The OFSC Abitibi Canyon Loop

The Abitibi Canyon Loop is one of the wildest, most remote and furthest north-reaching groomed snowmobile trails in all of Ontario, making it an incredible ride!



OFSC District 15
Destination: Cochrane, Smooth Rock Falls
Hashtags: #sledabitibicanyon #RideNEOntario

Before you head out, please check to make sure that the trails are available, using the OFSC's Interactive Trail Guide

Every snowmobiler dreams of vast open expanses, endless snow that makes mirages out of the horizon, and trails so wide that they're only comparable to a 400 series highway, without the traffic. This is exactly what this tour offers.

Consider starting your adventure at the newly renovated Base Camp Abitibi Canyon in the snowmobile-friendly town of Cochrane. Home to the Polar Bear Habitat and the Polar Bear Riders Snowmobile Club, this is the land where the water runs north to James Bay—big nature up here. Check out the Go Tour Ontario Interactive Trip planner to get started.

Ride from Cochrane to Smooth Rock falls, fuel up, and head north on the A103 to the Abitibi Canyon. The west side of the A103 is more exposed, whereas the east side of the loop is sheltered, providing relative protection in the trees (this tip helps if it is very cold!).


The landscape is quite different from the major populated centres of Ontario, offering endless hydro corridors that are uninterrupted by roads. Quite honestly, the odd stop sign is a relief and offers a moment for your riding buddies to catch up. At the top of the A103 lies Abitibi Canyon Dam, which was built in the 1930s and offers a spectacular view of the massive Abitibi River that carves north to the bay. 

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Buy your permits from Northern Corridor Du Nord, OFSC District 15, from either the Cochrane Polar Bear Riders Snowmobile Club or the Smooth Rock Falls Arctic Riders Snowmobile Club.


Base Camp Abitibi Canyon

Best Western Swan Castle Inn

Westway Motel

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