11 TikToks That Prove Ontario is the Best Place To Go Snowmobiling

As if there was any question, we have all the proof you need! These videos will have you itching to hit the snow-covered trails.
A snowmobiler riding along an open creek, with large fluffy mounds of new snow covering the rocks and forest all around. Typed behind the snowmobile is the word "BRAAAAAAAAAP!!!" in red font.

It’s that time of year again folks, when I scour the internet in search of compelling content showcasing why Ontario is a premiere powersports destination. Seeing that it’s finally snowmobile season (and it's been a challenging one at that, with the warm weather pattern known as El Nino, wreaking havoc on our once great Canadian winter), I set out to search far and wide across everyone’s favourite social media platform TikTok for said content, the only criteria being that it had to be filmed in Ontario and involve snowmobiling in one form or another. As usual, I came across some bangers and am happy to present 11 TikToks that will give you the ‘feels’ for snowmobiling in Ontario this winter.

*Ontario law requires a snowmobile entering an OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trail to display a valid Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit.

a red circular "Buy Your Permit Online" OFSC snowmobiling logo

1. & 2. Snowmobilers Glamping Among the Trees

We kick things off with a couple of glamping promo pieces by Northeastern Ontario’s Among The Trees. The spot offers unique VIP lodging via these super cool custom octa-domes. Located in Birch Island, (15 minutes from Manitoulin Island and 25 minutes to Espanola) and now offering direct snowmobile access, a night under the stars in style is just a few clicks away.

3. Kapuskasing Trails

This slickly produced piece of content utilizes a mix of drone, POV and traditional cinematography showcasing the trail experience in Kapuskasing. The creator Beaver Tail Toys did a stellar job of capturing the thrill of sledding in ideal winter conditions and the view count while high for a small channel, deserved to go viral in my opinion. A+!

@beavertailtoys Snowmobiling through endless KM of beautifully groomed straight trails through the Northern Ontario forest…Kapuskasing! #thatskidoofeeling #skidoo #kapuskasing #northernontario #northeasternontario #machz #snowmobiling #trail ♬ original sound - Beaver Tail Toys🦫

4. Blue Mountain Snowmobiling

Another heart-pounding promo video showcases sledding in pristine snow conditions throughout the Blue Mountain region. The author claims to be offering guided tours although the comments say otherwise. Either way, with the lacklustre winter we’ve had thus far, being reminded of how beautiful it can be here in winter was worth the click.

5. & 6. Off-Trail Riding at Abitibi Canyon 

OFSC purists will cringe at this one, showcasing all off-trail riding without a groomer in sight. Did you know this type of sledding is actually legal and encouraged in certain regions of the province? One of the most well-known is Abitibi Canyon located in Cochrane, ON. Having ridden there several times over the years I can attest that the powder is as good as it looks and normally sticks around ‘till late spring due to its extreme northern geography (9 hours from The GTA).

@josharampersaud Cochrane trip from 2 weeks ago what a blast! Finally got to get some seat time on the new machine #lynx #brp #snowmobiling #sledding #cochraneontario #backcountry #trails #pow ♬ original sound - Heath Whibley
@whataride247 Cochrane! With links to the Northern Corridor and the Abitibi Canyon Loop, Cochrane is a destination for those who want to put down some seriously adventurous miles! Join us on the trails! See link in bio or comments for more information. #RideTheNorth #Neontario #NortheasternOntario #SnowmobileTour #SledTour #WideOpenSpaces #GoWhereTheresSnow #RideTheNorth #whataride247 ♬ original sound - What A Ride

7. Northern Ontario’s Best Snowmobile Loops

Hands down the best-produced piece of content I came across while searching for unique Snowmobile videos, comes to us from our friends at What A Ride. Focusing on Northern Ontario’s most famous Trail Loops (such as the Gold Rush, the Gateway to the North and the Abitibi Canyon Loop tour).

@whataride247 Soon!!! Do it right this year, and head north where the snow is guaranteed. Northeastern Ontario has some of the best trail systems on the planet, with great accommodations and snowmobile-friendly communities. Take your pick of one of the many incredible tours, such as the Gold Rush, the Gateway to the North, or the Abitibi Canyon Loop, amongst many others. A full list of options and more information are available at the links in our bio, or check the first comment below. #whataride247 #RidetheNorth #snowmobiling #sledding #sledlife #GatewaytotheNorth #Sled #Snowmobile #SnowmobileTrip #SledLife #OfftheBeatenPath #neOntario #theseven ♬ original sound - What A Ride

8. Different Types of Snowmobilers

The only post that breaks the rules of my search criteria is because it’s funny and very relatable if you’re a snowmobiler. Not surprisingly it has more views than all the others combined.

9. Northern Ontario is Snowmobile Friendly as Well as Just Friendly

No breathtaking scenery or drone work here. What this does have that none of the others do is a heartwarming moment caught on camera, when a young boy riding his sled alone next to a road is stuck in some deep powder and a passerby comes to his aid. This is a perfect example of why Northern Ontario is different from the South and one of the many reasons I always enjoy my time up there.

10. Snowmobiling ASMR

ASMR stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response; a term used to describe a tingling, static-like, or goosebumps sensation in response to specific triggering audio or visual stimuli. This is 2-stroke ASMR if I’ve ever heard it. If you know, you know. Braaappppp!!

11. Muskoka Snowcross FPV

I couldn’t complete my list without including this last one; a super cool video using FPV (first-person view) drones filming snowcross racers practicing at a private compound in Muskoka.

*These are professional racers on a closed course. Do not attempt this at home. Always practice safe snowmobiling for the safety of yourself and fellow snowmobilers. Dangerous snowmobiling can lead to injury or death.

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