4 Amazing Sweets and Treat Spots To Discover in Timmins

Unleash your inner child by visiting some of the best ice cream and candy stores in this Northern Ontario city!
A zoom-out of all of the pringles that are sold at the Sweet Freez candy and fruit shop

The city of Timmins, Ontario is known for its outdoor adventure opportunities. Cycling, paddling, hiking, and ATVing are just some of the activities on offer in this scenic waterfront city. But when it comes to relaxing and treating yourself, they've got that covered too! Spend the night sleeping with the wolves, indulge in a Nordic spa, or stop into one of these sweet dessert spots for a treat like no other. 

Here are four candy and dessert places to discover in Timmins. 

1. The Classic Corner Store: Kiddies Korner

Two ice cream cones against a blue sky.
Image credit: Kiddies Korner Facebook page

Kiddies Korner (Located at 180 Joseph Street) is one of our most famous corner store ice cream spots. Offering 26 different flavours of soft serve ice creams including 12 flavours of hard ice cream—opt for a chocolate or sprinkle cone as an extra treat—Kiddies Korner is sure to impress. In addition to their fantastic ice cream flavours they offer an amazing selection of candies, chips and mouthwatering subs. 

Timmins Kiddies Korner Sub Menu credit given to the Kiddies Korner Facebook page Timmins Kiddies Korner Ice Cream Station credit given to the Kiddies Korner Facebook page Timmins Kiddies Korner ice cream cone options image credit given to the Kiddies Korner Facebook page
Images credited to the Kiddies Korner Facebook page

If you're in the mood for something delicious whether it be a sweet or savoury treat, then be sure to visit Kiddies Korner in the city of Timmins!

2. The Ice Cream Shop: The Pine Dairy Bar

The Timmins Pine Dairy Bar's Storefront image credited to the Pine Dairy Bar's Facebook Page.jpg
Image credited to the Timmins Pine Dairy Bar's Facebook page

Owned by resident Dany Pelletier since 2012, the Pine Dairy Bar is one of the oldest and most iconic ice cream parlours (and restaurants) in Timmins. Established in 1952, visitors can go back in time and experience a retro but delectable culinary adventure in this 50s-themed diner. Slide into one of their vintage car seat booths and enjoy some delicious homemade diner options. This includes juicy burgers named after celebrities, homemade fries and gravy, cheese sticks, pogos, and many other classic menu items. 

Pine Dairy Bar Elvis Burger credit given to the Pine Dairy Bar's Facebook Page.jpg The interior of the Pine Dairy Bar credit given to the Pine Dairy Bar's Facebook Page.jpg
Images credited to the Timmins Pine Dairy Bar's Facebook page

In addition to the diner, it's also one of the most popular ice cream spots Timmins—the Pine Dairy Bar offers 8 flavours of ice cream plus soft serve ice cream and milkshakes. From banana splits to delicious sundaes —you can mix and match until you discover your favourite ice cream combination! Ice cream lovers who want to keep the party going at home can pick up one of their famous ice cream cakes to go! Available in any flavour so long as you order ahead of time, their fantastic ice cream cakes are one of their most popular menu options and are sure to be a crowd favourite during your next celebration. 

The Pine Dairy Bar Milkshake Flavours credit given to the Pine Dairy Bar's Facebook Page Timmins.jpg Hard Ice Cream at the Pine Dairy Bar image credited to the Pine Dairy Bar's Facebook Page Timmins.jpg a wide view of the freezer which is used for the Pine Dairy Bar's ice cream cakes
Images credited to the Timmins Pine Dairy Bar's Facebook page

This restaurant is cash only so if you decide to take a delicious journey by trying one or all of their ice cream flavors or even some of their delectable menu items such as their tasty burgers, pogos, fries and much more then come prepared and get ready for a delicious journey of a lifetime!

3. The Unique Candy Store: Sweet Freez Candy Shop

A zoom-out of the Sweet Freez storefront Three bags of freeze dried candy in various colours in ziplocked pouches.

The Sweet Freez candy and fruit shop features some out-of-this-world products including freeze-dried candy, fruit, Jell-O, and even cucumbers, pickles, and ice cream! Located at 175 Third Avenue in the city of Timmins, this is the perfect place to satisfy all of your sweet or savory cravings. They also sell a variety of hard-to-find Pringle flavours, popcorn, and many more delectable treats. For a non-edible souvenir check out their candy and character-themed hats and socks!

Sweet Freez owners Treat Yourself Sign with an assortment of candy products in front of it
Paul and Holly Doyon are the proud owners of the most famous candy store in Timmins.

So, if you’re in the mood for a five-pound gummy bear, freeze-dried Skittles, or the world’s biggest candy necklace, come by to Sweet Freez and get ready for a unique and sweet experience. If you find yourself visiting this amazing store but can't find what you need, be sure to let the owners know—they're eager to provide their customers with the best products available!

Freeze-drying works by using a combination of hot and cold—and it's what makes the freeze-dried treats at the Sweet Freez candy store so delicious! The fruit, pickles, gummies, Jell-O, and other delicious goodies are loaded into the freeze-drying machine which heats up the products until they become soft. The vacuum inside the machine then starts to work by taking out any moisture which allows the sugars to become more concentrated—this results in a crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth treat that will satisfy anyone’s cravings!

Freeze dried candy on a tray. Freeze dried candy on a tray. Freeze dried strawberries on a tray.
Marshmallows, Jell-O, and strawberries in the shop's freeze dryers.

 Not only are the freeze-dried fruits from Sweet Freez delicious but they also keep their nutritional value even after they've been freeze-dried. If you want to try some of their products but don’t have time to check out their store, then be sure to pick up some of their tasty creations at Johnson’s Your Independent Grocer.

4. Sweet Magic Freeze Dried Candy Company

If you're a candy enthusiast and want to try some more freeze-dried goodness be sure to check out the Sweet Magic Freeze Dried Candy Company! Founder Linda Douglas operates out of her home using a freeze-drier inspected by the Porcupine Health Unit. Douglas creates fantastic, freeze-dried candies and marshmallows which are sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. While this company does not have a brick-and-mortar store, treats from the Sweet Magic Freeze Dried Candy Company can be found at most events around our beautiful city including the Mountjoy Farmers Market (Saturdays from June 1st, 2024 until October 12th, 2024, from 9:00 AM until noon at 537 Pavillion Drive in Timmins). If you're unable to make the Mountjoy Farmers Market, then don't miss out on some of her sweet treats including the possibility of some Dole soft serve ice cream which she sells from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm every Sunday on the hill at 309 Smith Street in South Porcupine. For more information or to place an order, be sure to follow them on Facebook, send them an email, or give them a call today at (705) 288-9181.

Plan a Sweet Visit to Timmins Today

Whether you want to buy a tasty treat for yourself or a loved one, to satisfy a craving, to celebrate an occasion, or for a pick me up, there are many delicious options to choose from in Timmins, Ontario. Offering premium customer service, quality products, and a delicious experience that will brighten up anyone's day, there's something for everyone to enjoy in the city of Timmins. 

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