Hear the Timmins Tigers Roar in the City of Timmins

Cricket season has officially begun in the City of Timmins. This summer, head on down to the stadium and cheer on our amazing Timmins Tigers Cricket Club!
Supplied by the Timmins Tigers Cricket Club

The History of Cricket

The City of Timmins, Ontario, was partially formed by the sport of cricket. Once used as a tactic to lure miners in the 1930s and 40s, the Porcupine Mine used to guarantee jobs to those who could play cricket. Recognized as the official sport of Canada in 1867 before it was changed to lacrosse, the sport of cricket was created in England. It is believed that during the 13th century country boys would throw what would most likely have been rocks at a stump or into a sheep pen in which the shepherd would use his staff to fend them off. The gate or wicket of a sheep pen featured two vertical pieces of wood and a crossbar or bail at the top.  The history of cricket explains the names of the fielder locations such as the cow corner which is a term used to describe a fielder location that is so far that cows could potentially graze there without being disturbed by the game. As time went on, this sport began to spread into different countries by English Settlers and teams began to form. 

The Timmins Tigers Cricket Club

Deepak Datta is the manager of the Timmins Tigers Cricket Club which was established in 2016. He is a dental surgeon in the City of Timmins and used to play cricket in his hometown. He explained how his move here was influenced by the fact that the City of Timmins has one cricket stadium which needed repairs, but he was determined to develop it. He said that this was a challenge post-Covid due to the decline in sports, infrastructure and finance problems. Thankfully with his efforts in fundraising including the generosity of many donors and the City of Timmins the team was able to purchase new equipment and start rebuilding the infrastructure. He said that he is extremely grateful for the contributions that were given from the community “and that’s how people started connecting with each other and collaborating”. Since then, the Timmins Tigers Cricket Club have only been improving and although this sport is not as popular these days, with the creation of the Timmins Tigers Cricket Club, this sport has started to gain momentum and is providing benefits and helping to shape our community.

Ok, but what kind of benefits?

The sport of cricket is very popular in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, England, Pakistan and Bangladesh. With the increase of international students that are coming into Timmins to receive an education, the sport of cricket to them is a way to combat homesickness as Deepak confirmed “with this sport, they know it helps boost the mood and helps morale.” He explained that “people used to move back to India after finishing their BA but now they have a reason to stay. He said that “5 students so far that are on the team and got their status, now consider the City of Timmins to be their new homes and all because of cricket.” The sport of Cricket in our city has helped increase the number of people living here. Deepak said that It also helps tourism, because people get to play matches, enjoy fishing and stuff around Timmins, go shopping, it helps the economy, people get to know Timmins, it encourages community members, and it is good physical activity.

But why is it so popular?

Deepak said that “cricket is my religion; cricket is like what baseball and hockey is to Canada.” It is a sport that “brings friendship and health together. It brings joy to the spectators and gives them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. It is a popular sport and people enjoy playing it in order to prove themselves and to beat each other physically by playing the sport.” Along with the physical benefits that this sport brings to the players, it also helps to boost their mental health, improves cardiovascular health, releases endorphins for a better mood, helps to promote a better lifestyle as players need to stay fit and healthy. It also helps to develop better hand-eye coordination and team building skills as the sport is known as the gentleman’s game and is based on the concept of respect. There are many benefits when watching the sport, it is a form of entertainment which allows the viewer to cheer the team on which builds adrenaline and encourages the community to become more social, giving them something to look forward to. The sport of cricket has become so popular that Deepak has confirmed that there are now 48 active members in the Timmins Tigers Cricket Club and the sport has begun to spread in different countries such as the U.S.

Great so how do we play cricket?

“There are different forms of cricket, there is Test Cricket which is 5 days that the team has to get players out. This is especially popular in London, India and Australia. One Day Internationals, and Twenty20 cricket is the most popular form of the World Championship which is happening now in the U.S.” 

Just like Benny Hollinger won against Alex Gillies, the team that goes first in the game of cricket is also determined by way of coin toss. The winning team’s captain determines who bats and who bowls and then the game begins! The game is played on a cricket field which is in the shape of an oval and features a rectangular area in the middle called the pitch. A team is comprised of 11 players although there may be extra on the side in case one of them injures themselves or needs a break. Each team will take turns batting during multiple innings to try and score runs. Meanwhile, the defending team attempts to get 10 players out from the batting team in order to end their innings by getting caught, bowled, leg before wicket, stumped, run out, and many other ways. The team that has the most runs at the end of the match wins.

But what about the bad weather?

The harsh winters that occur for pretty much half of the year in the City of Timmins have been a challenge for the Timmins Tigers Cricket Club and those wanting to play the sport in general as there was no location to practice during those chilly months. Thankfully in December of 2022 due to the contributions from the Mayor of Timmins, the team was able to acquire a practice area in the batting cages of the basement in the Archie Dillon Sportsplex.


Supplied by the Timmins Tigers Cricket Club
Supplied by the Timmins Tigers Cricket Club

The Timmins Tigers Cricket Team Lineup

This season come on down to watch and cheer on our amazing Timmins Tigers Cricket Team at the Timmins Cricket Ground at 215 Royal Street in Timmins to view the following matches which was kindly given to us by the manager of the team Deepak Datta.

The Timmins Cricket Tournament Championship 2024

Come and watch our Timmins Tigers Cricket Club bat it out against the North Bay and Sudbury Cricket Clubs during a thrilling two-day match which will occur on June 1st to June 2nd with the first match beginning at 8am.

Mayor’s Cup 2024

During an exciting two-day event this 6th-7th of July come on down to the cricket ground and watch as the Mayor of Timmins inaugurates and presents awards before the match which will occur between our Timmins Tigers and the Sudbury and Thunder Bay Cricket Clubs.

Northern Ontario Cup 2024

The 2024 Northern Ontario Cup will be happening from August 24th to August 26th. Be sure to cheer on our team as they bat it out in a thrilling competition against Sault St Marie, Thunder Bay and the Sudbury Cricket Clubs.

Mega Event 2025

For an amazing mega event of a lifetime that will be happening next summer on July 18th-20th 2025 The Timmins Tigers Cricket Club will be hosting a new tournament which will occur at their new and improved cricket ground which is currently being created. For a look at the new ground and to experience an amazing cricket tournament of the year then be sure to mark your calendars and visit their Facebook Page for all of your cricket inquiries.

Deepak including the Timmins Cricket Club is grateful to the community, all of its generous donors and the City of Timmins for their continuous support including TEDC which is the company that is supporting these tournaments by providing the funding that is required.

While the sport of cricket is commonly known as the gentleman's game due to its respectable nature, this sport is meant to be played by everyone including girls and women and has been that way since 1887 in Yorkshire. If you would like to try your hand and play the "gentleman's" sport but need to purchase the necessary equipment which includes a wicket, bat, ball, glove and protective gear, then be sure to visit Sportchek which is located in The Timmins Square or Canadian Tire located at 2199 on Riverside Drive in Timmins.

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