Lack of Snow Got You Down? Ontario is the Answer—Video

Looking out the window of our rental car as we left Toronto on a late-February morning, we were hard-pressed to find even a flake of snow anywhere in this concrete jungle. This was more than a little upsetting, as a snowmobile trip with more than a dozen people was planned for the next morning.

Similar scenes have doubtless occurred thousands of times for snowmobilers all over Canada and the United States this winter, as snowfall has been sporadic in areas where it normally falls in abundance. Snowplows, salt trucks, and shovels have been in a prolonged and unexpected hibernation for too long, while the poor souls in the hot cocoa industry must be popping antacids at a record pace. The Swiss Miss is surely in a foul mood.

But not everybody is suffering. About 45 minutes after pointing our car north on Hwy. 400 the landscape began to change. Brown grass was replaced by light blankets of snow. After passing by Barrie and turning onto Hwy. 69 North the transformation to winter was complete. Even in the worst snow season in recent memory, snowmobiling in Ontario is thriving!




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