Algoma Ice Fishing Guide

Use this handy ice fishing guide to help plan your ice fishing trip.

The mere mention of ice fishing sends us into a bit of a frenzy here at Algoma Country Headquarters. We love ice fishing! From the excitement of the tug on the line and bringing up a big northern pike, walleye, or lake trout from the dark, icy chamber below to the peaceful surroundings that draw you in as you spend time with family and good friends, ice fishing offers something for everyone.

Top Five Things To Consider When Planning An Algoma Ice Fishing Vacation

Ice fishing in Algoma has its character: it's not only a competitive sport but also a way of life for many families all winter. It's a source of fresh air and sustenance, camaraderie and friendly competition. It's not just a day out on a lake; it's an entire experience: snowmobiling onto a remote lake, winter scenery, and wildlife, a sauna to unwind in, and telling fish stories around the hot stove. Ice fishing is an amazing activity to build an entire vacation around. Whether it's your first time out on the ice, or you're a seasoned veteran, there are always new ways to experience ice fishing in Algoma. Here are five simple questions to ask yourself before planning your trip:

1. How are you getting to the lake? You can drive to an ice fishing lake just minutes from every community in the Algoma region. You can also snowmobile into many remote lakes from nearby snowmobile trails.

2. What species are you looking for? Northern pike, walleye, or species of trout? Algoma's got it and more. 

3. What are you doing when you're not ice fishing? After a few hours out on the lake, or even at the end of the day, you want to warm up and relax. Take the snowmobile back to the lodge for a long sauna. Maybe check out the games room for a friendly game of pool or cards. Pick a lodge near an OFSC snowmobile trail for some off-lake excitement.

4. What's keeping you going? Good food is a must. Maybe you're a traditionalist looking to cook up your fresh fish. Perhaps you're looking for a little five-star treatment.

5. Who's ice fishing with you? For some, the solitude of ice fishing is the big draw, but more often than not it's about a big group of friends getting together. Ice fishing is a very family-friendly winter activity.

Different lodges cater to different needs -- your choice of lodging is going to determine everything about your trip. Contact the Algoma Country office at or toll-free 1-800-263-2546 and we'll help get you started.

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Fish Species In Algoma

Algoma is home to some of the best walleye, perch, lake trout, and northern pike fishing in the world. From plentiful perch to world-record-breaking ice dinosaurs, Algoma has the fishing species you want to fish for. And, of course, the staff at your chosen ice fishing lodge or resort can provide you with all the info about the species in the area including lots of tips and strategies to make sure you don't end the day empty-handed.

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What You Need To Ice Fish In Algoma

Ice fishing is not only a lot of fun but is inexpensive. You only need an ice fishing pole and line, baited hook or lure, and something to cut a hole in the ice like an auger. But the most important thing you need is a valid fishing licence which you can easily buy online at All you need is an Outdoors Card (which you can buy simultaneously) and a printer. Then you're ready to go!

Where To Buy Ice Fishing Gear In Algoma

Great Lakes Outfitters (Formerly: Joe's Sports & Surplus) 
Outfitting Sault Ste. Marie for over 50 years. Find ice huts, fishing rods and lures, ice drills, and warm clothing.

Ice Fishing Derbies In Algoma

If you're looking for friendly competition check out the ice fishing derbies listed on the Algoma Country website under Festivals and Events.

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Where To Ice Fish In Algoma

Drive-to Ice Fishing Lodges & Cottages 
Drive-in fishing enthusiasts will love the variety of lodges, cottages and motels with access to lakes with amazing ice fishing. You can access some of these lodges by snowmobile.

