Where Are We Going Today?

10 unique Ontario snowmobile destinations you have to visit

Where are we going to ride? 

This question gets asked either the night before or it's the first question before leaving in the morning. It has serious weight as it often determines the experience. Here in Ontario, the answer is loaded with endless possibilities. 

If you're into reaching some of the neatest places by snowmobile then you're going to love this list. I've included 10 spots to bring family and friends for experiences they will never forget as well as places where you can mash the throttle and enjoy great thrills. Share this article and tag a friend with your favourite one.

1 - The Big Three Lookouts

Lookouts are one of my favourite ride-to destinations. There's something special about being able to peer way out into the great Canadian wilderness. This ride has three of them packed into one day! The first lookout is located on the north edge of Algonquin Park outside of Bonfield on the BF205 and is named Boulter Lookout. The second, Bird's Eye View is 32 kilometres north of Mattawa on the A112A and the third remarkable view is the Redbridge Lookout on NB304.

Check out the video and article by Backroads Bill Steer on his ride. Bill shares maps, GPS coordinates and information on the significance of these lookouts in relation to the local geology.

Recommended Accommodations: Cedar Gables Lodge  

2 - Lake Bernard - Sundridge, Ontario

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Lake Bernard is largest fresh water lake in the world without an island. It's located right in the prime snow belt area of the Almaguin Highlands in the Explorers' Edge region. Ontario's abundance of freshwater is something we take for granted, there's no other place like this, and it's down right cool to say you've snowmobiled on the worlds largest freshwater lake without an island. 

Recommended Accommodations: Caswell Resort Hotel

bernard lake

3 - Boondocking in Wawa

Back country riders are constantly searching for untouched riding areas and more often than not the question of where to go is answered with "to the fresh pow!" Endless options in an endless wilderness is what Top Secret Boondocking in Wawa is all about! Start you're adventure by learning more here

Recommended Accommodations: Wawa Motor Inn


4 - Abitibi Canyon

Easily one of the best rides in the province, the Abitbi Canyon offers something for everyone. The never-ending hydro corridors are filled with foot upon foot of untouched snow, mesmerizing boreal forest trails and some great boondocking. Combine all that with a stunning view of the Fraserdale Abitibi Canyon Generating Station and this ride a must-do! 

Recommended Accommodations: Best Western Swan Castle Inn

Fraserdale Abitibi Canyon Generating Station

5 - Kearney Ice Caves

The caves are located just to the east of Kearney, Ontario and 18km from Sand Lake on the AL301. You will find the Ice Caves on the east end of the lake which is actually on the border of Algonquin Provincial Park. The ice formations create a three dimensional explorer’s paradise tucked into a small sheltered bay. The cave formations change from year to year in size and shape however the stunning colour and clarity is always second to none. 

Recommended Accommodations: Silversands Resort

IMG 8152

6 - Arctic Ice – Salt Water

Extreme Tours of Cochrane can take you and your riding pals on a 520km round trip from the Abitibi Canyon onto the sea ice of James Bay north of Moosonee. It's a 3-day trip that includes a guide (must have), accommodations, food and of course gas! 

Recommended Accommodations: Thriftlodge Cochrane South

extreme tours cochrane james bay moosonee.13 f

7 - Mazinaw Lake

Mazinaw Lake
The scenic lookout over Mazinaw Lake offers a spectacular view of the beauty landscape. Be sure to stop at the rock on the southeast shore of Mazinaw Lake, which is Ontario’s second deepest lake at 476 feet. The rock face is a 100m (330ft) high escarpment rising out of the water, known for native pictographs and rock climbing. 

To learn about current trail conditions, best routes to get to the lake and anything about riding in the area get in touch with the people who know best, the Mazinaw Powerline Snowmobile Club.

Recommended Accommodations: Mazinaw Lakeside Resort 

8 - Timmins McIntyre Head Frame No. 11

mcintyre mine

This gold mining head frame is rich in history. The head frame was built in 1927, the mine operated from 1912 until 1988 and was the third largest producer of Gold in Canada. All of the mine's buildings were demolished in 2007, except for head-frame No. 11.

Located directly in view of the mine is the McIntyre Arena which was built at the same time as Maple Leaf Gardens. Rumour has it that the developer of the gardens ordered extra steel for the Toronto arena to build the Timmins venue. Timmins has got to be one of the most snowmobile-friendly cities in the world. It's a great stop or staging location for doing the Gold Rush Tour Loop. Make sure to visit The Mcintyre Coffee Shop

Recommended Accommodations: Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

9 - White Otter Castle

So the story goes....Jimmy McQuat over a hundred years ago built a three-story log castle from red pine trees that still stands today. Jimmy cut, hauled and interlocked logs to build the castle way back in 1915. The castle has recently been restored through the efforts of the Friends of the White Otter Castle. This magical place can be reached by either starting in Atikokan or Ignace via the Top A trail. The castle is located on the L903, 105km north of Atikokan.

Recommended Accommodations: White Otter Inn

White Otter Winter Candy

10 - Val Gagne Ski-Doo Tree 

gold rush 4
Located in Val Gagne, Ontario and
right on the Gold Rush tour you'll find the Ski-Doo Tree! Perched atop the 50-something foot post is an old Bombardier Snowmobile. The tree also includes a bunch of sled parts as well as on old propane phone. The story behind this statue is unknown but rumour has it that the local snowmobile club built it. 

Recommended Accommodations: Galaxy Motor Hotel 

This list is just the beginning, there's so much to explore so get out and ride this winter. If you're looking for a place to ride to and stay over night check out these 16 snowmobile friendly destinations and remember to share this article, tag a friend and post your favourite trail side attraction. 

See you on the snow! 

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