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The Fish Fry

Chip Wagons, All You Can Eat and Friday Night Fish Fries

Here's a list of fish and chip wagons, and fish dinners for dine-in, or take-out in Algoma Country. 

Sault Ste. Marie

Jack’s Chicken and Fish - 177 Great Northern Road PH: 705-945-7952 (Seasonal - Daily)

Chummy’s Grill - 262 Frontenac Street PH: 705-575-3449 x 1
Thursdays and Fridays

Reggie’s West - 306 Korah Road PH: 705-253-1411

Grand Gardens North - 1324 Great Northern Rd PH: 705-575-3290 (Fridays -Take out only)

Boots and Saddles Roadhouse - 2667 2ND Line W PH: 705-779-9900

Frenchie's Fries - 1340 Great Northern Road PH: 705-759-4518 (Daily)

The Stockhouse Grill - 192 Wellington Street West PH: 705-450-7878

The Whiskey Barrel Pub - 113 Gore Street PH: 705-450-6518

Batchawana Bay

Voyageurs' Lodge - Hwy 17 PH: 705-882-2504

Pancake Bay

Agawa Fish and Chips - Hwy 17 PH: 


The Viking Restaurant - 177 Mission Road PH: 705-856-4441

Kinniwabi Pines Restaurant - 136 Hwy 17 PH: 705-856-7226


Dominion Family Restaurant - 12 Birch Street West PH: 705-864-1311

Aux Trois Moulins/Riverside Motel - 154 Martel Road PH: 705-864-1313

Blind River

17 Restaurant - 2 Woodward Ave PH: 705-356-1110

Mustang's Grill -  24 Woodward Ave PH: 705- 356-0441

The Pier - 1 Causley Street PH: 705-356-1717

Rustie's J.F.B. Cafe - 181 Causley Street PH: 705-576-2223

Butterfly Grill - 266 Causley Street PH: 705-849-3996 (seasonal)

The Reservoir (Huron Pines Golf & Country Club) - 303 Eldorado Road PH: 705-356-1663

Mississauga First Nation

Mississauga Fry Co. - 7 West Street PH: 705-576-2144

Elliot Lake

Fireside Classic Grill - 14-A Oakland Blvd PH: 705-461-3711 

Dunlop Lake Lodge - 74 Dunlop Lake Road PH: 705-848-8090

St. Joseph Island

The Wharf - 1195 Richard's Street, Richards Landing PH: 705-929-8479

Tilt'n Hilton Steakhouse and Beverage Co - Hilton Beach PH: 705-246-2204

Bruce Mines

Bobbers Restaurant - Hwy 17 PH: 705-785-3485


Sunset Beach Family Restaurant - 47 Frances Street PH: 705-842-0924 (Seasonal)

Sinton Tavern and Restaurant - 176 Main Street PH: 705-842-2414

Carolyn Beach Inn & Restaurant - 1 Lakeside Drive PH: 705-842-3330


Lucky’s Snack Bar, 93 Front Street PH: 705-844-2573 (Seasonal)

Waterfalls Lodge - 432 Waterfalls Road PH: 705-844-2169 (Seasonal)


Companion - 930 Front Street PH: 1-888-468-9888

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