 kilometres of Algoma Country trails would either shut down or be cut off. In addition, all towns and services to the north of Halfway would suffer severe winter business decreases. So would a city as big as Sault Ste. Marie. That city may be the gateway to the popular “All The Way There” tour to Hearst, but Halfway Haven Lodge makes it possible.

4. It's in Algoma country: home to epic Trail Riding

So you may be saying to yourself, that’s all well and good, but what do I care? It’s simple. If you haven’t visited Halfway Haven, that means you haven’t snowmobiled some of Ontario’s finest OFSC trails, bar none. Most sledders would agree that TOP D from Searchmont to Dubreuilville (home of The Groomer Guy) and TOP D108 A that connects it to TOP A into Hearst, are as good or better than the popular Northern Corridor from Cochrane to Hearst. I’ll leave that argument to others to settle, but suffice it to say: Northern Algoma Country’s wide, sweeping trails on the rolling forest terrain and exhilarating utility corridors are second to none. And Halfway Haven anchors this epic ride, where trails are normally available well into March.

Plan your 2022 winter trip to halfway haven lodge: help support an essential piece of Ontario's snowmobile culture!

So if you’re looking for bragging rights or to add one more destination to your bucket list, check out sledding in Algoma Country and start planning your visit to Halfway Haven. Tell Drew The Intrepid Snowmobiler sent ya!


Call to make your reservation: 1-705-812-1671

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Halfway Haven Lodge is located at 
N 47 degrees, 30 min .543 sec  
W 84 degrees 01 min  .774 sec


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