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Algoma's Biggest and Best Catches

beauties caught, photographed then released back into the water

To all of those that are not quite sure where to go for their fishing trip this summer, you should look no further than Algoma Country. The region is closer than you think and the fish are truly that big! No matter what type of fishing trip you book (fly-in, drive-in, or train-in), or what type of body of water (drive-to lakes, remote lakes and river systems), you're able to catch the trophy you've been looking for!

Mighty Muskie

Muskie Hunter Jim Saric caught this tiger muskie (a mix of northern pike and muskie) in the waters of the Goulais River. There are a few key spots to fish for muskie in Algoma Country: Goulais River, Spanish River and Echo Lake.

musky hunter goulaisriver
(Photo credit: Jim Saric)

Colin McKeown, host of The New Fly Fisher Television Show, and his daughter also caught a big muskie when they were out fly fishing with guide Tyler Dunn.

muskie tylerdunnguiding sm
(Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

If you're fishing the Goulais River:
Stay: McCauley's Havilland Bay, Blueberry Hill Motel & Campground, Mountainview Lodge, Driftwood Valley Chalets, Ranger Lake Resort, Searchmont Mountainside Accommodations
Fish the Spanish: Brennan Harbour Resort, Blue Heron Resort, Spanish River Resort & Campground, Waterfalls Lodge
Guides Services: click here

Big Northern Pike

Feature Photo: The beast nicknamed 'Scarback' by Pete Bowman, co-host of Fish'n Canada, was caught during filming a fly-in tv episode on remote Garnham Lake. It was a spring trip with ice-out action conditions and Pete fought long and hard to land that monster!
Fish Garnham Lake: White River Air Service (outpost camps)

Below is one of our favourite photos sent to us by Mark Romanack, host of Fishing 411. This big, fat northern pike was caught during their recent trip to Pym Island through Hearst Air Service. Mark suggests using a Johnson Silver Minnow with a twister tail trailer if you're looking to target big northern pike like this beauty!

markromanack pike hearstair pymisland sm
(Photo credit: Fishing 411)

Chunky Smallmouth Bass

Algoma has some serious spots where you can fish for fat, chunky smallmouth bass in our region. Whether you're a fly fisher or not, you'll love what Algoma has to offer. This beauty bass was caught by Colin McKeown, host of The New Fly Fisher Television Show, at Birch Lake Resort measuring 22-inch 7-pound and 15-inch in girth. Birch Lake Resort is also within driving distance of great brook trout fishing.

(Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)


One of the greatest fisheries in the world is located in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in the St. Marys River and Rapids. The renowned fishery is known to hold steelhead, rainbow trout, Pacific/Coho/Atlantic salmon, walleye and northern pike. This is a must-do fly fishing trip! Bill Spicer, host of The New Fly Fisher Television Show loves this fishery and below is one of many steelheads he's caught in the Rapids.

Algoma steelhead in rapids tnff
(Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

Fish the St. Marys River: hotels and motels are within short driving (some even walking distance!) distance of the Rapids and there are fishing guide services in the area. For cottage or camping options: click here


There's a good reason why this photo was featured in the 2016 issue of the Algoma Travel Guide. This 32-inch walleye currently holds the record at Mar Mac Lodge on remote Esnagi Lake. Walleye is definitely a favourite species among anglers and is good eating too. We encourage you to release the trophies and spawners and only save a few smaller ones for a shore lunch.

john walleye marmac.lodge
(Photo credit: John Ross)

Fish for Walleye: There are many excellent places to stay. You'll find all-inclusive fishing lodges and housekeeping packages, cottage resorts, camping and RV, or stay in hotels and motels where you'll have all urban amenities in town. Our area guide services will take you to excellent fishing locations.
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