5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Timmins

From local honey to Nordic baths and historic trapper's cabins, Timmins has something to satisfy every adventurer.

My trip to Timmins had me experiencing some of the best of what northeastern Ontario has to offer. There is no better way to explore one’s country than by travelling around it. Timmins has a wealth of activities to discover and I kept myself busy with everything from roller derby, laser tag, indoor golf, and fitness classes, to getting up close and personal with nature, and more.

Timmins offers a plethora of adventures for the young and old. As a big kid at heart, it’s no surprise that the big kid in me came out in Timmins. Trying to sum up some the best of Timmins is a hard task seeing as I’ve visited a few times. Yet, when I think of Timmins, I am constantly reminded of a few particular explorations that left me wanting to discover more. It’s these unique escapades that made me fall in love with Timmins. 


1. TEBA (Timmins Ecological Beekeeping Association)

Visiting Rene and his bees (i.e. his “girls”) was an eye opening experience. Rene’s passion for his honey bees is beyond compare. Rene takes time to educate visitors about organic bee keeping, GMO’s, pesticides, and fungicides, while trying to save his “girls”. I observed the girls hard at work, tasted organic honey comb (honey & bees wax created by the bees–a masterpiece), tasted honey mead, and took home my very own jar of organic honey.


2. Millson Forestry Service

With a passion and respect for nature, Millson Forestry Service works in efforts to protect the forest, while working diligently with their partners, forestry companies, and Canadian government agencies to ensure a safe balance in forestry. Muddy Mark Jaron’s personalized hands-on tour exposed me to the extensive greenhouses & shadehouses to observe seed cleaning, seed extraction, seed planting, watering & fertilizing, and newly grown seedlings of all sizes. At Millson nothing goes to waste, from forest management services, oxygen generation, recycling waste into products for sale or wood burning products, planting trees, and educating the public (including school groups) Millson Forestry does it all.

Cedar Meadows1

3. Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

This vacation destination is known for its impressive lodging and exquisite food. The 175 acre resort & spa boasts some of the best scenery in Timmins, yet is located minutes from downtown. The resort’s motto: “we want you to experience and feel nature the way it is intended to be” is bang on. Being surrounded by nature, the tranquility on the property, and the nearby wild animals makes me think I am miles away from civilization. Whether I was enjoying my stay in the chalet, riding on a tractor drawn wagon on the wildlife tour getting up close and personal with elk, bison, and moose, relaxing in the outdoor Nordic baths, getting pampered at the spa, or enjoying a delicious meal by the fireplace in the restaurant, I felt right at home.

Hersey Lake1

4. Hersey Lake

One thing is a common theme throughout Timmins’ nearby parks and hiking trails…the risk of bears. I’m not in eastern Canada anymore! The risk of seeing a black bear is a reality in northeastern Ontario; it’s not just a stereotype when foreigners think of Canada. Without bear bells or any way to protect myself, I realized wandering alone in the woods was not a good idea. Not even the bears could keep me away from Hersey Lake. Next time, I’ll go with a friend!

Wild Exodus1

5. Wild Exodus

When I think of a great Canadian outdoor adventure, Wild Exodus must have been reading my mind because they create the ultimate outdoor adventures. My full day Wild Exodus tour had me cruising Kenogamissi Lake on a pontoon boat, stopping for a homemade feast at Post 392, visiting a trappers cabin in the woods, exploring Exodus’ glamping site, and driving an ATV through northeastern Ontario’s bush to High Falls. Leave it to Wild Exodus to create the extreme outdoor escape for any outdoor enthusiast.

Nothing feels better than the refreshing air of northeastern Ontario’s hidden natural gem—Timmins. Timmins offered me one of a kind experiences which allowed me to get a better sense of the city, while also getting down to earth with mother nature. Exploring within one’s country doesn’t have to be an extreme and grand expedition, but sometimes the simplest activities are the most fun and the ones you fall in love with!

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