Dog Lake Cottages and Campground, Missanabie 
Accommodations: housekeeping cottages 
Fish For: Walleye, Northern Pike, Jumbo Perch, Lake Trout 
Where to Fish: Dog Lake

Moose Horn Lodge, Chapleau 
Accommodations: housekeeping cabin in a remote setting 
Available: near OFSC snowmobile trails 
Fish For: Walleye, Trout 
Where to Fish: McLennan Lake

Cedar Rail Ranch, Mississagi Valley 
Accommodations: housekeeping cabins 
Available: nearby lakes, near OFSC snowmobile trails 
Fish For: Lake Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike

Limberlost Lodge, Mississagi Valley 
Accommodations: housekeeping cabins 
Fish For: Lake Trout 
Where to Fish: Chub Lake

Northern Skies Resort, Mississagi Valley 
Accommodations: Cedar Cabin - fully winterized 
Fish For: Bass, Lake Trout 
Where to Fish: Chub Lake

Mountainview Lodge, Searchmont 
Accommodations: housekeeping cottages 
Available: dining room with breakfast and dinner for guests, access to OFSC snowmobile trails 
Fish For: Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike 
Where to Fish: nearby lakes

Lake Lauzon Resort, Algoma Mills 
Accommodations: bed & breakfast, housekeeping cottages 
Available: breakfast for B&B guests 
Fish For: Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Bass 
Where to Fish: Lake Lauzon

Dunlop Lake Lodge, Elliot Lake 
Accommodations: lodge rooms, housekeeping cabins 
Available: on-site restaurant, access to OFSC snowmobile trails, ice hut rentals 
Fish For: Lake Trout, Walleye 
Where to Fish: Dunlop Lake, nearby lakes

Angling Algoma, Guide Service 
Accommodations: ask for recommendations 
Fish For: Bass, Northern Pike 
Where to Fish: a variety of lakes

Rock's Hunt Camp, Hornepayne 
Accommodations: bunkhouses, kitchen amenities in the main lodge 
Available: ask about guide services, heated huts, transportation 
Fish For: Walleye, Trout, Northern Pike 
Where to Fish: a variety of lakes

Pasha Lake Cabins, Jellicoe 
Accommodations: housekeeping cabins 
Available: sauna 
Fish For: Walleye, Species of Trout, Splake, Northern Pike, Whitefish, Perch 
Where to Fish: a variety of nearby lakes

Flame Lake Lodge, Chapleau 
Accommodations: housekeeping cabins 
Available: homemade dinner, full breakfast 
Fish For: Northern Pike, Walleye, Whitefish 
Where to Fish: Flame Lake

Mukwa Adventures, Spanish 
Accommodations: available in nearby communities 
Available: guided ice fishing, transportation 
Fish For: a variety of local fish species 
Where to Fish: a variety of lakes

Tyler Dunn Guiding, Guide Service 
Accommodations: ask for recommendations 
Fish For: Northern Pike, Panfish, Species of Trout 
Where to Fish: a variety of lakes

Whispering Winds, Bruce Mines 
Accommodations: woodsy cabins 
Fish For: Speckled and Lake Trout 
Where to Fish: Seymour Lake, surrounding lakes for Walleye, Whitefish, Perch, Northern Pike

Flying Eagle Camps and Backcountry Outfitters, Thessalon and Iron Bridge areas 
Accommodations: remote woodsy cabins 
Fish For: Species of Trout, Whitefish, Northern Pike, Splake, Walleye 
Where to Fish: nearby lakes

Wabatong Lodge, Dubreuilville 
Accommodations: main lodge rooms, duplex 
Fish For: Walleye, Northern Pike, Species of Trout, Whitefish, Perch, Bass 
Where to Fish: Wabatongushi Lake

Spanish River Resort & Campground, Spanish 
Amenities: Ice Hut Rentals 
Fish For: Walleye, Trout, Perch, Northern Pike, Bass 
Where to Fish: Whalesback in the North Channel

Lauzon East, Algoma Mills
Fish For: Northern Pike, Bass, Trout
Where to Fish: Wettlaufer Bay on Lake Lauzon

Fishing Guide Services

Tyler Dunn Guiding
Fish For: Lake Trout, Walleye, Pike, Perch, Burbot

Angling Algoma
Fish For: Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout, Perch

MonkWorks Fishing
Fish For: Walleye, Overnight Ice Fishing Trips for Burbot

(Photo credits: James Smedley Outdoors)
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