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From donuts and cinnamon buns to butter tarts and boreal honey—and even an inappropriate cookie or two—you'll find a thriving dessert scene in this northern city.

I act flakey around buttery pastries, half-baked brownies warm my insides, and my heart melts for the perfect chocolate. And I know I’m not the only one whose mouth waters at the mention of chewy cookies or Nanaimo bars. If we’re being honest, who doesn't crave a scrumptious treat from time to time?

When life throws up its challenges, there’s no denying how wonderful freshly baked goods, candies and confections can make us feel. They may not be the best for us technically, but who can argue with the joy they bring? So if you're looking for some levity in your times of trial, these five dessert spots in Timmins will satisfy your sweet tooth—and your soul. 

1. Golden Crust Specialty Bakery

This bakery has changed hands and names since its establishment in the 1930s, but the commitment to making the finest fresh foods is unwavering. For over 80 years, Golden Crust Specialty Bakery and its owners have delivered on their promise to produce the highest quality baked goods and desserts. 

You’ll find a large assortment of cookies, bread, pastries, pies, and squares at their store—even freshly made donuts! There’s nothing like biting into the heaven that is a fresh apple fritter or a honey dip, jelly, or cream-filled donut. 

Maybe you’re craving something tall and layered with character? How about leaving with a Golden Crust in-store cake. Custom order one for a special event—or for no particular reason at all. No one needs an excuse to eat a slice.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to make an entire meal of these delicious sweet offerings—the Golden Crust’s cookery has take-home savoury foods like meat pies, cabbage rolls, and Shepherd’s Pie. Don’t forget the dinner rolls or a crusty baguette to clean off your plate.

A selection of fresh Golden Crust donuts

2. Hollinger House Bakery & Deli

Serving up a delightful selection of fresh goods daily, Hollinger House Bakery and Deli bakes an appetizing array for every occasion. Ten varieties of pies, five kinds of loaf cakes, date squares, brownies, cookies, and melt-in-your-mouth fudge, to name just a few tempting delicacies.

Grandma’s old-fashioned butter tarts caught my eye and I wouldn’t leave the bakery without them. Nor could I go without a loaf of fresh bread, made without preservatives, just like mom bakes. Now I just need to make a hearty lasagna to serve with my fluffy loaf!

All of this food shopping is sure to make you hungry, so eat one of Famous Phil’s Sandwiches, made to order.

Hollinger House Flatbread Pizza right out of the oven

3. Pick of the Crop

At Pick of the Crop, you’ll discover made-in-house goods and a grocery full of local gourmet products. The struggle at this store will be sorting out your secret snacks to eat in the car from what you’ll actually bring home.

When perusing their baked items, your eyes will glaze over with cherry cruffins, vanilla creme horns, fresh cinnamon rolls, cookies, cupcakes, and more. Not only does Pick of the Crop’s team make delicious treats and cakes, but you’ll also find delectable creations by Vicky D’Amours Bakery and baked goods from Golden Crust Specialty Bakery.

With all these yummy options you might be thinking about having a cup of tea to wash it all down, so don’t forget to pick up some Miel Boreal Honey to sweeten your hot drinks. If you prefer something chilled to sip on with your culinary spread, add Trésor Kombucha’s flavoursome drinks, and Pick of the Crop’s small-batch raw fruit juices to your basket!

You probably came to this grocery for goodies; however, you should bring home something even better (for you)–a salad made with Sandhill Lane Farms’ microgreens and Borealis Fresh Farms’ famous kales, plus a cheese ball sampler made in-store. Add tourtière, and you won’t even have to cook dinner.

A bountiful haul from Pick of the Crop

4. Radical Gardens Restaurant and Bakery

Radical Gardens Restaurant and bakery is one of Timmins’ finest—and well-deserving of its awards. Take a burger to go, ordering through their website or app is easy; or stay to eat when dine-in is available.

Only, you can’t leave without the sweet stuff, right? Pick from favourites like blondies, cosmic brownies, shortcakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Feast your eyes on pastries like the Chocolate Avalanche—imagine a puff pastry full of chocolate, drizzled with caramel ganache and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The baking team comes up with inventive flavour combinations like Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Cheesecake Cake. Don’t those sound like more than a mouthful? Be sure to bring home a piece of the cheesecake; it’s not a dessert but food for the soul.

The latest creation, cheesecake in a flakey pie crust, topped with luscious butter tart filling, has me planning a road trip. 

Radical Gardens' Inappropriate Pastry Palace

Unsuitable for polite company, these inappropriately designed cookies are so naughty. I never thought Royal Icing would make me blush! If you’re feeling frisky or love a good joke, this collection will make your day.

Butter tart cheesecake with flaky pie crust

5. Just Beecause Chocolates and Confections 

To make your taste buds dance, look no further than Just Beecause Chocolates and Confections for spectacular hand-painted creations with flavours that change with the seasons. 

Timmins’ local chocolatier, Bee, plans and tests out all the combinations herself to perfectly pair fillings and textures to make a morsel you’ll savour. I’d help with tasting everything–if only Bee would ask.

A box of bonbons makes an excellent gift for any occasion or Just Beecause. To share or not to share, that is the question.

A Diverse Food Landscape

When it comes to delicious bakeries and fantastic local food stops, Timmins really delivers

Even those with the most discerning palate will find an astounding variety of edible experiences, from sweet and savoury to salty and everything in between. Plan a fun, foodie fuelled road trip through this tasty slice of Northeastern Ontario!

Radical Gardens Monster Cheesecake
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